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Woman Wears Bizarre Costumes While Walking Her Dog During The Quarantine And He Looks Embarrassed (8 Pics)

Dancer Clare Meardon from West Cornwall in the UK has been dressing up in different jaw-dropping costumes to walk her dog Hendrix. She’s been doing this since the start of April after her friend dared her to mix it up and step outside in unusual clothes. Now, Clare’s making all of us smile with video clips filmed by her husband Aidan.

Some of the costumes that the 40-year-old dancer has tried out include dressing up as a ballerina, a masked superhero with a cape, and even a unicorn. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next! Clare told Bored Panda that she didn’t expect her costumes to be so popular. “It started off as just a way of making my friends laugh as some were having a tough time. It was all just a silly bit of fun!” Scroll down for the rest of our interview with the dancer.

Clare isn’t the only Brit to dress up in fancy costumes when going outside. Check out Bored Panda’s previous posts about a postman, as well as one former Royal Marinewho did the same to cheer up their neighbors.

More info: SavvyStudios.co.uk | Facebook

Clare Meardon dresses up in a different costume every single day to walk her dog Hendrix

Image credits: Caters

Her dog posted what he thinks about her costumes

Image credits: Caters

We were interested to find out what costumes Clare has planned for this week. “A ‘walker’ never gives away her secrets!” she joked before adding that she’s not sure yet. “I have a ‘normal walk’ with my husband in the morning and we decide on a theme and I go from there!”

Clare also added that the walks she does in costumes happen right outside their house, so it’s fully in line with government guidelines.

Image credits: Caters

The dancer also had some great advice about keeping physically and mentally fit during lockdown.

“Keep it light. Don’t take life too seriously. Get up and do it, you’ll feel better if you do something physical or productive as soon as you get up. Even 10 minutes of light exercise first thing will boost your mood and endorphins and make you have a better day.”

Image credits: Caters

She added: “We are all responsible for our own health and well-being, we are just here to give you a helping hand along the way. We are posting short clips and doing live workouts on our Facebook and Instagram, whether you want a 1-minute plank or a full hour of Pilates, dance, stretching or fitness, we have it all. You deserve to feel amazing. All our workouts and videos are being done for free. We just want to share some fun and fitness for all during this difficult time.”

Image credits: Caters

“Because I run a dance school, I have a lot of costumes which I make myself,” Clare told Caters News. “We were meant to be having a show in July, so I’d taken them all home to fix ahead of that. I was mending the Eve costume, and because it’s a stretch fabric it is actually much easier to work with while you are wearing it, so I put it on.”

One of the dancer’s dog walks involved dressing up as a ballerina

Image credits: Caters

She said that was the moment that she realized that this could be a great funny photo opportunity. When she sent the photo to her friends, one of them dared her to go for a walk dressed like that.

Image credits: Caters

“When she said that, how could I not? After I posted the first clip online, people said watching it was the highlight of their day and I realized just how much of a bad time a lot of people must be having at the moment and how everyone needed something to laugh about.”

Image credits: Caters

So she decided to keep things going. “So the next day, I dressed as a ballerina and walked along the pavement in my pointed shoes. The hype just built and built from there to post a new video each day!”

Here’s Clare dressed up as a unicorn

Image credits: Caters

Image credits: Caters

Clare, who runs the Savvy Studios in Hayle, revealed that she wants to make people laugh and smile while they’re all stuck at home because of the lockdown. “Laughter is the most important medicine for everyone, now more than ever. For me, mental health is as important as physical health. You can have a fantastically fit body, but if your head is full of negativity, you aren’t healthy.”

And here’s Clare as a superhero with her trust doggo sidekick

Image credits: Caters

Poor Hendrix! His expression says it all

Image credits: Caters

This is Clare’s creation station

Image credits: Clare Meardon

The dancer believes that each of the characters that she dresses up as represents a part of her personality or how she’s feeling on that particular day. “The superhero costume came from a desire to ‘be fierce’ and remind women they can be whoever they want to be—they can be sexy and sassy and funny and ridiculous all at once.”

Here’s how some people reacted when they saw Clare’s photos

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Chemistry as an Agent of Sustainability, Health, and Well-Being

Chemistry is the science behind sustainability. From healthy, efficient, and sustainable buildings, to light-weighting vehicles and medical devices – chemistry helps create the groundbreaking, innovative materials that designers depend on. This webinar will explore the advances chemistry is making possible in buildings and building products, how chemical companies are providing more information More

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By clicking this button, you submit your information to the webinar organizer, who will use it to communicate with you regarding this event and their other services.

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ASID Events- IWBI Wellness Summit

IWBI Wellness Summit


Join world-class leaders of health and well-being across all sectors as we explore how to transform the workplace into a place where employees thrive.

IWBI recommends that attendees meet the following:

  • Have direct experience leading or championing health and wellness, sustainability and/or mindfulness-based initiatives in an organization.
  • Maintain a leadership role in which they are deeply committed to creating a healthy, thriving culture and enhancing well-being in workplaces or communities.
  • Are looking to build relationships with peers, share best practices, and learn from other leaders and innovators from companies including WeWork, Structure Tone, Compass Group, and Walmart.

The cost to attend the Summit is $950 per person, which includes all sustainably sourced meals, programming, wellness-focused activities, and accommodations at Garrison Institute. WELL APs can access tickets at a discounted price of $855 per person. Email wwls@wellcertified.com to access your promo code.


2:00 PM
5/21/2019 – 5/23/2019


Garrison Institute
14 Mary’s Way
Route 9D
Garrison, NY
United States



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ASID Scholarships & Grants


At ASID, we know education matters. That’s why the ASID Foundation, in partnership with our ASID Industry Partners, provides a number of annual scholarships and grant opportunities available to expand research and knowledge around the impact of interior design on behavior, health, and well-being. 

Irene Winifred Eno Grant

Award: $5,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The Irene Winifred Eno Grant provides financial assistance to individuals or groups developing an educational program(s) or project that is dedicated to health, safety, and welfare. This grant will be evaluated on the strength of the project proposal, budget, promotion plan, and expected outcome.

The grant is open to students, educators, interior design practitioners, institutions, and an interior design related group.

Application Requirements

  • Abstract (250 word maximum)
  • Explanation of how the funds will be used (500 word maximum)
  • Explanation of what the program will deliver and produce (1000 word maximum)
  • Promotion Plan (1000 word maximum)
  • Biographical Statement
  • Headshot

Joel Polsky Prize

Award: $5,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

Given annually, the Joel Polsky Prize recognizes outstanding academic contributions to interior design through print or digital communication. This year, the ASID Foundation is seeking submissions focusing on the impact of design on health and wellness. Submissions should address the needs of the public, designers, and students on topics such as, educational research, behavioral science, business practice, design process, theory, or other technical subjects. Types of entries can include, but are not limited to, books, whitepapers, blogs, and videos. Entries will be judged on innovation of subject matter, comprehensive and original coverage of topic, organization, graphic presentation, bibliography, and references.

Application Requirements

  • Description of the publication or visual communication (250 word maximum)
  • Copy of publication or visual communication
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award

Award: $5,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding interior design research project or thesis project conducted by an undergraduate or graduate student. This project or thesis should be related to wellness and design. Research papers or theses should address topics such as educational research, behavioral science, business practice, design process, theory, or other technical subjects. Entries will be judged on quality of content, breadth of material, comprehensive coverage of topic, innovative subject matter, bibliography, and references.

Application Requirements

  • Abstract (250 word maximum)
  • Thesis, dissertation or research project
  • Transcript
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarships

Sponsored by:
Dora Brahms Fund, Mabelle Wilhelmina Boldt Fund, Yale R. Burge Fund, Raymond Kennedy Fund, Ethel Siegelman Fund, Alan Lucas Fund

Legacy Scholarship for Undergraduates

Award: $4,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The Legacy Scholarship is open to all students in their junior or senior year of undergraduate study enrolled in at least a three-year accredited program of interior design. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic accomplishment, creative achievement, and personal statement. The jury will evaluate entries on academic record, presentation skills, design and planning competency, and conceptual creativity.

Application Requirements

  • Design portfolio featuring 8-12 examples of work which demonstrates design solutions that positively impact occupant’s well-being.
  • Portfolio statement (500 word maximum)
  • Personal statement
  • Transcript (An unofficial copy will be accepted)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

Legacy Scholarship for Graduate Students

Award: $4,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarship is open to students who are enrolled in, or have been accepted for, admission to a graduate-level interior design program at an accredited university. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic accomplishment, creative achievement, and personal statement. Applicants must write an essay on the following.

Application Requirements

  • Personal Essay (1000 word maximum)
    The ASID Foundation believes that interior design positively transforms environments in ways that improve human outcomes. As an interior designer, how will you embrace and advance the professional trend to positively impact health and well-being in your anticipated area of design practice?
  • Current transcript or proof of enrollment
  • Design portfolio
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

David Barrett Memorial Scholarship

Award: $12,000
Next Application Period: November 2019 – January 2020

The David Barrett Memorial Scholarship is awarded biennially to recognize the work of an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student who demonstrates an interest and ability in utilizing classical designs and traditional materials, including furniture and fabrics.

Application Requirements

  • Personal statement of career goals
  • Portfolio of select projects that showcase design process and includes classical designs and traditional materials. (10 MB max)
  • Portfolio statement
    Written description how classical designs and traditional materials are used in the projects featured in your portfolio.
  • Transcript (scanned official)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Short bio (250 word max)
  • Headshot


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Ambient color may not affect learning ability

A commonly held tenet of education design is that ambient color affects students’ ability to learn. Evidence from research conducted over many years indicates that some colors enhance cognitive performance or creativity while others interfere with these processes.

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Transforming patient health care and well-being through lighting

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
The world of health care is changing rapidly and there is increased interest in the role that light and lighting can play in improving health outcomes for patients and providing healthy work environments for staff, according to many researchers.

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