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This Amazing 2D Cafe In Japan Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Comic Book (18 Pics)

The newly-opened “2D Cafe” in Tokyo, Japan is exactly what it sounds like – a cafe where everything appears to be in 2D! As soon as you walk in through the front door, you’ll instantly feel like you’re a comic book character. Neat, huh?

The coffee shop is located in the Shin Okubo district of Tokyo and it’s every Instagrammer’s dream. Everything inside – from the tables and chairs to the curtains and wallpapers – is made to resemble a black and white comic book or a cartoon.

More info: twitter.com | Instagram

Image credits: 2_dcafe

Come in, grab some bubble tea and a piece of pie and enjoy the comic book experience.

Image credits: 2_dcafe

Image credits: 2_dcafe

After spending some time inside, you might get confused with what’s real and what’s merely drawn on the wall. So make sure to double-check before trying to walk through the door – it just might be a drawing!

Image credits: 2_dcafe

Image credits: 2_dcafe

The “2D Cafe” has all sorts of treats for everyone with a sweet tooth, ranging from bubble teas to patbingsu – a Korean-style shaved ice dessert that comes in a variety of flavors, like strawberry and banana.

See more pictures from this amazing cafe in the gallery below and don’t forget to check out the amazing Yeonnam-dong 239-20 Cafe in Seoul here!

Image credits: yoshidakaityou

Image credits: yoshidakaityou

Image credits: 2_dcafe

Image credits: 2_dcafe

Image credits: 2_dcafe

Image credits: tomomi.enrairan

Image credits: soranews24

Image credits: _s26xa

Image credits: color_ng

Image credits: 2dcafe_shinokubo

Image credits: 2dcafe_shinokubo

Image credits: 2dcafe_shinokubo

Image credits: 2dcafe_shinokubo

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The World’s Most Incredible Escalators

Also known as stairs that move, today’s escalator seems as revolutionary a concept as vending machines, barely more exciting than coin-operated pay phones. Slowly and diagonally, they move pedestrians up toward destinations with indeterminate reward—like a second-floor Gap. Frequently central pieces of architecture, escalators climb stories with ease, but they’re often eyesores. A handful of designs, however, take the necessary model to the next level. Practical can be pretty, and worthy of a runway—or at the very least, a stunning step up.


Photo: Wim Vanmaele

Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)

While nothing can beat the exterior of Brussels’ Atomium—originally constructed for the 1958 World’s Fair, it’s designed like a magnified unit cell of an iron crystal—it’d be silly to overlook the beauty of its parts. Metal tubes connect massive spheres and double as pathways, wherein original escalators make lengthy journeys (one of which, just under 115 feet long, was Europe’s longest escalator at the time).

Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

Fondaco dei Tedeschi (Venice, Italy)

Originally constructed in 1228, Venice’s iconic building Fondaco dei Tedeschi arrived long before the first escalator landed in 1896 (in Coney Island, believe it or not). Commissioned to rework the ancient landmark into a new-age department store, architecture firm OMA articulated a new path through the historic building, dressing the escalator with runway-ready accents: red steps, red trim, and rich wooden paneling.

Photo: Nikolas Koenig

Public (New York City)

Ian Schrager’s shiny new Public hotel in Manhattan’s Lower East Side makes an entrance—no surprise for the hotelier known for cofounding Studio 54. Past the ground floor’s revolving doors, escalators designed by Herzog & de Meuronare encased in metal tubes that shoot toward the second-floor lobby. Inside, mirrored surfaces reflect and repeat the golden-orange lights that are piped along handrails, much to the delight of Instagram.

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