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My Pumpkin Carving Tips And Hacks That Allow Anyone To Carve A Badass Pumpkin, Irregardless Of Skill

Here, I’ve detailed some pumpkin-carving hacks and tips that will allow anyone to carve a killer pumpkin, regardless of artistic ability.

There are three types of pumpkin carving: cut-out, sculpting, and shading. Cut-out is what people are most familiar with. It involves cutting straight through the pumpkin to make a design. Sculpting is where you carve a 3D sculpture, much the same way you would carve wood or clay. Shading: this final method is what I specialize in, and what I will be detailing in this article.

This involves shaving the outside of the pumpkin to different depths allowing the varying amounts of light to make a design.

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Tools: Wood carving chisels, clay loops and cutting ribbons

Image credits: yaketyyakyak

First of all, put down that kitchen knife or cheap 3-piece carving set instead of using wood-carving chisels or sharp clay loops. These will give much more control and allow for greater detail. Both are readily available on Amazon and fairly inexpensive.

If, like me, you like to draw, I’d advise sketching on paper first and using the transfer method below to put the design on the pumpkin, but if you haven’t got the artistic flair for that, you can head to a good pattern site like www.stoneykins.com and download a ready-made pattern or find an image you like and work off that (I do all three of these things). However, working directly from an image on a pumpkin can be tricky. If you select a simple image with good contrast between light and dark areas, you’ll make life much easier for yourself.

Just chillin’

You can, of course, draw directly on the pumpkin with a marker pen, but if you have a drawing or image you want to carve, here are two methods to transfer the design:

Print off your design in the size you want, then stick it to the transfer paper with sticky tape, then to your pumpkin. Draw over the design, picking out the light and dark areas, and all the details you want, peel off the design and transfer paper, and like magic, it’s on your pumpkin.

Design transfer: Wax transfer paper

Again, print off your design in the right size, place tissue paper over the design, and trace—I like to do this with a soft pencil, then tape the tissue to your pumpkin and trace over the design with a permanent marker. The ink will seep through the tissue and onto the pumpkin. Remove the paper and you have the design.

Design transfer: Wax transfer paper

Get out as much flesh as you can and make the pumpkin wall where your design is thinner than everywhere else. 2 to 4 cm thick should do it—the thinner you hollow out, the brighter your design and pumpkin will glow, but be warned, the thinner you go, the quicker your pumpkin will rot.

Gremlins’ got a new toy!

If you want to give a better glow and make the design stand out, stop using candles; instead, use LED lights. Again, these are inexpensive and readily available! Put the light inside the pumpkin directed at where your design is.

Pumpkin carving timelapse

Now you have your design on the pumpkin. It’s time to carve; you won’t be cutting through the pumpkin at all. Instead, use the chisels or loops to scrape away small amounts of the waxy skin layer and carve deeper on the lighter areas of the design. For darker areas, only scrape a very thin layer, or leave the waxy skin on—I like to add a black marker on the skin I’ve left intact to give more contrast.

The Mandalorian

Getting the light and dark tones can be time-consuming, I can spend 20+ hrs on this part, but with some time and patience, I’m sure you’ll end up with something you’re very pleased with.

Mandalorian Pumpkin carving time lapse

Getting the light and dark areas or “values” is where my sketching hobby was useful. Having a basic understanding of how light and shadow behaves is really helpful. Here’s a video that explains the basics of “shading values.”

My Face is melting!

Using this “values” approach along with having the right tools and ability to get an accurate pattern on your pumpkin (plus, of course, the main ingredient: time and patience!) should result in some impressive results.

If you try this and found this article useful, I’d love to see what you’ve come up with. Please tag or message me your pumpkin carvings on social media @PumpkinFreakArt.

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Russian Artist Sums Up Each Episode Of The Mandalorian In Vintage Comic Book Covers (8 Pics)

The Star Wars saga of 42 years wrapped up at the end of 2019, but a Disney+ hit show The Mandalorian came to save the day by taking us back to the Star Wars universe set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. This American space opera gave the fandom a new hope, the legendary baby Yoda and loads of exciting fan art to fill the wait until season 2.

Check out this impressive collection of next-level fan art by Vadim Dvoeglazov that we hope will become a real thing!

More info: Instagram

Chapter 1: The Mandalorian

Image credits: dvglzv

Russian artist Vadim Dvoeglazov, also known as ‘dvglzv’, paid his tribute to the series by reimagining each of the episodes of The Mandalorian season 1 as vintage comic book covers in the style of an old school Marvel Star Wars comic book from the 1970s. These awesome retro illustrations perfectly sum up each episode and would definitely be approved by the Comics Code Authority. A flawless design, character representation and intricate details, like episode titles, quotes or consistent stamps, make it look as if they were real comics.

Chapter 2: The Child

Image credits: dvglzv

“Since childhood, I was not indifferent to comics and star wars universe. I really love the retro aesthetics of comic books of the 50-80s. I can name Jack Kirby as my inspiration. I often use his drawing style for my work,” the artist told Bored Panda.

Chapter 3: The Sin

Image credits: dvglzv

Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Image credits: dvglzv

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger

Image credits: dvglzv

Chapter 6: The Prisoner

Image credits: dvglzv

Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Image credits: dvglzv

Chapter 8: Redemption

Image credits: dvglzv

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Woman Shares An Adorable Child Baby Amigurumi She Crocheted And You Can Make One Too

As Disney+ launched and The Mandalorian premiered two weeks ago, the adorable Baby Yoda swept in and stole everyone’s hearts. People just couldn’t get enough and even started creating funny memes featuring the fuzzy green alien. However, memes weren’t the only thing it inspired.

Crochet artist Allison Hoffman also fell in love with Baby Yoda and even created a Child Baby Amigurumi doll that’s simply beyond adorable. Not only that – the artist even began selling a pattern so you can make one yourself!

More info: Allison Hoffman

Crochet artist Allison Hoffman created this adorable Child Baby Amigurumi doll

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

Allison is no newbie when it comes to crocheting. She is completely self-taught, having started back in 2007 by watching YouTube tutorials. A year later, she was already publishing patterns of The Gabba Gabba Dolls and eventually crocheting became her full-time job. The artist even released a book back in 2013!

Allison started learning to crochet back in 2007 by watching YouTube tutorials

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

Eventually, crocheting became her full-time job

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

If you want to try crocheting yourself, the artist recommends checking out some simple YouTube tutorials. She even has some free patterns for beginners you could try.

A single doll can take Allison up to 10 hours to crochet

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

If you love the Child Baby Amigurumi, you can even make one yourself!

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

You can purchase a pattern on her Ravelry page

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

People loved the adorable doll

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