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30 Times This Artist Used Acrylics And Oils To Create Paintings That Look Like Photographs Interview With Artist

While we are used to artists of the world being creative and finding new and unique ways to portray reality, it may come as a surprise when you see oil paintings looking like photographs. It takes a great set of skills and attention to detail, yet artist Johannes Wessmark seems to have no problem with that.

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100 Street Art Pieces That Feature Adventures Of Quirky Characters By This Artist (New Pics)

David Zinn is an artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is well-known for his “ephemeral art,” created on the streets and composed entirely of chalk, charcoal, and random objects found on the premises. Cracks, holes, and small grooves are enough for Zinn to notice the figures they suggest and that’s where he gets most of his inspiration from; his work is done on the go.

Another interesting fact is that David has been drawing since 1987, making various quirky chalk-and-charcoal creatures in site-specific areas that helped the drawings wash away with the rain. As of now, the artist has become known worldwide and his work alone has gained him over 384k followers on Instagram and 458k followers on Facebook.

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30 Amazing Winners Of The 2020 World Nature Photography Awards

The World Nature Photography Awards have announced their 2020 winners, and the competition has proven itself to be a wonderful celebration of Mother Earth.

“2020 was a challenging year for many but nothing could be more uplifting than marveling at the beauty of the natural world around us,” the organizers wrote. “And that’s something that our 2020 winners have done with gusto.”

Participants competed in 13 categories. Their images and captions revealed that the pandemic has diminished neither their passion nor their patience for capturing our planet. But at the end of the day, the title of World Nature Photographer of the Year went to Thomas Vijayan for his shot ‘The world is going upside down.’

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This Is What 6 Iconic Landmarks Look Like From Above

Most of us have seen these iconic landmarks one way or another, be it just pictures or the actual buildings in real life when visiting the popular landmarks ourselves. Many architects have spent hundreds of hours perfecting these landmarks so visitors like us could enjoy their view regardless of circumstances. But how many of us have actually seen what they actually look like from above?

Budget Direct decided to provide us with the answer by having their innovative insurance team take and render these six breathtaking pictures that they kindly shared with us in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. They portrayed the beautiful famous places by offering us a new perspective on even the most photographed tourist spots.

So, scroll down and see what iconic places such as the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House look like from above.

More info: budgetdirect.com.au

Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)

Image credits: budgetdirect

“With Kronborg in mind,” wrote Sydney Opera House’s architect, Jørn Utzon, “I was convinced that a new building in such a position as to be seen from all sides, had to be a large sculptural building.” Utzon was keenly aware of how the structure would occupy Sydney Harbour since he lived near Kronberg Castle, which occupies a similar position beyond a steep drop, sandwiched by the coasts of Denmark and Sweden.

30 St. Mary Axe ‘The Gherkin’ (London, England)

Image credits: budgetdirect

You need to levitate 180m to reach the top of London’s second-tallest building. On the way up, you’ll notice that the building puffs outwards and then inwards again from its circular ground-level footprint. This leaves plenty of space for people to mill about like ants down on the ground while allowing for 47,000m2 of interior floor space.

Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

Image credits: budgetdirect

X marks the spot. Cuddled by kidney-shaped lawns at the tip of the Champ de Mars, it may take you a moment to identify the Eiffel Tower. The centre of the X is the meeting point of four iron lattice piers that begin on the ground 300m below.

Statue of Liberty (New York City, USA)

Image credits: budgetdirect

An aerial view of the Statue of Liberty offers a clear look at the 11-pronged star on which it sits. The star may look like it was designed for the purpose, but it is actually a former fort, built a year before the War of 1812 to protect New York Harbor. Tour boats and commuter ferries pass there today.

The Colosseum (Rome, Italy)

Image credits: budgetdirect

This head-down view of the Colosseum looks pretty different to when it was first built for animal hunts, executions, and gladiator battles, nearly 2,000 years ago. Somewhere between 50-90,000 people of all classes would have gathered here, protected from the sun by enormous vela (canvas awnings) wrangled by hundreds of strong men, probably from the Roman navy.

Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon, Myanmar)

Image credits: budgetdirect

Legend has it Myanmar’s most sacred Buddhist stupa is 2,600 years old, making it the world’s oldest Buddhist stupa and the oldest landmark on our list. Scholars estimate it’s a remarkable 11-15 centuries old. Either way, the building has been enhanced over the years. The golden roof has been replenished by devotees, including the 15th-century Queen Shin Sawbu (BinnyaThau), who donated her bodyweight in gold.

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Danish Company Creates The World’s Most Creative Playgrounds That’ll Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

LEGO aren’t the only Danish engineers inviting kids to celebrate their imagination. One Danish company is building creative one-of-a-kind playgrounds, and they’re every kid’s dream.

MONSTRUM, founded by former theater set designers Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen, has been making elaborate and whimsical playgrounds since 2003. From a giant electric eel swirling around a lighthouse to a princess’ tower and a rocket ship mashup – these imaginative playgrounds are inviting children to play in Denmark, Sweden, Egypt, and other countries.

Scroll down, and let us know in the comments which one of these thematic playgrounds you’d want in your back yard.

More info: monstrum.dk (h/t: insiderboredpanda)

#1 Liseberg

Welcome to our playground in Liseberg, Tivoli in Gothenburg! Swing in gigantic nets and climb as high as you dare (adults might be tempted too), and enjoy close encounters with solar reflections and giant birds.

#2 The Crooked Houses

Back in the days in 1800-something, when Brumleby was located in the countryside there was a dairy and a slaughterhouse at Brumleby. The idea of the playground is to create a piece of this old Brumleby to remind us of its fantastic history.

#3 Odense Zoo

The story takes place on the African savannah. The Lion Chunga lies comfortably, hiding from the small goats and dreaming of his next meal. Behind the grass, you will see a glimpse of the old hut in the trees with two giant slides.

#4 The Blue Whale

Can you imagine anything better on a Sunday morning than to be swallowed by a blue whale? You can climb up onto the back of the whale by crawling through its mouth and into its stomach. You can also crawl through the hole in the side and into the basket, that sits on top of the whale. From here you can slide down.

#5 The Dragon

A large dragon has settled in Mulighedernes Park in Aalborg, so children come play if you dare!

#6 The Eel And The Lighthouse

Right next to the National Museum of Bermuda you will find a giant green murray eel wrapped around the a lighthouse.

#7 Futuroscope

Have you ever dreamed to be the size of the insects? The playground, Futuroscope frames that adventure with tall grass, large flowers and a giant ant.

#8 The Sperm Whale

The Sperm Whale has been the focal point of many exciting stories through times. From story about Jonas and the Whale to the stories on Moby Dick and Pinocchio.

#9 Kristineberg Slottspark

The creepy crawling is all over the large playground in Kristinebergs Slottspark. The two giant owls, both 5.5 meters tall, are the king and the queen of the playground. They are ruling over a large slide area, tempting curious boys and girls to enter both long and short slides.

#10 Children’s Railway Station

#11 The Bermuda Triangle

A pilot has been on a long expedition across the Bermuda Triangle to investigate the many stories about the ships and planes mysteriously disappearing in the area.

#12 The Rocket And The Princess Tower

The background of the founding fathers of MONSTRUM is in building set designs for theatres in Copenhagen. Just like a set design a playground must have an inspiring front attracting children and a functional backside with climbing, sliding and relaxing options.

#13 Gedden

The Pike is a very voracious fish that eats everything. In the year 1230 a German Emperor captured a pike that was over five meters long and weighed more than 1/4 ton.

#14 The Globe

On DOKK1 (Arhus new main library and citizen service center) you will find the playground ‘Kloden’ (english: the globe). The project is made in collaboration with Schmidt / Hammer / Lassen Architects and Kristine Jensen Architects. The project was donated by the Herman Salling Foundation.

#15 Terville

In Terville a large frog is looking out of the water. He tries to catch the flies with his long tongue. So beware you do not get eaten, he may well think you are a fly.

#16 The Towers

If you as a small child want to feel big go to ‘Fælledparken’ in Copenhagen and visit The Tower Playground with its countless opportunities for physical activity and technological interaction.

#17 The Submarine And The Lighthouse

The inside of the submarine is separated by a bulkhead with round manholes. The navigation deck can be accessed via the ladder in the submarine tower. Older children can climb from the navigation deck onto the hull of the submarine.

#18 Cosmos

The idea of the playground is a journey through the Russian space program. Meet the dogs Lika, Belka or Strelke and jump on to the satellite Sputnik, the launch vehicle R-7 Semyorka and moon vehicle Lunokhod 1. Climb around and explore the history and feel the rush when you crawl into the big crawling tubes or slide down the big slides. Enjoy!

#19 The Fisheries And Maritime Museum

Perhaps two ships have stranded on a small island with a lighthouse and a small lighthouse keeper’s house? Perhaps they have been lured in there by the people living on the island?

#20 The Snake In The MeldgÅrd Forest

#21 Dannebroge

A cannon is on the way out of the hull, still attached to the deck. It looks just too difficult to get on board, but soon you will see new opportunities to find small routes around the explosion.

#22 The Fortress City

The Fortress City is designed as a small adventure land where children can hide and play role games.

#23 Trinidad – The Lost Coaster

The coaster has wrecked on a sandbank and is broken in two. The many wreckage pieces, such as boxes and logs are spread out in the water and on the sandbank.

#24 Diesel Engine

You can enter the the 260cm tall Diesel engine through the flywheel, and climb on up to three tube slides.

#25 Stjernedrys

Stjerneskuddet is an integrated childcare institution for children aged one to six years in Copenhagen. The playground is divided into areas, providing space for riding a bike, playing ball, climbing and sand digging.

#26 Octopus In Gorky Park

The proud ship S/S Oceanliner is on a long journey. Suddenly, a giant octopus rises from the deep blue sea and attacks the ship.

#27 Tivoli Hotel Og Congress Center

The playground is located at the third floor level, and you can see all the way to Tivoli from the top of the Japanese tower.

#28 Santa Maria And The Easter Islands

Marco Polo’s old ship has run aground the Easter Islands, and she now lies half buried in sand far from civilisation. Two of the cannons are still intact, but the mast lies broken across the railing.

#29 The Alphabet Playground

Lots of giant letters are scattered all over the area, inspiring the children to play and have fun. The crazy, oversized letters have different sizes, colors and play opportunities.

#30 The Lighthouse And The Fishermans House

#31 Theater Playground

“Din Teaterpark” in Pildammsparken is designed by artist and scenographer Annika Carlsson together with MONSTRUM, and carried out in collaboration with Malmo Stad in 2013-2014.

#32 The Parrot

A big parrot with multiple levels inside is the new central play equipment on the playground.

#33 Tutti Frutti

You are dreaming about a big and sweet banana or pear, while you are sliding down from an apple, climbing on an orange or sailing away on a melon shell.

#34 Petzi’s World

The Danish cartoon series on Petzi tell about a life of adventure. Petzi and his friends sail their ship Mary to discover new land, solve problems for their new friends, build new things, trade, and play together.

#35 Pheasant In The Reeds

Between the long reeds stands a big beautiful pheasant. You can crawl into the body of the pheasant that serves as a playhouse in three floors. Around the pheasant is the 2-3 m tall reeds, where you can climb and balance on ropes between the tribes. Both children and adults can use the pheasant, which invites to play and stay.

#36 Seaweed

It is a hot summer day at the beach. We are in very shallow waters where the bladder seaweed sways slightly in the waves.

#37 The Large Cod

The large cod is swimming in the eelgrass with tiny fish around him. It works as a combined climbing frame and hide out.

#38 Crocodiles

The crocodiles are two sculptural elements on the beach. Here you can play – or just sit and enjoy the view.

#39 The Apple In The Grass

An apple has just fallen from the tree and is now in the grass. You can become tiny and crawl into it and explore.

#40 The Third Planet From The Sun

#41 The Submarine

The submarine has just surfaced after yet another adventure. The wave laps onto the foredeck in large soft shape, a great place to run across.

#42 The Monster In Bispeparken

The children in Bispeparken wanted a monster on the playground. MONSTRUM put up a trap and caught one.

#43 Lund

This small city is composed of a series of small playhouses, connected by a network of paths that meander through the small town.

#44 The Roly Poly

#45 Gyllins Drivhus

Playhouses in Gyllins Trädgård float on piles in different heights and provide a lovely view of the area.

#46 Small Globe

The Globe is a nice little space that you can reach by a net, a fireman’s pole or a slide.

#47 The Spider And The Wooden Huts

The spider is designed as a giant mechanical spider being caught in its own web. The head is the control cabin with two joystick controllers to handle all the legs.

#48 The Ladybird

This playground is designed like a small section of the forest floor with a ladybird, some branches, and some small rocks.

#49 Societetsparken

A large haunted house, three fluttering bats and a dark forest inhabited by ghosts set the mood of the spooky ghost playground in Varberg.

#50 The Cargo Ship

A huge cargo ship is sunk. Now it is on the ocean floor next to the lighthouse and among cargo crates and fish.9.7K shares


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30 Of The Cutest Mouse-Sized Architectural Masterpieces Created By A Group Of Artists From Sweden Called Anonymouse

Anonymouse is an anonymous group of artists who spread magic all throughout the streets of Sweden by building these adorable mini mouse-themed miniatures and displaying them in public. The first work of Anonymouse appeared in 2016 in the Swedish town of Malmö—it was a tiny little nut shop and an Italian restaurant. Since then, many other fascinating masterpieces have been born, from gas stations and shops to amusement parks and even castles.

We invite you to take a look at some of the most adorable mouse-themed pieces of architecture created by the anonymous group Anonymouse. Besides, Bored Panda had a chance to talk to one of the members, running Anonymouse Instagram account, so make sure to scroll down for the interview! #1


anonymouse_mmx Report 96points POST

♥︎♡ᴀʟɪᴇɴ ʙᴇᴀʀᴢ♡♥︎ 1 week ago

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“The idea to build small shops for mice originated in Paris in the spring of 2016, and the first installation—a nut shop and an Italian restaurant was installed in December of 2016 in the town of Malmö, in southern Sweden,” one of the members told us. #2


anonymouse_mmx Report 91points POST

𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓹𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓼𝔀𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓘𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓭 1 week ago

Hello sir what can I get for you: m o u s e 4 replyView more comments

When asked, how the idea for this movement first come to be, the member told us this: “A few of us were discussing creating something together, and somewhere we found a common love for the worlds created by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, and by the movies of Disney and Don Bluth. Where small creatures live in a world parallel to ours and use our scraps and trash for other purposes.” #3


albanmorlot Report 88points POST

Andrew Gibb 1 week ago

an uninvited customer 17 replyView More Replies…View more comments

We were also wondering if there’s any kind of hidden meaning behind these mouse-themed miniatures. “Not really anything more than spreading a bit of everyday magic to pedestrians. And something we, as a collective, would all have loved to stumble upon as children. However, all kinds of street art is, ultimately, a way to change the public space, and as such a piece of defiance, no matter how cute it happens to be,” said the member. #4


anonymouse_mmx Report 82points POST

Ivy Zhang 1 week ago

real-life bike compared to the tiny one. also, HOW DO YOU MAKE ALL THOSE TINY DETAILS?????? 10 replyView More Replies…View more comments

“We love that it inspires people to build miniatures with their children; we love that we have a faithful audience, who lines up just to see tiny shops for mice. We’re super happy about the social media discussions that follow every new installation, where users come up with new ways to make the installations evolve,” the Anonymouse member explained. #5


anonymouse_mmx Report 81points POST

Joran Quinten 1 week ago

The the mice from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy have settled down 16 replyView more comments

“Hopefully, it will inspire some curiosity, and since the idea of a parallel world is so widespread, we think it connects to people’s childhoods. By now, the people who know our works, already know to look for puns, recycled objects and other inside jokes. So it brings a sense of community as well,” the member told Bored Panda. #6


anonymouse_mmx Report 75points POST

Demongrrrrl 1 week ago

I love the trumpet-playing mouse on the sign outside the jazz cafe. 9 replyView more comments #7


mikael_buck Report 75points POST

Loki’s Lil Butter Knife 1 week ago

I would love to stumble across these sweet little mouse houses on a walk, run, or bicycle ride. 13 replyView More Replies…View more comments

“When we did the first installation we had no idea that it would be as appreciated as it became. We thought that a handful of people would find it cute. And since then we’ve ventured to places we never thought we’d see. And we’ve received photos from all over the world of people who have made their own tiny stores. So it’s continuing to be quite a ride,” added the member. #8


anonymouse_mmx Report 75points POST

Night Owl 1 week ago (edited)

I love the tiny Miki Mouse/Guy Fawkes graffiti 17 replyView More Replies…View more comments https://803ee8ae7773e8fa65122feaf1931d70.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html #9


anonymouse_mmx Report 74points POST

Loki’s Lil Butter Knife 1 week ago

The amount of detail that goes into each of these little works of art is amazing. 9 replyView more comments #10


anonymouse_mmx Report 72points POST

Eva the Ravenclaw Bookworm 1 week ago

For a moment I thought this was regular size 12 reply #11


anonymouse_mmx Report 67points POST

Andrew Gibb 1 week ago

squeals on wheels 22 replyView more comments #12


anonymouse_mmx Report 67points POST

Vernice Aure 1 week ago

The lights within are an incredible touch. 8 reply #13


mikael_buck Report 64points POST

Loki’s Lil Butter Knife 1 week ago

I keep on expecting a little gnome to pop out. It also makes me think of the British children’s book series “Brambly Hedge” about the adventures of a family of field mice. 10 replyView more comments #14


anonymouse_mmx Report 63points POST

deanna woods 1 week ago

This bookstore probably has the Hairy Squeaker book series as well as the Squeaklight series. 11 replyView More Replies…View more comments #15


anonymouse_mmx Report 63points POST

deanna woods 1 week ago

This little diner is absolutely adorable. 9 replyView more comments #16


anonymouse_mmx Report 62points POST

Mark Serbian 1 week ago

I like the credit card decal on the door. 18 replyView more comments #17


anonymouse_mmx Report 60points POST

Theodore Theodora 1 week ago

Aa! “Sacreblues”! That is adorable and hilarious. 17 replyView more comments #18


anonymouse_mmx Report 58points POST

Oskar vanZandt 1 week ago

Teacup ride for mice… how appropriate! 🙂 13 reply #19


anonymouse_mmx Report 58points POST

Dorothy Parker 1 week ago

The wallpaper! The screens! The windows! Delectable. 15 replyView More Replies…View more comments #20


anonymouse_mmx Report 57points POST

AF 1 week ago

Can anybody translate the Arabic, please and thank you! 2 replyView More Replies…View more comments #21


anonymouse_mmx Report 56points POST #22


anonymouse_mmx Report 56points POST

NanZ 1 week ago

This is so amazing! 5 replyView more comments #23


anonymouse_mmx Report 55points POST

chillchillpill 1 week ago

“Nuts of life”! 11 replyView More Replies…View more comments #24


anonymouse_mmx Report 52points POST

Oskar vanZandt 1 week ago

A-ha! The mice are planning a heist! Or maybe a mouse detective is investigating a team of mouse bank robbers? 9 replyView More Replies…View more comments #25


anonymouse_mmx Report 50points POST

RitaGG 1 week ago

LOL – nuts from around the globe. Love it! 6 reply #26


anonymouse_mmx Report 49points POST #27


anonymouse_mmx Report 49points POST

Night Owl 1 week ago (edited)

A horror park for mice 17 replyView More Replies…View more comments #28


anonymouse_mmx Report 47points POST

David Dauster 2 days ago

This comment has been deleted. 0 reply #29


anonymouse_mmx Report 47points POST

RitaGG 1 week ago

The rope ladder. I can’t even!!! 😉 4 reply #30


anonymouse_mmx Report 44points POST

Simon Mohr 1 week ago

Gouda – simply clever. 3 reply

Note: this post originally had 60 images. It’s been shortened to the top 30 images based on user votes.

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Beautiful Watercolor Paintings By Yuri Lomkov

Yuri Lomkov is a 66-year-old painter and artist, who was born in Groznyi, The Chechen Republic and currently lives and works in Severodvinsk, Russia. “1971 is the beginning of my creative way. Since this moment I become the constant participant of professional art exhibitions,” he says.

“The greater series of graphic works in techniques of watercolor is a result of trips to Sweden, Spain, the south of France – Toulouse, Moliere, Montaban, Karkasson, Sete, Grenada, Andorra.”

More info: website | source



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40 Of The Best Coronavirus Related Pieces Of Street Art

Have you learned any new talents while being stuck in quarantine? How about some languages? Don’t worry if the answer is “no” – you still have plenty of time to do that as it looks like the quarantine won’t be lifted anytime soon. But while you and I are stuck at home learning Spanish on Duolingo, some artists are still out there creating amazing street art.

Graffiti artists all over the world are creating coronavirus related street art their art pieces are as accurate as they are funny. Check them out in the gallery below!

#1 Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist: Welinoo

Image source: welinoo

#2 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Artist: Fake

Image source: iamfake

Fake says to have painted this “Super Nurse” as an ode to all healthcare professionals around the world.

#3 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Teachr1

Image source: teachr1

#4 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image source: tvboy

#5 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image source: tvboy

“Divided We Stand, United We Fall.”

#6 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ponywave

Image source: ponywave

From the artist’s Instagram:
“We all are going through this together. There is a reason which we will see after all. It’s time to look at ourselves. Take a look at what are we doing with the planet and our lifetime. Maybe we should change our priorities? Maybe we should slow down? Maybe we should take a look around and start respect our planet and all those with whom we share it? Maybe someone is trying to hide some changes? Or economic collapse? Maybe one more step to a new world order?”

#7 Pompei, Italy. Artist: Nello Petrucci

Image source: nellopetrucciartist

#8 Berlin, Germany. Artist: EME Freethinker

Image source: Bobone2121

#9 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Artist: Aira Ocrespo

Translation from Portuguese: “Bolsonaro’s mask against the Coronavirus.”

#10 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image source: tvboy

#11 Malmö, Sweden. Artist: Richard Juggins

Image source: Richard Juggins

#12 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Rasmus Balstrøm

Image source: balstroem

Balstrøm who is originally from Denmark did this last mural before he had to flee the country.

#13 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Corie Mattie

Image source: coriemattie

#14 Glasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel Bear

Image source: the.rebel.bear

#15 Miami, USA. Artist: Sean “Hula” Yoro

Image source: the_hula

#16 London, UK. Artist: Pegaus

Image source: ojc9

#17 Jindbayne, Australia. Artist: N/A

Image source: EditedThisWay

#18 Bristol, UK. Artist: Angus

Image source: angusart85

#19 Bryne, Norway. Artist: Pøbel

Image source: pobel.no

“In these challenging times, I hope this piece can be a positive contribution and spread some joy. Be safe and take care of one another.”

#20 Mumbai, India. Artist: Tyler Street Art

Image source: tylerstreetart

“Keep calm”

#21 Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh

Image source: johndohart

#22 Melbourne, Australia. Artist: Lush Sux

Translation from Chinese – “Nothing to see, carry on.”

Image source: lushsux

#23 Tartu, Estonia. Artist: Princess Täna

Image source: princess_t2na

“Living in a bubble. Just to be more ironic, a soap bubble.”

#24 Warsaw, Poland

Image source: cdn.natemat.pl

Translates to: Not every hero wears a cape. Thank you! (Translation credit: Draco Malfoy)

#25 Glasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel Bear

Image source: the.rebel.bear

#26 New York, USA. Artist: Crkshnk

Image source: crkshnk

#27 United Kingdom. Artist: Gnasher

Image source: gnashermurals

#28 Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh

Image source: johndohart

#29 New York, USA. Artist: Jason Naylor

Image source: jasonnaylor

#30 New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic

Image source: Jilly Ballistic

#31 London, UK. Artist: N/A

Image source: Hookedblog

#32 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jeremy Novy

Image source: jeremynovy

#33 Dublin, Ireland. Artist: Subset Collective

Image source: subset

#34 New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic

Image source: jillyballistic

#35 Copenhagen. Denmark. Artist: Andreas Welin

Image source: Welinoo


#36 Bristol, UK. Artist: Angusart85

Image source: angusart85

#37 London, UK. Artist: Lionel Stanhope

Image source: lionel_stanhope

#38Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jules Muck

Image source: muckrock

#39 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ruben Rojas

Image source: rubenrojas

#40 Bristol, UK. Artist: Diff

Image source: diff_artist

Aušrys Uptas

One day, this guy just kind of figured – “I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession?” – and he did! Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that’s trending on the web. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. So if you find something that’s too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up!

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45 Mind-Bending Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

Photoshop is an amazing tool that can help you turn even the most mediocre photos into masterpieces. You can do almost anything you want – fix the lighting, adjust the colors, apply a filter – the possibilities are endless! However, there are times where you actually take a picture that’s so incredible, people have a hard time believing it’s not photoshopped.

Be it skill or pure luck, sometimes we end up capturing shots that look almost too amazing to be real. People are sharing their stunning photos online and you’ll have a hard time believing there was no Photoshop involved. Clever angles, perfect timing, a little creativity and a dash of luck – check out the incredible photos you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped in the gallery below!

#1 My Friend Just Got This Once In A Lifetime Picture

Image source: nimo4749

#2 Landscape Perfectly Divided By The Rails Of A Fence

Image source: youcancallmealsdkf

#3 The Water Also Looks Like An Elephant

Image source: RailTieYardGame

#4 The Golden Rays Of The Sunset Entered The Cave At Just The Right Angle To Light Up This Section Of Ice, Making It Look Like Amber

Image source: sarah.bethea

#5 A Forest Service Worker Photographed A Fire Burning Inside A Tree While He’s Fighting Western N.C. Wildfires

Image source: Grown_Man_Poops

#6 This Spot On I-80 In Wyoming Is Known As The Highway To Heaven

#7 My Boy Climbing An Old Rotten Tree Stump Looks Like A Giant Climbing Mountains

Image source: AidenAsh15

#8 Halfway Sunset

Image source: lazzyyness

#9 The Pole In This Picture Makes It Look Like Two Different Pictures

Image source: morphdarko

#10 Perfect Timing

Image source: Mannos_Hands_of_Fate

#11 This Window That Makes My Back Yard Look Like It’s In 4 Different Seasons

Image source: pommiegurl130

#12 These Burnout Marks Look 3D

Image source: Zevyn

#13 The Dog Is Covered With Holi Powder, Looks Like He’s On Fire

Image source: the_malociraptor

#14 Rosie Caught The Sunlight Just Right. She Was Sitting At The Curb Edge With The Sun Setting Just Under The Car. One Hell Of A Cool Effect

Image source: Itsmeerl

#15 This Black Car Looks Like A Mirror After Being Washed

Image source: Tittzo

#16 The Black-And-White Costume Was The Best One I Have Ever Seen. No Masking… Honest

Image source: Andy Thomas

#17 These Teacups Look Like They Have Little Holes In Them

Image source: UncannyDonuts

#18 Me And My Girlfriend Were Walking In The Woods The Other Week And Saw A Rainbow Pool For The First Time

Image source: brentenross

#19 This Cow Eating Grass

Image source: sixfeetunder98

#20 World’s Tallest Tram

Image source: SuperCub

#21 My Drive In To Work This Morning (I-90 In The Berkshire Mountains, MA)

Image source: the-crooked-compass

#22 In Cute Cat News, My Mom Put Up An Easter Decal On Our Front Door And It Makes Gigi Look Like A Dr. Seuss Character

Image source: drewsoulman

#23 6 Years Ago I Posted My Wife’s Eye That Her Doctor Told Her Was The Weirdest He’d Ever Seen. Since Then My Photography’s Improved Quite A Bit, So Here’s A New Pic I Took A Couple Days Ago

Image source: AlwaysSpinClockwise

#24 This Photo From Inside A Tent Looks Like Photoshop Trick

Image source: Ingelo8Jean

#25 This Falling Clock That Took The Wall With It

Image source: i_was_a_lemur_once

#26 This Viaduct In South England, UK

Image source: naypenrai

#27 Perfectly Timed

Image source: McVoax

#28 The Frost On The Fence This Morning

Image source: trevorche

#29 This Photographer Was Probably Excited

#30 Russia Hasn’t Got Anything On The Monterrey Stadium In Mexico

Image source: beachdogs

#31 The Way My Closet Separates This Light

Image source: weepysplash

#32 This Unicorn Picture Is Different In The Mirror

Image source: scsilly

#33 Very Clear Water In Sweden

Image source: Suborb

#34 The Rain Turned Our Yard Into A Van Gogh Painting

Image source: ericb303

#35 We Recently Had A Storm In Germany

Image source: mybliss

#36 Wasp On The Water Surface

Image source: solem specto

#37 The Paint On This Building Is The Same Shade As The Sky

Image source: pachew96

#38 Hundreds Of Thousands Of Starlings Migrating Across The Region Covered The Skies Of Rome Making It Appear Like TV Static

Image source: MrRubberBurner

#39 The Way My Cup Broke

Image source: cotton-swabs

#40 Levitating Horse

Image source: ConsciousCamel

#41 This Photo I Took Of Fog Over A Lake Makes This Warning Sign Look Like It Is Surrounded By Nothingness

Image source: N_O_A_H

#42 Standing In A Huge Pond That Sinks Every Dry Season

Image source: bradyboh

#43 The Reflection Of The Light On My Coffee Looks Like A Glowing Castle

Image source: MadnessDreamer

#44 Waterfowl Lake In Banff National Park, Alberta / Canada

Image source: ANJCI ALL OVER

#45 Simple Yet Creative

Image source: corne1ius

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30 Country Flags Reimagined As Anime Characters For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

By now, you’ve probably already heard that Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. To celebrate this upcoming event, a handful of Japanese artists decided to team up and reimagine some of the participating countries as badass warriors.

The artists took inspiration from each countries’ flags and history while giving all of them a unique twist. From Japan itself to South Africa, check out the countries reimagined as anime warriors in the gallery below!

More info: world-flags.org | Twitter

#1 Philippines

Image source: world flags

#2 Mexico

Image source: world flags

#3 UK

Image source: world flags

#4 Vietnam

Image source: world flags

#5 South Korea

Image source: world flags

#6 Japan

Image source: world flags

#7 China

Image source: world flags

#8 South Africa

Image source: world flags

#9 Sweden

Image source: world flags

#10 Malaysia

Image source: world flags

#11 Italy

Image source: world flags

#12 Finland

Image source: world flags

#13 Canada

Image source: world flags

#14 Belgium

Image source: world flags

#15 Spain

Image source: world flags

#16 France

Image source: world flags

#17 Switzerland

Image source: world flags

#18 Germany

Image source: world flags

#19 Argentina

Image source: world flags

#20 Norway

Image source: world flags

#21 Singapore

Image source: world flags

#22 Thailand

Image source: world flags

#23 Brazil

Image source: world flags

#24 India

Image source: world flags

#25 Indonesia

Image source: world flags

#26 Netherlands

Image source: world flags

#27 Venesuela

Image source: world flags

#28 Denmark

Image source: world flags

#29 Russia

Image source: world flags

#30 USA

Image source: world flags

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