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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Is Coming to New York City This Summer

By Margherita Cole on April 16, 2021 

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Toronto

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Toronto (Photo: Courtesy of Immersive Van Gogh)

The enchanting Van Gogh experience that wowed Paris and Toronto is debuting concurrently at different cities in the United States this summer, including Los Angeles and New York City. Like the previous shows, the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in NYC will feature state-of-the-art digital projections of the Dutch Post-Impressionist’s sunflowers, self-portraits, and landscapes on the walls, floors, and ceilings.

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This Unique Audiovisual Exhibit Will Let You Experience What It’s Like To Be A Part Of A Van Gogh Painting

The Atelier des Lumières digital art center in Paris has recently launched a new exhibition called Van Gogh, Starry Night – an impressive visual and musical installation, honoring the works on Vincent Van Gogh. Produced by Culturespaces and created by Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Renato Gatto, and Massimiliano Siccardi, the exhibition features some of the artist’s most famous works projected onto the art center’s walls by over a hundred projectors and music by composer Luca Longobardi.

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Woman’s Photoshoot Of Her Dogs With Sunflowers Goes Off The Rails After They Find Out How Tasty They Are

Agnieszka Ciszyńska is a Polish woman who just wanted to take some nice photos of her three White Swiss Shepherds in front of some sunflowers – until everything went hilariously off the rails. Everything started out pretty tame and the dogs were happily posing like they’ve done numerous times before. But then they decided to taste the sunflowers they were posing in front of – and found them delicious! Needless to say, it all went downhill from there – but at least Agnieszka took some hilarious photos! She ended up uploading them to Facebook and they were an instant hit.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the woman said she never expected her dogs to bring so much joy to others. “And as it turned out, people loved the result—maybe in such hard times, a good laugh is what everybody needs,” pondered Agnieszka.

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Polish woman Agnieszka Ciszyńska recently tried to photograph her three White Swiss Shepherds in front of some sunflowers

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

Initially, Agnieszka just wanted to do a romantic photoshoot for her friends but then decided to take some pictures of her dogs too.

Everything was going great at first

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

The woman said they expected “dreamy, beautiful portraits in sunflowers” but soon found out that a sunflower field is quite a difficult place for a photoshoot – especially if you’re not tall enough. “And as big as our dogs are—we had to think of some way to make them reach the flowers. So our friend kindly agreed to be a chair for our dogs,” joked Agnieszka. “Then we thought that Fenris was big enough to pose on his own—but standing on his rear legs, he looked more like a hungry dinosaur than a majestic wolf… We had lots of laughs and some of the pictures came out pretty funny.”

The dogs were happily posing like they’ve done numerous times before

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

However, things quickly took a sharp turn for the worse – but in a good way

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

The dogs decided to taste the sunflowers and found them delicious!

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

Agnieszka explained that the dogs are very active and friendly. They love all sorts of dog sports – from frisbee to bikejoring. “They are the kind of dogs that follow you everywhere, want to be a part of everything you do (and yes, you can forget about going to the bathroom alone),” explained the woman.

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

Agnieszka says that taking photos of dogs is actually her husband Michał’s passion as he’s a self-taught photographer, and she mostly takes care of the post-production.

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

The woman says that the key to a good photoshoot is having the dogs trained to stay still when you need a portrait, but also knowing when to relax and just have fun in any surroundings.

The dog trio – Fenris, Björn, and Walkiria – regularly go on adventures all over the world

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

The dogs regularly partake in competitions and travel all around the world with their owners. You can check out more photos on their Instagram account!

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

The woman explained that their whole life is about their dogs. “There are months that we have some sort of competition every weekend—our dogs love it and are very good at it,” says Agnieszka. “When we relax—we relax together, when we go on vacation—we go together. Our social media is not only about nice pictures—we want everyone to remember that dogs are family and that they should be part of the most important moments in life.”

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

The family’s biggest adventure so far happened around a year ago when they spent 6 months traveling around Europe with the whole pack. “We visited 13 countries, swam in the lakes and seas, hiked through mountains, slept on a beach in a tent, visited big cities and places where we couldn’t find another living soul,” says Agnieszka. “It was sometimes challenging, but amazing and it was the best time of our lives.”

Image credits: whitevalhallawolves

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