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NeoCon 2019 Social Highlights: Day 2

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Eastwind Hotel and Gather Greene Offer Catskills-Style Glamping

A minimalist cabin for two offers the chance to camp in luxury. Photography courtesy of Eastwind Hotel & Bar.

It’s been the inspiration for Hudson River School painters, the home turf of the “Borscht Belt” generation of comedians, and the site of the legendary Woodstock festival. Now, the Catskills are in the midst of a resurgence as a hot vacation destination, especially for New Yorkers. In contrast to the luxury and affluence associated with the Hamptons, the Catskills can provide a more rustic connection with the arts and with nature: it’s been nicknamed “The Camp-tons” for the wealth of outdoor activities on offer amid its mountain landscape. Many Catskills resorts cater to a clientele that wants to enjoy the great outdoors without giving up all the comforts of city life. Some people call it “glamping;” it’s like camping, but glamorous. Here are two destinations for quiet escape within reach of the big city.

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A handmade coffee table, ottoman and side table by Masaya & Co; a Blu Dot sofa; and a vintage lounge chair found at an antique market sit atop a vintage hand-woven Turkish rug in a guestroom at Eastwind. Photography courtesy of Eastwind Hotel & Bar.

Eastwind Hotel & Bar in Windham, NY has origins dating back to an earlier chapter of Catskills history: It was used as a bunkhouse for hunters and fly fisherman in the 1920s. That rustic charm was revamped by creative director Julija Stoliarova, whose eye for design led her to a previous career in the fashion industry as a runway model and handbag maker. 

A Malm fireplace heats the salon, where guests can enjoy a full-service cocktail and coffee bar and peruse a library of vintage nature guides. Photography courtesy of Eastwind Hotel & Bar.

Thoughtfully sourced decor combines vintage and contemporary. New furniture from Masaya & Co and a thrifted table and ottomans sit atop reclaimed fir floor planks from the pre-renovation structure. Guest rooms and common spaces are replete with mid-century modern touches that invoke Scandinavian design and recall the original rustic atmosphere of the lodge in a muted color palate with highlights of navy, black, and white. It encapsulates the idea of “lagom,” a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount.”

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A minimalist palate of spruce and eastern white pine and Frette linens make for cozy and rustic accommodations in the Lushna Cabins. Photography courtesy of Eastwind Hotel & Bar.

For a more off-the-grid experience, guests can stay in one of three Lushna Cabins. These minimalist A-frame structures are barely 200 square feet, offering little more than a queen-size bed and a birds-eye view of the surrounding hills. But there are luxury amenities, too, such as a private bathroom and sauna and premium-quality bedding.

Each cabin at Gather Greene offers a king-size bed and an outdoor deck as large as the interior space. Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose.

Gather Greene, in nearby Coxsackie, offers similarly minimalist accommodations with 17 climate-controlled cabins. The space-efficient shelters pack in a king bed and bathroom, plus details like a beverage nook and cutouts for tucking away a book or phone. Each cabin also has an outdoor deck offering views of the 100-acre property, which has roots as a dairy farm.

A cutout for a book or phone replaces a bedside table in the space-efficient cabins. Photography by Kelsey Ann Rose.

These off-the-grid offerings are a look at what could be the future of the Catskills: a chance to experience nature’s beauty with just the right amount of modern comfort.

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Inside a Montauk Beach House That’s Actually a . . . Trailer?


Roll into Montauk Shores, the oldest mobile home park condominium in New York state, and you’ll see all the aluminum siding you’d expect. But here, in what they call “Montauk’s best-kept secret,” tiny plots can go for $1 million, thanks to the park’s stellar location: a bluff overlooking 1,000 feet of oceanfront in what’s arguably the most popular town in the Hamptons. Keep driving through the park (watch out for the kids and bikes and surfboards that are everywhere), and you’ll find one that belongs to East End designer Alicia Murphy. This thing does not look like it came off of a flatbed truck. Coated in cedar shingles, with white oak flooring and Thassos tile purchased in Southampton covering the interior, Murphy’s home also doesn’t look like it was prefabricated in a factory in Indiana. The 800-square-foot trailer is an L-shape, not quite a double-wide but a one-and-a-half-wide, an idea her boyfriend Chris Growney and their architect, Anthony Hobson, came up with to allow them to have two bedrooms and two bathrooms but still maximize outdoor space. Despite their sleek custom kitchen, you’ll find Murphy and Growney, along with his two boys and most likely a slew of friends, eating pretty much every meal outside in the generous dining area on the back deck.

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Navigating design terms can be as confusing as assembling a home entertainment system by hand. But to plan interior design that suits your highly specific, oh-so-original tastes and home, you need the language to talk about the nuances of certain styles.

If all you know about minimalist and Scandinavian design is that IKEA sells a lot of it, let us hand you the metaphorical power drill. Here’s everything you need to know about the two aesthetics.


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