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15 Restaurants That Take Dining To The Next Level

With all the fast food joints stacking on every corner, fine dining is becoming somewhat obsolete. But thanks to some innovative entrepreneurs there still are some corners left around the world where eating food is not just a quick pit stop for fuel, but is rather a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of 15 of these places, where food is taken extra seriously. From the mountain top dining to sharing a meal with giraffes, there are plenty of restaurants below that deserve a place on your bucket list.

h/t: boredpanda

#1 Dine In The Cave, Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Puglia, Italy


Image source: grottapalazzese.it

#2 Perfect Location To View The Northern Lights – Northern Lights Bar In Ion Hotel, Iceland


Image source: ioniceland.is

#3 Dine Surrounded By Stunning Mountain Setting, Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant 3842m, Chamonix, France


Image source: Aiguille du Midi Restaurant

#4 Share Breakfast With A Giraffe, Giraffe Manor, Langata, Kenya


Image source: thesafaricollection.com

#5 Dine Five Metres Below The Surface, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives


Image source: conradhotels3.hilton.com

#6 “A Place To Drink, A Place To Meet, A Place To Rest Your Hairy Feet.” The Green Dragon Pub In Hobbiton (New Zealand) Is A Perfect Place For A Real LOTR Fan


Image source: GreenDragonHobbiton

#7 Dine Surrounded By Snow And Ice, The Snowcastle Of Kemi, Kemi, Finland


Image source: Kemin LumiLinna – The SnowCastle of Kemi

#8 Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant In Kenya Set In An Ancient Cave And Illuminated Entirely By Candlelight


Image source: tripadvisor.com

#9 Impressive Steampunk Design, Truth Coffee, Cape Town, South Africa


Image source: Shanna Jones

#10 Dine With Breathtaking Views Of Indian Ocean, The Rock, Michamvi Pingue, Zanzibar


Image source: Carlos Antunes

#11 Dine In The Water In This Amazing Restaurant In Bora Bora


Image source: unknown.

#12 Dinner In The Middle Of A Waterfall, Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines


Image source: villaescudero.com

#13 Enjoy Your Alien Coffee At This Bizarre Bar, Hr Giger Museum Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland


Image source: hrgiger.com

#14 Dine While Watching Old Sci-fi Movie Clips Shown On The Big Screen, Sci-fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, FL, USA


Image source: disneyworld.disney.go.com

#15 Your Meal Is Grilled Over A Volcano, El Diablo, Lanzarote, Spain


Image source: Mariola Gómez Encinas

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For more than 20 years many restaurateurs have asked their interior designers to “make it sound like there’s 100 people eating when there’s only a table of four dining.” This was intended to make people think it’s a great restaurant because it sounded like there were a lot of people eating there.  However, when it has 100 actually in-house, it sounds like 2,500 people. Now the full restaurant is unnaturally loud by design, acoustically resembling a rock concert rather than a nice place to have a great meal and good conversation. 


Here Are 7 Restaurants Where You Can Eat Like Bernie Sanders This Year

Bernie Sanders embraced “new acquaintance” on New Year’s Eve: He and his wife, Jane, reportedly ate at a communal table at Clinton Hall Seaport in New York, spending a total of just $16 on their celebratory dinner. Establishing a tone for 2018 of camaraderie and cheer, we endeavor to follow the politician’s example at restaurants that feature communal tables (and particularly unique or outstanding design elements as well). Because, perhaps, as the song goes, old acquaintance shouldn’t be forgot—but new acquaintance should be welcomed as well.

CLINTON HALL SEAPORT: This Bernie Sanders–endorsed establishment is a drinker’s destination for craft brews and craftier eats (e.g., a “doughnut grilled cheese”). We recommend ordering at the mosaic-decorated bar and, then, proceeding to the area with foosball and table tennis.

DINER: This intimate restaurant is housed in a 1920s Pullman car—a hipsters’ harbor at the Williamsburg Bridge. The cuisine is, well, anti-diner, with menu items that include scallops and spätzle.

IPPUDO: Chef Fumihiro Kanegae’s restaurant is as famous for its ramen as it is for its collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery: Brooklyn Kaedama Ale. The design elements (e.g., the red accents, the wood façade) are, at once, authentic and modern.

FETTE SAU: In 2007, this meat-centric canteen was installed in what was a Brooklyn garage. The aesthetic is as BBQ-themed as the eats—the bar stools were once tractor seats and there are pictures of butcher cuts on the walls.

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ROBERTA’S: This indoor-outdoor gastro-pizzeria is as iconic as it is Instagram-able, from the elevated pies to the graffiti-decorated walls. Brooklynites and their brethren-commune-style picnic tables and a tiki-style bar.

IL BUCO: This beloved restaurant has embraced its rustic character with homey interiors and a Mediterranean menu. Downstairs, the cellar boasts 500 bottles—and the rumor is that it inspired Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.

VIA CAROTA: This Italian gastroteca is furnished with chairs from an old church and reclaimed-wood floors (which were sourced from a gymnasium). The menus—an endeavor from the same chefs/owners as Buvette and I Sodi—are presented on the backs of the chairs (in their “bible” pockets).

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