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6 Home Decor Trends We Can’t Wait to Try in 2018

People always say, “New year, new you,”—but how about new year, new home? Whether it’s a change in the season or a change in the year, any new beginning inspires us want to start fresh with our decor. We checked in with the trend-spotting folks at Pinterest, who gave us the details on all the decorating trends you can expect to see in 2018 decor.

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From fresh and bright resort-style homes to statement doors and ceilings, the decor trends for the coming year are nothing short of bold and beautiful. Whether it’s a pop of color with metallic accents or a wall of jaw-dropping art, these trends will be all over your social feeds (and probably in your house).

Ahead, get the scoop on all the 2018 decor trends you need to know to update your digs.

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