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New and Noteworthy: 7 Recent Awards, Retrospectives and Partnerships

From award recognitions to exhibition openings, we’ve rounded up the most important design news from the past several weeks.

1. Rottet Studio named AIA Houston’s 2019 Firm of the Year

Rottet Studio senior staff accepts the award. Photography by Mark Johnson.

Rottet Studio is on a roll! From revamping the New York Stock Exchange (which won a Best of Year award in 2018) to opening the Hotel Alessandra in Rottet’s hometown of Houston, the firm has shown its undeniable presence in the design world. Rottet Studio received the award in early April during the Celebrate Architecture Gala at the Lone Star Flight Museum. 

The bar at Bardot, Hotel Alessandra’s cocktail lounge, combines walnut, brass, and resin. Photography by Eric Laignel.

2. Michael Anastassiades exhibits “Things That Go Together” retrospective

Michael Anastassiades’s ‘Things That Go Together’ in partnership with Flos. Photography courtesy of Flos.

The Best of Year award-winning duo is back. Flos partnered with designer Michael Anastassiades for his 12-year retrospective at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Center in his hometown of Cyprus, Greece. The show’s content ranges from Anastassiades’s design process to his research and includes his collaborations with Flos. The exhibit will run through July 20th.

3. “Gorham Silver: Designing Brilliance 1850-1970” opens at RISD Museum

Circa ’70 Coffee and Tea Service by Donald H. Colflesh for Gorham Manufacturing Company, 1960. Silver with ebony and Formica. Photography courtesy of RISD Museum.

RISD Museum’s Elizabeth A. Williams curated 120 years of creations by American silver manufacturer Gorham. The collection ranges from 19th-century objets d’art to Cubist-inspired coffee service, all crafted with Gorham’s signature glistening metal. The exhibition runs from May 3rdto December 1st.

Cubic Coffee Service by Erik Magnussen for Gorham Manufacturing Company, 1927. Silver with gilding, ivory, and oxidized decoration. Photography courtesy of RISD Museum.
Egg Spoon by Gorham Manufacturing Company, 1879. Silver with gilding. Photography courtesy of RISD Museum.

4. Coalesse announces new design partners

The VerdantaTM line by Sagegreenlife is a collection of self-contained free-standing walls and partitions. Photography courtesy of Coalesse.

Workplace furnishings company Coalesse recently announced new partnerships with Sagegreenlife, Carl Hansen & Son, Viccarbe, and EMU. The four companies bring fresh ideas to the table, such as bioliphic partitions from Sagegreenlife, and Carl Hansen & Son’s legacy pieces by Hans Wegner.

Embrace Collection by Austrian design trio EOOS for Carl Hansen & Son. Photography courtesy of Coalesse.

5. Ressource now offers extensive design services

Ressource offers design services at its New York showroom. Photography courtesy of Resource.

French paint manufacturer Ressource has announced new color consulting, design, and special effects application services. These services open the door for Ressource to work closely with clients on customizing their projects.

6. Jerry Pair launches new website

Luxury furniture retailer Jerry Pair has entered the e-commerce sphere with a website refresh. The site offers 35,000 residential products including furniture, lighting, accessories, textiles, and wallcoverings.

7. Biomimicry Institute hosts annual design competition

Art imitates life—and so does design. The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge prompts designers to imagine nature-inspired solutions for urgent sustainability issues, this year’s theme being climate change. The competition is open to university students and professionals. Enter by May 8th to be considered.

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Back-Painted Glass Is The Sleek Solution For Inspiring Spaces

Teal back-painted glass (Lacobel T) used as wall cladding for a pop of color. Photography courtesy of AGC North America.


Thanks to increasingly impressive technological developments, designers today have an astonishing array of surfaces to specify for their projects. From completely new materials, such as technological quartz, to ancient options that have been improved with modern tech, like glass, the variety can make a designer feel like a kid in a candy shop. Despite all this abundance of choice, a designer’s task still comes down to the same riddle for every project: what material will look the best and stand the test of time?

Back-painted glass is one such material that is extremely prevalent around the world, and is gaining in popularity in North America. It retains the sleek, modern appearance of glass while also enabling designers to insert fun pops of color and texture into their projects. Back-painted glass is equally at home in residential or commercial settings as wall coverings, tabletops, shelving, partitions, furniture, and doors.

In this Prague hotel, three different colors of back-painted glass (Lacobel) are combined for a bold, modern look. Photography courtesy of AGC Glass North America.

AGC Glass North America, the world’s largest glass company, recently unveiled four new back-painted glass products for the North American architectural market: Lacobel, Lacobel T, Matelac, and Matelac T. These products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but environmentally friendly, as well. They are produced using high-quality, low-VOC paints and are certified Cradle to Cradle Silver.

Back-painted glass (Matelac) can serve as a functional design element, such as these kitchen cupboards. Photography courtesy of AGC Glass North America.


The Lacobel T and Matelac T product lines are comprised of float glass that are back-painted and can be quickly and easily tempered to create a true enameled glass. They are both coated with a high-quality temperable paint that can result in either a glossy finish (Lacobel T) or an acid-etched satin finish (Matelac T). Each line comes in an attractive palette of 10 design-forward colors. Both Lacobel T and Matelac T are heat, UV, and shock resistant, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

A motif can also be applied to back-painted glass (Lacobel) which serves as the wrapping for a Prague airport refreshment kiosk. Its clean, contemporary lines make a statement in the busy terminal. Photography courtesy of AGC Glass North America.

AGC Glass North America also carries two interior-exclusive lines: Lacobel and Matelac. Similar to the aforementioned products, Lacobelis a float glass that features a glossy finish. Metalac is a float glass that has been acid-etched on one side, rendering a satin-like finish.

The differences between the tempered and non-tempered product lines comes down to the color and customization options. Lacobel and Matelac come in 20 trendsetting colors (of those 20, 14 are shared between the two lines). There is also an option for designers to specify a custom color for Lacobel or Matelac, which is ideal for someone working in the commercial sector.

Lacobel, Matelac, Lacobel T, and Matelac T are available for specification now.

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