Choosing Paint For Your Room: Paint Dries Darker

Have you ever tried choosing paint for your room, but not sure how it would look on your wall? The best way is to buy 2-3 samples of the paint, which are really cheap, and wait for it to dry. The paint chips, samples, and the dried paint would have slight color variations. The true color is the dried paint on the wall(s) it goes on! 

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Inspired Art: Connecting America SCORES’ Students & Artists

Every year, America SCORES Chicago puts together an art show where artists get to choose a poem written by America SCORES’ students and turn it into an original works of art. All the works of art are displayed at one of the local galleries where the public has an opportunity to enjoy an amazing night spent at The Inspired Art Gallery night, while supporting the opportunity for more students to participate in their after school program. This event provides a great opportunity for both the artists and the students to connect with each other on a different level and support each others’ talents. 

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