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A library for the future

Team of Herberger Institute students tackled a full revamp of Hayden Library in design project, focusing on form and function

Iconic buildings dot Arizona State University’s Tempe campus.

The Victorian charm of Old Main. The soaring inspiration of Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building IV. Frank Lloyd Wright’s charming pink wedding cake of an opera house, ASU Gammage.

But there is one structure on the map that, for some, might not make that list: Hayden Library.


Hayden soon will undergo a $100 million renovation, inspiring a team of design students to undertake a redesign of the university’s largest library as their senior project last spring. Their academic challenge — though they are not involved with the actual renovation of Hayden Library — was to reinvent the entrance and concourse level and offer suggestions for the redesign.

Here’s what they had to say about the library’s various spaces, what they would do to update them, and what they think about the plan to convert the stacks to an on-demand collection.

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