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An architecture firm in India gets a new space that boosts their employees’ creativity and productivity. 

That our surroundings affect our mood, productivity and creativity is a universally acknowledged fact, and the designers at Arkiplan International took that literally when they designed their architectural office with an abundance of spaces that range from private and communal to formal and casual to give the creative minds behind the firm an environment that keeps their creativity, energy and spirit scales high.

There are different punctual elements that come together to enliven the great working space. The office opens up to a reception donned by a magnificent parametric table with the backdrop of a green wall and faces a semi-formal meeting room in the tones of warm yellow. Rather than confronting the open reception with the closed meeting room, a complementary, coherent whole has been created with a sleek divider.

The office follows an open plan layout to foster communication among the staff and seeks to create engagement through design and design through engagement. With the open floor plan comes the responsibility to create breakout areas where people can get a few moments of quiet or concentrate. It has been catered to with several quiet spaces. A stepped seating in leather-finish granite provides the opportunities for spontaneous conversations and a creative setting for casual recreation and refreshment. The steps look upon a wall of human-sized sculptures based on the theme of ‘Resurgam’, which translates to I shall rise again. It inspires people to look beyond their current struggles in the hopes of a blissful tomorrow and future.

A variety of distinct elements come together to define the working space. Image courtesy of PHX India.

When was the project completed?

January 2018

How much space?

2,250 square feet, net

Was this new or renovated space?

New build

SF per person?

Just under 100 square feet per person

How many employees?


What is average daily population?


The sculptures are based on the theme of 'Resurgam'- a Latin phrase that translates to “I shall rise again”, which defines the whole existence of every living being. If it were not for our struggles and the will to thrive, survive and make it forth, we wouldn't exist. After every time that life puts us down or obstacles weigh over us, we decide to rise above them. They teach us to accept life as it comes, celebrate it with its all ups and downs and become stronger in the process while discovering 'ourselves'. The text also appears on the corten steel board next to the sculptures. Image courtesy of PHX India.

Describe workspace types.


This One Aspect of Your Office Design Is Wasting a Lot of Time and Money

The modern office was conceived at the turn of the 20th century by Frederick Winslow Taylor, imitating factory assembly lines, where clerks and executives could perform repetitive tasks with maximum efficiency. In recent years, our offices have changed to reflect the more collaborative nature of work, but meeting rooms have lagged behind.

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One commercial real estate expert offers a few ways that associations can use their office design to advance their missions as well.

Whether it’s the Auto Care Association, which repurposed a 1955 Nash Metropolitan convertible to serve as its reception desk, or the American Society of Interior Designers, which features a sleek, open office plan that earned WELL and LEED certifications, associations are increasingly using their headquarters to reflect their missions.

“For associations, aligning the space with the mission of the organization is really important,” said Thomas Fulcher, vice chairman and co-regional manager at commercial real estate firm Savills Studley, who added that members and volunteers are expecting this as well.

For associations considering moving in this direction, Fulcher offers a few considerations:

Find the right location. The appropriate address is integral to the success of a mission-driven association. “If one of the things I want my association to do is to communicate effectively with lawmakers on a national level, and they’re in St. Louis, then who’s actually talking to the congressmen when there are events and receptions?” he said. “I want my people [in the DC area] because one of the reasons I’m paying them is to make sure that my interests are protected on a national level.”

Attracting and retaining talent is another reason why location matters, whether that city is Chicago or Albuquerque. At ASAE’s inaugural Associations @ Work conference in October 2017, Fulcher remembers asking Steve Barker, CFO of the World Resources Institute, why location matters.

Barker replied along these lines: “To fulfill your mission, you need the right people, and it really is about finding a space that the right people will find is the right place to work.” To that end, associations should think about accessibility to public transportation and amenities, such as restaurants, when choosing a location.

Fit the workplace design to work styles. While most everybody used to work in a space that had office with doors that closed, Fulcher “now you look at peoples’ functions.” For instance, you ask these questions: What is it you do? Are you engaged in heads-down work? Are you collaborating with people a lot? Who do you need to be next to? And how often do you meet?

“There’s really been a lot of digging in to the actual functions being performed by people in the workplace, how they do things, how they can be more effective, how they can have serendipitous conversations that will enhance the work within the organization,” Fulcher said.

Incorporate your brand. Previously, branding in the workplace looked like slapping some newspaper articles on the wall or framing black-and-white photos of past presidents. But now, Fulcher said, “when you walk into the space, people focus a lot more on communicating what it is that we’re about.”

This can be done directly through exhibits or indirectly through artwork, but Fulcher said when people enter an association’s office, they should say: “I get it. I understand what these people are doing, why they’re here. It’s in the right space, it’s in the right building. It all makes sense; it’s comfortable and it feels good …”

What are ways that your office design supports your mission? Please leave your comments below.

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6 Design-Minded Offices in the USA and China

Design talents truly excel at American and Chinese offices.
1. Firm: Float Design Studio.
Project: Casper Sleep.
Site: New York.
Standout: Matching the blue from the online mattress maker’s popular subway ads, a stained-oak structure offers niches for quick naps or long meetings.


Quartz by Desai Chia Architecture. Photography by Mark Craemer.
2. Firm: Desai Chia Architecture.
Project: Quartz.
Site: New York.
Standout: A central divider with Douglas fir supports, which double as shelving, separates the reporters’ and editors’ desks from communal areas including a cafe.

paul-hastings-gensler-spray-painted-steel-0517Paul Hastings by Gensler. Photography by Garrett Rowland.
3. Firm: Gensler.
Project: Paul Hastings.
Site: New York.
Standout: Spray-painted steel latticework derives from an algorithm that merged motifs from the Middle East and Southeast Asia, among regions where the law firm has a presence.

da-cheng-design-fuzhou-courtyard-area-0517Da Cheng Design Co by Da Cheng Design Co. Photography courtesy of Da Cheng Design Co.
4. Firm: Da Cheng Design Co.
Project: Da Cheng Design Co.
Site: Fuzhou, China.
Standout: The Chinese concept of the courtyard house is expressed in pitched-roof volumes that hold both meeting rooms and the offices of creative directors.

alibaba-hok-pasadena-lounge-open-area-0517Alibaba Pictures Group Limited by HOK. Photography by Eric Laignel.
5. Firm: HOK.
Project: Alibaba Pictures Group Limited.
Site: Pasadena, California.
Standout: For the e-retailer’s entertainment arm, a textured wall in a painted mineral composite channels the crumpled paper discarded during the creative process.

uber-bean-buro-hong-kong-cafe-area-0517Uber Technologies by Bean Buro Limited. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro Limited.
6. Firm: Bean Buro Limited.
Project: Uber Technologies.
Site: Hong Kong.
Standout: Felt-wrapped pendant fixtures hang over the cafe’s communal table conceived as the collaborative and social heart of the space.

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Bringing Nature Into The Office

Many companies are beginning to incorporate biophilic design into the architecture and interior design of their offices. Biophilic design integrates natural elements such as plants, wood, stone and water into a setting to satisfy a deep human need for contact with nature.[1]

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