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Coronavirus Street Art By John D’oh

Documenting the pandemic through Street Art

I have covered the Covid-19 epidemic in a lot of detail since the start of the outbreak, and quite a few of my artworks have been featured in articles from all over the world in many different languages. As I have produced so much artwork about the outbreak and its socio-economic consequences, I decided to produce a book as an informative, vibrant, and occasionally-humorous diary of the unprecedented events. Most of the images seen and explained in this book come from Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Glastonbury, Weston-super-Mare, and Worcester. While in the situation of a national lockdown, it would have been easier to go out undetected and produce lots more art, I did (for the most part) obey the lockdown and social distancing rules. I considered going out to spray images as my “one permitted form of exercise a day.” Being stuck at home gave me time to prepare stencils and other artworks at home for the future. Given that art products were definitely not considered essential and not easy to buy, it forced me to recycle or reuse more items, such as making more stencils out of old cardboard cereal boxes.

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