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ASID Business Tools

Everything you need to build a strong and thriving business.


ASID understands the challenges associated with business ownership and has developed an exclusive set of member benefits designed to help you navigate the waters to long-term success. These must-have business tools offer our members protection, promotion, coverage, certification, education, and CEUs.


Residential and Commercial Contract Packages

Business owners must shelter their organizations through strong contracts that limit liability and diminish risk. The ASID Residential and Commercial Contract Packages include a core letter agreement with multiple schedules and clear options for crafting complete, customizable contracts.

Business Liability Insurance

Created exclusively for ASID members by The Hanover and The Insurance Exchange, business liability insurance provides our members with peace of mind and protection from potential litigation.


ASID Job Bank

Find your next opportunity and recruit new talent at the ASID Job Bank, your top resource for design industry career opportunities. ASID members receive five exclusive job postings per month, providing a streamlined employment process.


An exclusive member benefit, ThriveHive is a marketing platform that will help you build your online presence, attract new clients, and grow your business. Create a marketing plan, a professional website, and learn to effectively manage your marketing efforts from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Healthcare Resource

The Insurance Exchange has partnered with enhancedcareMD Smarter Choices to provide ASID members with an online resource for health insurance and healthcare services. Save time and money, compare plans, estimate tax subsidies, and enroll in the plan that’s best for you and your family.

Cover the Unexpected

Colonial Life and The Insurance Exchange offer ASID members a wide variety of supplemental insurance options that provide peace of mind when the unexpected happens. Exclusive ASID discounts on supplemental coverage are your financial safety net.


NCIDQ Exam Prep

It is important for clients to know that interior designers distinguish themselves by demonstrating a specific set of competencies, supported by work experience, a college degree, and NCIDQ Certification – the standard for professional interior designers. ASID has identified several NCIDQ exam prep resources and offers special pricing.

WELL AP Certification

Administered by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)™, the WELL Building Standard® focuses exclusively on human health and wellness. Through a partnership with IWBI, ASID members receive an exclusive discount on registration for the WELL AP exam, exam prep workshops, and self-guided plans. The WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) credential denotes expertise in the WELL Building Standard™ and a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities.

Material ConneXion Library (MCX)

As an exclusive member benefit, all ASID members enjoy online access to the full MCX database of thousands of healthy and sustainable materials. Discover comprehensive product information, technical specifications, images, application information, manufacturer contact details, and much more.

Drive – Navigating Firm Endurance

The successful evolution and regeneration of your firm requires you to implement the path, process, and criteria that lead to your organization’s continued success. Drive explores the options and challenges associated with firm ownership and evolution and explains how to lay the groundwork for achievement through the cycle of growth, success, sustainment, and regeneration.

Business Strategy Solutions

The Business Strategies Solutions series on the ASID Academy will provide you with the essential skills and crucial tips you need to set your business up for success. Earn CEUs and strengthen your business acumen on your time, at your pace.

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ASID 2019 Interior Design Salaries & Benefits Report

The world is a competitive marketplace. As a profession that provides specialized services and requires a variety of both hard and soft skills, professionals in the interior design field must craft their competitive edge with unique characteristics and skill sets that will lead to success in the profession. Employers must understand and identify these characteristics to attract, retain, and grow talent.

The purpose of the ASID 2019 Interior Design Salaries & Benefits General Report is to empower the interior design professional with the tools to design their own purposeful career, and for employers to generate creative fuel that supports professionals and advances their businesses. The report provides an overview of the interior design business and today’s professional using data collected from the ASID Compensation and Fee Benchmarking survey. Subsequent reports will provide deeper analysis with additional focus on career opportunities and firm characteristics.


  • The median salary for interior design professionals is $70K, while the median hourly rate is $30 per hour. The median salary for sole practitioners specifically is $50K.
  • A gender gap in pay exists, especially at higher job levels. Males were typically at higher job levels with a median salary $19K higher than females.
  • Firm specialization can result in salary differences. The median salary is $14K higher at commercial firms than residential firms.
  • Education degrees have an impact on salary. The median salary for survey respondents with a Bachelor’s degree is $17K higher than those with some college education and no degree.
  • NCIDQ certification makes a difference. The median salary is $16K higher for NCIDQ certified designers as compared to those not currently holding any type of certifications or credentials.
  • Work satisfaction in general is high; however, professionals were significantly more satisfied with their position compared to the overall interior design profession.
  • The firm plays an essential role in nurturing talent that further advances the profession.
  • Professionals, firms, and the industry must work together to cultivate the creative and meaningful design that impacts lives.


General Report Non-member price: $150
General Report Member price: $50


General Report, Career Report, Firm Report (Career and Firm Reports to follow in Summer 2019)

Bundle Non-member price: $475
Bundle member price: $150


General Report, Career Report, Firm Report, and ASID 2019 Outlook and State of the Industry Report(Career and Firm Reports to follow in Summer 2019)

Super Bundle Non-member price: $675
Super Bundle member price: $150


Career Report Non-member price: $200
Career Report Member price: $75



Firm Report Non-member price: $200
Firm Report Member price: $75

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