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See IKEA’s First Genius Collaboration With LEGO

This October, the BYGGLEK collection—a collaboration between IKEA and LEGO Group—will be available in stores. Since the early 1930s, LEGO has played a huge part in children’s and adults’ lives, sparking creativity and endless entertainment. Recently, the LEGO group has teamed up with the Swedish brand IKEA to launch their first-ever collaboration whose results are set to reach physical and online stores this fall, and, yes, it’s as amazing as you imagine.

More info: IKEA | Instagram

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LEGO has teamed up with IKEA to produce a new storage option for building blocks

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

Available on October 1, 2020, the collaboration will solve the only problem everyone has with their LEGOs—their storage. “Developed with parents and children in mind, BYGGLEK brings play and storage together to fuel creativity while creating more space for play in the home,” IKEA told in a press release.

The new BYGGLEK line will consist of four different products

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

“The collection allows children to keep their creativity going even when the physical activity stops and helps adults create organization without disrupting play. In short, BYGGLEK enables children to play, display, and replay their creations,” IKEA explained to the media.

Including one set of 3 small boxes, two sets of larger boxes, and a set of LEGO bricks

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

The new LEGO x IKEA collection will include several key products. Firstly, it’s the BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO brick set that’ll sell for $14.99. According to the press release, it’s a “unique, curated selection of existing LEGO bricks and play starters such as food items and minifigures in different colors and sizes to inspire free play and creativity for ages 5+.”

Starting from October 1, the products will be available in physical and online IKEA stores

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

Another cool new product is the game-changing BYGGLEK Boxes. The boxes will come in three different sizes, and they’ll all have LEGO studs on their lids and in their interiors. “BYGGLEK allows creations to be built and displayed both inside and on top,” IKEA explains.

And their prices start at $9.99

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

“The box itself can be a house, a swimming pool, a sports arena, ” said Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, the LEGO designer who leads the collaboration. “There is no right or wrong.” In the United States, the new IKEA x LEGO line will be available in October. Prices start at $9.99 for a set of three small boxes and go up to $14.99 for the largest box.

Here’s what people online said

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LEGO Launches Buildable Posters For $120 Each, And They Come With Their Own Unique Soundtracks

LEGO makes too many awesome things for our wallets to handle! One of their newest projects is a series of pop culture-themed art posters that you can build yourself. (Can you hear that in the distance? That’s me, fanboying. Loudly.)

The new LEGO Art lineup has four incredible sets, including Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, portraits of the legendary band The Beatles, different versions of the Iron Man suit, and a set of Sith portraits from Star Wars. Scroll down and have a look, dear Pandas. Just don’t give in to the Dark Side of the Force. Another cool thing is that each of these sets comes with its own unique soundtrack for you to listen to while you’re putting your poster together. Now that’s a whole new level of immersion.

Bored Panda spoke about the mosaic posters with Samuel Johnson, the design lead for the LEGO Art range. Scroll down for our full in-depth interview with him!

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LEGO released its new Art range with 4 pop culture-inspired sets. They’re mosaic posters that you can build yourself!

Image credits: LEGO

There are posters for fans of Iron Man, too, not just fans of Star Wars

Image credits: LEGO

And let’s not forget about Andy Warhol’s print of Marilyn Monroe

Image credits: LEGO

“For decades, LEGO has been experts in recreating icons of the world that we live in, in three dimensions. We have seen many adults (including some celebrities) building with LEGO bricks to relax and escape from the stress of daily life. LEGO Art embraces this mindset!” Samuel told Bored Panda.

“LEGO Art is aimed at both adults that are familiar with the LEGO universe, but also those that may never have considered purchasing a LEGO set before. The 2-Dimensional building platform is easy to master and escape in. With a new style of building instruction and included ‘soundtrack’ to engage and immerse yourself in your favorite passions. Each set includes a soundtrack and options to build alternate mosaics.”

Here’s LEGO’s video about Warhol’s print

Image credits: LEGO_Group

If you love The Beatles, you can get mosaics of the legendary foursome and turn you home into a miniature art gallery

Image credits: LEGO

Don’t they look great together?

Image credits: LEGO

Samuel explained that the 4 sets each focus on a different passion. “We chose both Star Wars and MARVEL’s Iron Man as they are familiar to LEGO and our fans. But where someone that really enjoys Iron Man (for example) may not have been interested in owning a playset-type product, this is an entirely new offering for them,” he said.

“LEGO does not have a huge foothold within the art passion, so we spent a long time deciding which art/artist would be the best fit for the launch year of LEGO Art. Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Diptych really lends itself well to the LEGO color palette and interchangeability of colors within the same design.”

Here’s how Darth Maul looks like in a home environment

Image credits: LEGO

Each LEGO Art set costs around 120 dollars

Image credits: LEGO

Star Wars fans rejoice! Just be careful not to give in to the Dark Side!

Image credits: LEGO

Image credits: LEGO

Image credits: LEGO

He continued: “Lastly, our focus on music + LEGO continues to grow as we have adapted extremely recognizable photos of John, Paul, George and Ringo into unique artworks for our Beatles set that shows these influential artists in the prime of their careers inspiring future musicians the world over.”

Bored Panda wanted to know whether we can expect the LEGO Art lineup to expand with new posters in the new future. Samuel told us that they’ve already got a lot of ideas on the table for new sets. “Stay tuned,” he said.

Image credits: LEGO

Each set comes with its own unique 90-minute-long soundtrack that you can listen to while building your poster

Image credits: LEGO

Image credits: LEGO

Image credits: LEGO

Image credits: LEGO

Image credits: LEGO

Image credits: LEGO

Building instructions for each poster have a QR code that lets you access the soundtrack. Each one is around 90-minutes-long.

If you just can’t wait for the LEGO Art sets, you’ll need to be patient a while longer. They’re launching on August 1 for international retailers and September 1 in the United States. Of course, you can always preorder them if you want to call ‘dibs’ on ‘em.

Each one of the sets costs around 120 dollars, so it’s a more serious investment than getting a paper poster for your room. On the other hand, it’ll last longer and you’re likely to pay that much (and possibly more) for high-quality posters made by well-known artists.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, sadly, there aren’t any LEGO Art sets out for you (yet) but you can always get John Lennon’s poster and squint a bit (“You’re a Yellow Submarine, Harry!”).

Building each poster might take you a while. Each LEGO Art set has around 3.5k pieces (and the vast majority of them are studs). So be careful not to vacuum any up while you’re tidying up your home in the middle of your creative process.

Let us know which of these posters you love the most, dear Pandas. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for my next paycheck and building tiny versions of the posters with the LEGO pieces I have at home.

People loved the idea of LEGO posters that you can build brick by brick and stud by stud

While some people were a bit more skeptical

Samuel then went into more detail about each set:

  • “Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe is a 4-in-1 set that gives you the option to build one of four designs. Just imagine having 4 of the set and being able to display them all like a gallery. Stunning! One portrait can be built at a time, but all pieces are included to build any one of them.”
  • “The Beatles is a 4-in-1 set that gives you the option to build one of four designs. Choose to build your favorite of the ‘Fab Four’ or why not take it apart and try a different one. One portrait can be built at a time, but all pieces are included to build any one of them.”
  • “MARVEL’s Iron Man is a 3-in-1 set that gives you the option to build one of three designs. Choose the legendary armor that Tony Star used to battle Thanos or the powerful “Hulkbuster” suit, or why not go back to the beginning of the story with the Mark III armor?! One portrait can be built at a time, but all pieces are included to build any one of them. As an added bonus, with the purchase of 3 of this particular set, it is possible to build an ultimate-sized mosaic depicting Iron Man in his iconic repulsor blast pose.”
  • “Join us with the Star Wars: The Sith set as we explore the legendary stories of Darth Maul, Kylo Ren, and the timeless Dark Lord of the Sith: Darth Vader! LEGO really IS the pat to the dark side! One portrait can be built at a time, but all pieces are included to build any one of them. As an added bonus, with the purchase of 3 of this particular set, it is possible to build an ultimate-sized mosaic depicting Lord Vader himself wielding his powerful lightsaber.”

Samuel added: “Each set includes 9 brand new canvas’ elements that you can use to build the mosaic, all of the dots you need to create your chosen image, a picture frame built from LEGO bricks, and 2 wall hanging elements that allow you to easily hang it on the wall. (All you need is a screw in the wall—not supplied).”

He continued: “Additionally, each set has its own exclusive soundtrack, and these soundtracks provide fascinating anecdotes from those closest to the stories of Andy Warhol, the Beatles or the creators of Iron Man, and Star Wars. The soundtrack dives deep into the inspiration behind each design to help adults fully immerse themselves in the building experience and unwind while they explore their love of music, art, or film in a new way. Build your model, enjoy the soundtrack, admire your work and it’s ready to hang!”

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Poland Builds World’s Largest Snow Maze That’s Bigger Than 10 Tennis Courts

There are two ways people see winter: some see it as cold, damp, and try to spend as little time outside as possible, while others can’t wait for it to come, mainly for one thing – snow. Just think about it, snow is sort of like nature’s LEGO – you can create anything you want with it. Snowmen, snowballs, forts, and even gigantic mazes the size of 10 tennis courts! And in case you think the last one sounds oddly specific, that’s because someone actually built one.

A giant snow maze called “Snowlandia” was built in the small Polish town of Zakopane, one of Poland’s most popular skiing destinations, and you better bring a thermos – because getting out is going to take you a while.

More info: Facebook | Snowlandia

A giant snow maze was recently opened in Poland

Image credits: Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

50 workers took almost a month to build the maze using over 60,000 ice blocks. They even built a 16 m (52.5 ft) tall snow castle that you can enter next to it.

Snowlandia is bigger than 10 tennis courts, making it the biggest snow maze in the world

Image credits: Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

Over 60,000 ice blocks were used to create the maze

Image credits: Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

The maze is lit up with colorful lights during night time, making the whole area look almost like something from a fantasy book.

It took 50 workers over a month to build

Image credits: Dron Line

There’s even a huge snow castle you can visit next to it

Image credits: Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

It’s full of amazing sculptures and treasures you can explore

Image credits: Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

Artists from Poland and Slovakia created the sculptures to decorate both the maze and the castle. You can already begin planning your trip – Snowlandia is scheduled to open again in January 2020!

There’s even an ice throne if you’re not afraid to freeze your butt!

Image credits: Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

The visitors seem to love Snowlandia

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Danish Company Creates World’s Most Creative Playgrounds That’ll Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

LEGO aren’t the only Danish engineers inviting kids to celebrate their imagination. One Danish company is building creative one-of-a-kind playgrounds, and they’re every kid’s dream.

MONSTRUM, founded by former theater set designers Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen, has been making elaborate and whimsical playgrounds since 2003. From a giant electric eel swirling around a lighthouse to a princess’ tower and a rocket ship mashup – these imaginative playgrounds are inviting children to play in Denmark, Sweden, Egypt, and other countries.

Scroll down, and let us know in the comments which one of these thematic playgrounds you’d want in your back yard.

More info: monstrum.dk (h/t: insider, boredpanda)

#1 Liseberg

Welcome to our playground in Liseberg, Tivoli in Gothenburg! Swing in gigantic nets and climb as high as you dare (adults might be tempted too), and enjoy close encounters with solar reflections and giant birds.

#2 The Crooked Houses

Back in the days in 1800-something, when Brumleby was located in the countryside there was a dairy and a slaughterhouse at Brumleby. The idea of the playground is to create a piece of this old Brumleby to remind us of its fantastic history.

#3 Odense Zoo

The story takes place on the African savannah. The Lion Chunga lies comfortably, hiding from the small goats and dreaming of his next meal. Behind the grass, you will see a glimpse of the old hut in the trees with two giant slides.

#4 The Blue Whale

Can you imagine anything better on a Sunday morning than to be swallowed by a blue whale? You can climb up onto the back of the whale by crawling through its mouth and into its stomach. You can also crawl through the hole in the side and into the basket, that sits on top of the whale. From here you can slide down.

#5 The Dragon

A large dragon has settled in Mulighedernes Park in Aalborg, so children come play if you dare!

#6 The Eel And The Lighthouse

Right next to the National Museum of Bermuda you will find a giant green murray eel wrapped around the a lighthouse.

#7 Futuroscope

Have you ever dreamed to be the size of the insects? The playground, Futuroscope frames that adventure with tall grass, large flowers and a giant ant.

#8 The Sperm Whale

The Sperm Whale has been the focal point of many exciting stories through times. From story about Jonas and the Whale to the stories on Moby Dick and Pinocchio.

#9 Kristineberg Slottspark

The creepy crawling is all over the large playground in Kristinebergs Slottspark. The two giant owls, both 5.5 meters tall, are the king and the queen of the playground. They are ruling over a large slide area, tempting curious boys and girls to enter both long and short slides.

#10 Children’s Railway Station

#11 The Bermuda Triangle

A pilot has been on a long expedition across the Bermuda Triangle to investigate the many stories about the ships and planes mysteriously disappearing in the area.

#12 The Rocket And The Princess Tower

The background of the founding fathers of MONSTRUM is in building set designs for theatres in Copenhagen. Just like a set design a playground must have an inspiring front attracting children and a functional backside with climbing, sliding and relaxing options.

#13 Gedden

The Pike is a very voracious fish that eats everything. In the year 1230 a German Emperor captured a pike that was over five meters long and weighed more than 1/4 ton.

#14 The Globe

On DOKK1 (Arhus new main library and citizen service center) you will find the playground ‘Kloden’ (english: the globe). The project is made in collaboration with Schmidt / Hammer / Lassen Architects and Kristine Jensen Architects. The project was donated by the Herman Salling Foundation.

#15 Terville

In Terville a large frog is looking out of the water. He tries to catch the flies with his long tongue. So beware you do not get eaten, he may well think you are a fly.

#16 The Towers

If you as a small child want to feel big go to ‘Fælledparken’ in Copenhagen and visit The Tower Playground with its countless opportunities for physical activity and technological interaction.

#17 The Submarine And The Lighthouse

The inside of the submarine is separated by a bulkhead with round manholes. The navigation deck can be accessed via the ladder in the submarine tower. Older children can climb from the navigation deck onto the hull of the submarine.

#18 Cosmos

The idea of the playground is a journey through the Russian space program. Meet the dogs Lika, Belka or Strelke and jump on to the satellite Sputnik, the launch vehicle R-7 Semyorka and moon vehicle Lunokhod 1. Climb around and explore the history and feel the rush when you crawl into the big crawling tubes or slide down the big slides. Enjoy!

#19 The Fisheries And Maritime Museum

Perhaps two ships have stranded on a small island with a lighthouse and a small lighthouse keeper’s house? Perhaps they have been lured in there by the people living on the island?

#20 The Snake In The MeldgÅrd Forest

#21 Dannebroge

A cannon is on the way out of the hull, still attached to the deck. It looks just too difficult to get on board, but soon you will see new opportunities to find small routes around the explosion.

#22 The Fortress City

The Fortress City is designed as a small adventure land where children can hide and play role games.

#23 Trinidad – The Lost Coaster

The coaster has wrecked on a sandbank and is broken in two. The many wreckage pieces, such as boxes and logs are spread out in the water and on the sandbank.

#24 Diesel Engine

You can enter the the 260cm tall Diesel engine through the flywheel, and climb on up to three tube slides.

#25 Stjernedrys

Stjerneskuddet is an integrated childcare institution for children aged one to six years in Copenhagen. The playground is divided into areas, providing space for riding a bike, playing ball, climbing and sand digging.

#26 Octopus In Gorky Park

The proud ship S/S Oceanliner is on a long journey. Suddenly, a giant octopus rises from the deep blue sea and attacks the ship.

#27 Tivoli Hotel Og Congress Center

The playground is located at the third floor level, and you can see all the way to Tivoli from the top of the Japanese tower.

#28 Santa Maria And The Easter Islands

Marco Polo’s old ship has run aground the Easter Islands, and she now lies half buried in sand far from civilisation. Two of the cannons are still intact, but the mast lies broken across the railing.

#29 The Alphabet Playground

Lots of giant letters are scattered all over the area, inspiring the children to play and have fun. The crazy, oversized letters have different sizes, colors and play opportunities.

#30 The Lighthouse And The Fishermans House

#31 Theater Playground

“Din Teaterpark” in Pildammsparken is designed by artist and scenographer Annika Carlsson together with MONSTRUM, and carried out in collaboration with Malmo Stad in 2013-2014.

#32 The Parrot

A big parrot with multiple levels inside is the new central play equipment on the playground.

#33 Tutti Frutti

You are dreaming about a big and sweet banana or pear, while you are sliding down from an apple, climbing on an orange or sailing away on a melon shell.

#34 Petzi’s World

The Danish cartoon series on Petzi tell about a life of adventure. Petzi and his friends sail their ship Mary to discover new land, solve problems for their new friends, build new things, trade, and play together.

#35 Pheasant In The Reeds

Between the long reeds stands a big beautiful pheasant. You can crawl into the body of the pheasant that serves as a playhouse in three floors. Around the pheasant is the 2-3 m tall reeds, where you can climb and balance on ropes between the tribes. Both children and adults can use the pheasant, which invites to play and stay.

#36 Seaweed

It is a hot summer day at the beach. We are in very shallow waters where the bladder seaweed sways slightly in the waves.

#37 The Large Cod

The large cod is swimming in the eelgrass with tiny fish around him. It works as a combined climbing frame and hide out.

#38 Crocodiles

The crocodiles are two sculptural elements on the beach. Here you can play – or just sit and enjoy the view.

#39 The Apple In The Grass

An apple has just fallen from the tree and is now in the grass. You can become tiny and crawl into it and explore.

#40 The Third Planet From The Sun

#41 The Submarine

The submarine has just surfaced after yet another adventure. The wave laps onto the foredeck in large soft shape, a great place to run across.

#42 The Monster In Bispeparken

The children in Bispeparken wanted a monster on the playground. MONSTRUM put up a trap and caught one.

#43 Lund

This small city is composed of a series of small playhouses, connected by a network of paths that meander through the small town.

#44 The Roly Poly

#45 Gyllins Drivhus

Playhouses in Gyllins Trädgård float on piles in different heights and provide a lovely view of the area.

#46 Small Globe

The Globe is a nice little space that you can reach by a net, a fireman’s pole or a slide.

#47 The Spider And The Wooden Huts

The spider is designed as a giant mechanical spider being caught in its own web. The head is the control cabin with two joystick controllers to handle all the legs.

#48 The Ladybird

This playground is designed like a small section of the forest floor with a ladybird, some branches, and some small rocks.

#49 Societetsparken

A large haunted house, three fluttering bats and a dark forest inhabited by ghosts set the mood of the spooky ghost playground in Varberg.

#50 The Cargo Ship

A huge cargo ship is sunk. Now it is on the ocean floor next to the lighthouse and among cargo crates and fish.


In cahoots with the secret orde…
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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This Woman Builds Incredibly Detailed Replicas Of People’s Houses Out Of LEGO

Is there a better way to let your creativity run wild than by building something out of LEGO bricks? You can create almost anything – vehicles, animals, robots, and one woman even got so good, she started creating detailed replicas of people’s homes!

Designer Shari Austrian started recreating people’s homes out of LEGO bricks and they don’t just look good from the outside – she even designs detailed interiors. Shari now sells the miniature homes on her ETSY shop and the prices can reach up to $3,500!

More info: ETSY

Shari Austrian started creating incredibly detailed LEGO replicas of people’s homes

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

The replicas cost $1.25 per square foot, meaning a 3,000 sq ft home would cost a whopping $3,750!

Image credits: Shari Austrian

Shari says that each of the LEGO pieces costs around 10 cents and the models can be made up of tens of thousands of pieces. Even though the replica houses sell for a hefty price, they’re very well worth it. But just in case you’re looking for something a little cheaper, the designer also sells exterior-only houses for around $1,500.

Image credits: Shari Austrian

“I have always adored, collected and created all sorts of miniatures — they’re just so cute. From the time I was a little girl, I was building mini fruits, animals, and homes out of Play-Doh and LEGO,” said Austrian in an interview with TODAY Home.

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

To design the houses, Austrian uses interior and exterior photos  as well as the architectural plans

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

A single project can take the designer up to 12 weeks to finish

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Shari says she likes working with LEGO for both the complexity and simplicity of it

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: Shari Austrian

The designer is a perfectionist and says she values the clean lines, precision and interlocking strength of the bricks

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

Image credits: LittleBrickLane

However, one problem that the designer keeps running in is the shipping of the little homes. “I pour all of my passion and energy into creating solid, tiny masterpieces for my customers to enjoy. But my efforts are only one part of the equation when having to [transport them],” wrote Shari on a recent Facebook post. “I was a bit nervous about handing a model over to UPS but they assured me that everything would be just fine, that they package and ship lighting fixtures, etc. [However,] my model was destroyed. I flew out to Tennessee the following week to reassemble the model so it was as good as new but the whole experience was heartbreaking.” Let’s hope the UPS is more careful next time!

Image credits: Insider

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LEGO Tape Lets You Turn Anything Into Lego-Compatible Surface, Here’s How It Works

Lego is quite possibly the best toy ever invented, but even those amazing plastic building blocks have their limits. For example, you can only use them on a flat surface or a Lego board, but soon you’ll be able to stick your bricks wherever you want thanks to this versatile tape by Nimuno.

It’s flexible, it’s cuttable, and it comes with an adhesive backing so you can attach it to walls, other toys, and even yourself if you want! It also allows you to make curvy shapes such as hills, rivers, and roads, and the best part is that it’s actually surprisingly cheap. Two rolls will cost you just $11, while $50 will get you 10. The project is being funded on Indiegogo, where eager Lego enthusiasts soon helped it to surpass its original funding goal of $8,000 (so far almost 11,000 backers have pledged close to $400,000!), so if you want to get your hands on a roll then they’re available for pre-order now.

More info: indiegogo (h/t)

If you’re getting this, just make sure you wear protection. Like these anti-LEGO slippers.

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A Lego stairway to heaven! How homeowners are including the beloved toy bricks in their interior designs Read

This blog showcases a range of home designs using Lego, ranging from a useful keyring holder to an entire staircase banister. The Lego staircase banister consists of almost 20,000 pieces of the colourful toy brick.

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