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IKEA Trolls Kanye West And Now The Internet Joins In

Back in March (in)famous rapper Kanye West expressed interest in a collaboration with furniture manufacturing giant IKEA. He tweeted the company months ago offering to work together, and now he finally got the response. Just maybe not exactly the one he expected.

He’s opened up the communication with a tweet saying: “Super inspired by my visit to IKEA today, really amazing company… my mind is racing with the possibilities…” IKEA didn’t respond to that one, but just recently Kanye was interviewed on BBC Radio 1, where he resurfaced his intentions: “I have to work with IKEA — make furniture for interior design, for architecture,” and after this he finally got IKEA’s response.

IKEA Australia posted a photo on Facebook of a Yeezy bed design reminiscent of the same controversial bed with naked celebrity wax figures from Kanye’s latest music clip. Unsurprisingly that also caught the attention of quite a few internauts who just happened to have Photoshop at hand.

More info: facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

In March Kanye tweeted that he’d love to work with IKEA


Then, a month later, he threw another hint on Twitter…


And just recently, IKEA responded to his collaboration request with an awesome answer


#1 Famous


Image source: Ikea

#2 Kardash


Image source: hotshit

#3 Kanye Framye


Image source: 

#4 Ikeanye


Image source: robinisraelson

#5 Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All


Image source: 

#6 I Am Not A Fish


Image source: Aaron Boyle

#7 Kanye Hest


Image source: SegSirap

#8 Kanye


Image source: Michel de Rooij

#9 Sing Louder Under A Kanye Shower!


Image source: 

#10 Quality Floral Ass!


Image source: 

For more of IKEA’s funny moments head over here.

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I made wood table which comes alive when a person enter the room.

I am the owner of Kasparo – manufacturer of amazing tables which comes alive when a person enters the room. The table has LED technology and proximity sensor which make animation on the top of the table.

We producing dining tables and conference tables. Each table has a number and a certificate of authenticity. After purchase, the customer receives a notice of planting trees with GPS location data.

We do not a mass-produce furniture items, this are exclusive tables are hand made. Buyers can personally choose the tree they want the table to be made from.

We are trying to be unique, tables are exceptionally unique and bring a new interactive approach to interior design. Production time of one table 4-6 weeks.

Kasparo Half ready product

Kasparo Half ready product


Kasparo in forest

Kasparo in forest

Kasparo Tabale

Kasparo Tabale

Kasparo visuzalization

Kasparo visuzalization

Got wisdom to pour?

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How To Make A Drum Set Chandelier

My wife saw a drum set chandelier online and decided she wanted it and I could create it,” that’s all the motivation Instructables user icabod needed to create one of the most awesome chandelier designs we’ve seen.

On the outside, the chandelier looks like an actual 3-piece drumming kit, but on the inside, it hides quite a bit of wiring and clever engineering. Icabod was gathering inspiration from all over the place: “I was at band practice one night and I got the idea to use a microphone tripod base.” Little by little he figured the final design, and for you handy ones out there, he even made a detailed 6-step DIY tutorial so you could construct one yourself.

More info: instructables











For 21 more original DIY chandelier ideas head over right here.


In cahoots with the secret orde…
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

15 Restaurants That Take Dining To The Next Level

With all the fast food joints stacking on every corner, fine dining is becoming somewhat obsolete. But thanks to some innovative entrepreneurs there still are some corners left around the world where eating food is not just a quick pit stop for fuel, but is rather a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of 15 of these places, where food is taken extra seriously. From the mountain top dining to sharing a meal with giraffes, there are plenty of restaurants below that deserve a place on your bucket list.

h/t: boredpanda

#1 Dine In The Cave, Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Puglia, Italy


Image source: grottapalazzese.it

#2 Perfect Location To View The Northern Lights – Northern Lights Bar In Ion Hotel, Iceland


Image source: ioniceland.is

#3 Dine Surrounded By Stunning Mountain Setting, Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant 3842m, Chamonix, France


Image source: Aiguille du Midi Restaurant

#4 Share Breakfast With A Giraffe, Giraffe Manor, Langata, Kenya


Image source: thesafaricollection.com

#5 Dine Five Metres Below The Surface, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives


Image source: conradhotels3.hilton.com

#6 “A Place To Drink, A Place To Meet, A Place To Rest Your Hairy Feet.” The Green Dragon Pub In Hobbiton (New Zealand) Is A Perfect Place For A Real LOTR Fan


Image source: GreenDragonHobbiton

#7 Dine Surrounded By Snow And Ice, The Snowcastle Of Kemi, Kemi, Finland


Image source: Kemin LumiLinna – The SnowCastle of Kemi

#8 Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant In Kenya Set In An Ancient Cave And Illuminated Entirely By Candlelight


Image source: tripadvisor.com

#9 Impressive Steampunk Design, Truth Coffee, Cape Town, South Africa


Image source: Shanna Jones

#10 Dine With Breathtaking Views Of Indian Ocean, The Rock, Michamvi Pingue, Zanzibar


Image source: Carlos Antunes

#11 Dine In The Water In This Amazing Restaurant In Bora Bora


Image source: unknown.

#12 Dinner In The Middle Of A Waterfall, Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines


Image source: villaescudero.com

#13 Enjoy Your Alien Coffee At This Bizarre Bar, Hr Giger Museum Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland


Image source: hrgiger.com

#14 Dine While Watching Old Sci-fi Movie Clips Shown On The Big Screen, Sci-fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, FL, USA


Image source: disneyworld.disney.go.com

#15 Your Meal Is Grilled Over A Volcano, El Diablo, Lanzarote, Spain


Image source: Mariola Gómez Encinas

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Shapes – Metal Cable Holder. Elegant Accessories For Apple devices

SHAPES are aesthetically pleasing geometrical figures made of metal which are designed to hold cables, wires, chargers and also to serve as a perfect addition to your home decor. They help organize your work space and make your interior more unique and modern.

Almost 400% have already raised 🙂

The project has been successfully launched on Kickstarter and purposefully move to the new stretch goals.

You can see them here. And look at the campaign in full here.





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Colorful Paris Storefronts And Their Owners Reveal The True Story Of The City

Instead of looking for the historical landmarks around the city, photographer Sebastian Erras has turned to the incredible variety of the Parisian storefronts to tell the tale of one of the most iconic cities in the world.

Collaborating with Pixartprinting Erras has made his idea into a project called Paris Re-tale, in which he documented the colorful storefronts and their proud owners who aren’t lacking in color themselves.

It’s not the first time Sebastian found a unique perspective to tell his story. Before Paris Re-tale, he was documenting the incredible variety of floor tiles in Paris and Barcelona.

For the full list and the locations of the shops, head over to Pixartprinting.

More info: sebastian erras | pixartprinting (h/t: mymodernmet)

#1 Drew Harré, relaxing at the entrance of his fish and wine restaurant


#2 Julien Houssais welcomes sweet tooth to the luxurious pastry shop he manages


#3 Boris Lumé, standing proudly at the entrance of his picturesque bakery-confectionery


#4 Régis Page welcomes visitors at his musical treasure cave


#5 Bernard Poussin (left) and Diane Junique (right) in front of their two-centuries-old chocolaterie


#6 Dorothée Hoffmann never takes off her apron when she is at her ceramics workshop


#7 Maxime Hubert, at the entrance of the reference jazz music shop in Paris


#8 Nathalie Felber stands in front of the dry cleaner’s created by her great-grandfather


#9 Alexandre Boyer, surrounded by pictures and posters from the history of cinema


#10 Didier Madamour at the entrance of the Melac restaurant


#11 Avijid Gosh welcomes people passionate by art at the hotel he runs


#12 Chef Christophe Duparay in front of his restaurant


#13 Norbert proudly displays the collection of shoes he designs


#14 Vanessa Jacquiot, sales and marketing manager of the boutique hotel that was once Paris’s oldest bakery


#15 Gilles Berthommier and one of his puppets at the door of his workshop


Before Paris Re-tale, the photographer was documenting the incredible variety of floor tiles in Paris and Barcelona.

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Interior inspired by Jungle

Nature is a big inspiration for interior designers. Its patterns, prints and colors bring something beautiful into each home, they provide warmth and reunite people with nature. That is why designers love playing with natural colors and patterns and such trend that marked 2016 is still on top of the design lists. Jungle prints, with various animal patterns and colors is something that you should always opt for in your home if you like earthy undertones and calming atmosphere. So why not try this trend this year as well?

Introduce Plants

Just a few plants can greatly change the atmosphere in your home. If you add a few exotic plants, you will get the wild atmosphere with a few mesmerizing leafy accents in each room. Dining room is perfect place for introducing nature and you can start off with placing a bigger branch in some weird shape on the shelf. Also, tropical plants with big leafs will look great by the dining room window or in the corner of your living room. The best tropical plants for such decoration are TI plants, Alocasia, Colocasia, Philodendrons and other big leaf plants.

Clash of Exotic Colors

This trend brings a lot of bold, vibrant colors and various patterns with plenty of mixing of the different materials and fabrics. The colors that dominate are orange, purple and greens mixed with materials such as bamboo and wood in order to bring nature inside. Opt for heavy and dark furniture that make a great foundation for all the vibrant colors that you can incorporate through throw pillows, carpets and different seating. Also, decorating your walls with fabrics, setting up interesting paneled silk screens and various bold lanterns will bring the spirits of the wilderness into your home and make it more dynamic and homey.

Bring Rattan Back

Rattan has found its way back into our home décor, both on the inside and outside. This strong retro material is perfect for living room seating and it makes a nice decorative piece. Also, this material is eco-friendly and it can have many shapes and uses. Thus, you can try incorporating it into your interior design through furniture, lighting fixtures or turn it into a 3D art in some modern shapes or some more rustic, traditional styles. Nevertheless, a few chairs and a bench made of rattan and covered with some animal print throw pillow with provide the airiness and comfort your home needs.

Go Monochromatic

Some people just don’t like their homes to be packed with dynamics of vibrant colors. That is perfectly okay, but there is way to pay respect to this trend and still make your home minimalistic. Opt for a monochrome look that isn’t too boring. Choose color palettes in the shades of beige, cream, black and brown. Play with lighter and darker shades of these colors and preserve the elegance. Add a few pops with fabrics in animal print, but stay subtle. Also, if you have a favorite zebra print, use those colors on your walls, windows or flooring. The design will still be monochromatic, but it will have a fun little twist to break the monotony.


Animal Print Artwork

Artwork will make your home look more sophisticated, and if you do it with animal print, you will have mesmerizing elegance in the room. Introducing such artwork is perfect for people who fear that their home will look like an exaggerated African safari. What you have to do is keep the colors of your furniture and accessories in some neutral earthy colors, while your artwork can consist of various jungle patterns. Lay a few pictures above the sofa with fun animal prints, such as zebra, giraffe, tiger and leopard, and only add a few more hints of jungle through your plants or throw pillows. If you keep the rest of the colors in some neutral shades, this astonishing artwork will get all the attention while tying the whole design into a sophisticated look.

If classic modern looks are way to minimalistic for your personal preferences, you can always rely on nature. Introducing nature into our homes is a big trend of 2016 and jungles are a perfect inspiration for any professional or amateur designer. Don’t be afraid to mix, match and experiment with various prints and fabrics, and your home will have the dynamics of a forest, while preserving its comfortable atmosphere.

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8 amazing micro apartments from all over the world

Tiny or micro apartments – one of the recent housing trends of the big busy cities that provide more affordable accommodation solutions for young people, willing to live in their own space, but not necessarily wanting to work long and tiring hours on several jobs only to be able to pay the ridiculous rent for an average apartment shared with a couple of roommates and barely make both ends meet.

The desired privacy and unexpected comfort tiny apartments offer to single people and young couples due to the unique interior designers’ solutions, who employ their creativity and skills to fit a sleeping place, a kitchen, a bathroom, an office area and enough storage space into the tightest quarters ever without making them too claustrophobic and overloaded, make such apartments more and more popular in crowded cities with ridiculously high rent prices and limited housing.

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Woman Turns IKEA Lamp Into A Death Star

Don’t want your home to look like hundreds of others you see in IKEA’s catalogs? How about making it more like a Darth Vader’s den? Just put your construction hat on and follow this do-it-yourself guide on turning IKEA’s PS 2014 lamp into a glowing Death Star.

The tutorial is made by a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek Lylelo, who “always saw the IKEA PS 2014 lamp and thought ‘it looks so much like a Death Star!’”

She seized the opportunity for the DIY project when she was moving with her boyfriend to a new place, and “converted one of those plain white lamps into the exploding Death Star floating over our bed. We absolutely love it,” she told Bored Panda. Now take a look how to make one yourself!

More info: lylelo.blogspot.de (h/t)

I made this Death Star from a plain IKEA lamp and you can do it too

First step, of course, is to buy an IKEA PS 2014 lamp and a can of spray paint

“I used a can of light gray spray paint from the local hardware store. Do this outside because of the fumes and the necessary ventilation. If you want to have it perfect – cover the copper insides BEFORE you spraypaint the outsides. The mist of the spray dulled the sheen a tiny bit – it doesn’t bother us, but if you want it super shiny – cover it up. Or don’t use spray paint and brush the light gray instead. In my case, it was a matter of time and not wanting to paint them all by hand.”

We used masking tape for painting walls to cover the areas that should stay lighter

“Using an x-acto knife and a cutting mat with a ruler proved to be helpful to have a variation in the strips. Cut some wide, some small, some long, some short. Alternate to create the pattern, the death star wasn’t all the same, neither should be yours.”

We created a stencil of the round weapon on a piece of paper first and traced that onto the lamp with a pencil

Once you’re satisfied with the look of your pattern, you can paint a darker shade of paint over the whole ball

“We decided that black was too dark and sharp as a contrast, so we mixed a darker gray color. The paint is a mix of acrylic paint and a chalk paint, to give it a not so glossy finish. We found this paint in the hardware store.”

Paint the ball completely or work in segments – it all depends on your taste

“We peeled the masking tape not long after painting. Make sure to press the tape very well down before you paint, avoiding blotches and noses doing so. But even if you have some slight uneven lines – the end result will be great, because the Death Star has so many little bits and dots, it will look like you wanted it this way.”

The round weapon was painted by hand with a fine brush

Hang it on your ceiling as instructed – you will need a hook for that – and enjoy your Death Star lamp – it’s awesome!

Watch it in action below:

For more DIY lamp ideas, check out these 21 designs.

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This Tiny House In Belarus May Look Small, But It Fits A Family Of Three And A Dog

One family in Belarus has moved into their do-it-yourself micro house which takes up only 16 m2 (around 160 square feet) and where every single inch is put to good use.

The family of three-and-a-half (that’s their dog), started the project when they found themselves paying over $500 for rent in the city of Minsk every month. So instead, they made a smart investment of only $4600 (that includes the furnishings) and built this micro house. Inside it has all of the necessary amenities: a bathroom, a kitchen, living space, and even a washing machine.

It uses natural gas and electricity for heating and thanks to the good insulation has become a permanent family home whole year round. Another cool bit is that this house can be transported anywhere, as long as they get a permit from the road police.

It’s definitely one of the coolest DIY projects I’ve seen, but I just can’t make up my mind whether I could live in a house like this myself. Could you? Let me know in the comments!

(h/t: englishrussia, dyt)

A family of three (and their dog) from Belarus moved from the city to save money on rent which was around $500 per month

They moved into their do-it-yourself micro house built for $4600

Which takes up only 16 m2 (around 160 square feet)

The interior is more cramped than you could guess from the outside

It’s because every single inch is put to good use

They used insulation to be able to live here for the whole year round

They also have all the necessary amenities

Like a bedroom, a kitchen, living space

A Bathroom…

Fitted with a shower

And even a washing machine

They use natural gas and electricity for heating

And the house can be transported anywhere, as long as they get a permit from the road police.

Japanese are also known to make the most out of tiny houses.

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