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I Made 14 Illustrations About Quarantine Life With A Cat

These were made in the month of February of 2021.

Several people during the lockdown were unable to travel back home to their families in 2020. There are people who were/are stuck in the city of their jobs currently working from home. With the current situation of another major lockdown in India, many will relate to these illustrations.

So here is an ode to those who are indulging in new hobbies, working from home, relaxing, and most importantly, being accompanied by a floof to get by each day.

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Amazing and Positive Soul and Surf Illustrations

Lizzy is an amazing Portuguese artist and surfer girl, who lives by the sea in Peniche, Portugal. Her “surf art” and illustrations have a strong positive vibe, with a sweet and wild twist. Lizzy’s work is inspired by her simple life by the Ocean and what it represents for her. “I see surf as a way for the spiritual and self-improvement, and the Ocean my great master. The Ocean teaches me, and what I draw is a consequence of what I learned from it”, she explains in a statement. Her pieces present a mix of bohemian inspirations, ethnical colors and patterns, geometric figures, retro surf iconography, and classic surf movements.closevolume_off

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Colorful and Joyful Illustration And Textile Art

Based in Ibiza, Marta Fofi is an Italian artist and designer. The place she lives in is the source of her inspiration. “Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved experimenting with art, drawings, and doing illustrations. I like to define my art as ‘Mediterranean Pop’, since all my illustrations contain cheerful colors, characteristic details of Pop Art and are inspired by my travels, Ibiza, nature, cosmopolitan life and the sense of freedom that is felt throughout the Mediterranean”, she explains in a statement. Her illustrations can be found in different formats such as tote bags, pins, prints, cards… Fofi got a very unique style and a real artistic universe which makes her pieces recognizable. Her illustrations are a “breath of fresh air” and a creator of smiles for those who watch them.

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Woman Illustrates What It’s Like For Her To Live In A Patriarchal Society (30 Pics)

Italian artist Chiara is a 25-year-old illustrator and fashion designer. She lives in Palermo, Sicily. Chiara creates sincere illustrations about many topics like love, relationships, and breakups, showing how toxic people wound you and what it’s like to fall in love. She also creates a lot of images connected with feminism, especially women taking back their bodies and not being objectified anymore. Chiara also portrays her fights against anxiety, stress, and boredom.

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CONNECT is an illustration that is all about having fun with my friends during my spare free time. It takes inspiration from memories of hanging out with my friends in Raleigh and Durham, and the composition itself was inspired by visual artist Koketit and musician Fivio Foreign. Spending time with my friends used to be one of my more prioritized hobbies, but it has not been as important as it used to be because of the goals I am trying to achieve. My top priorities right now are my business and finishing my college education. I still do appreciate the friends that still reach out to me from time to time to check and see how I am doing on a regular basis. I like to hang around and talk with my friends occasionally, but only when I have myself figured out first. I like to stay focused on what I must improve about myself as well as what I need to focus on to reach my full potential as both a person and as an artist. I like to ride out with a few of my friends and family in order further learn more about the different environments of North Carolina. I have always thought that being stuck in your own head will not get you as far as being able to connect with other people. Being able to understand people is a great way to learn not only about the world around you but also about yourself as well as how to further grow and develop as a human being as well.

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I Illustrated Everyday Random Thoughts Of An Average Girl Who Is Trying To Embrace Her Perfectly Imperfect Life

These are some very common situations and thoughts we encounter in our day-to-day lives. And this is how I get ideas to draw and express such random things through my illustrations and comics. And it makes me happy when people relate to it.

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I Made A Paper Cut Illustration For Each Of The Zodiacs

I have always been fascinated with how celestial bodies influence and shape our persona, traits, and lives. That led me to illustrate the zodiac signs using the art of paper cutting.

The challenge was to design something that had a common aesthetic feel while portraying the traits of each sign uniquely. I studied the zodiacs and associated each with a suiting palette. The colors, design & subtler elements are all symbolic of each individual zodiac. Engraved in each design is the constellation and symbol of that sign, while the design in the surrounding mesh denotes its base element (Water, Earth, Fire, or Air).

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I’ve Decided To Use My Time Illustrating 15 Days Of Chinese Traditions And Customs

This Lunar New Year is certainly different from past years. Due to the worldwide pandemic (Covid-19) situation, LNY celebrations have been toned down. To reduce the risk of community spread, reunion gatherings and visitings were restricted to certain numbers and households. Less bustlings were the malls and streets as we usher in the New Year all in the name of public safety.

Nonetheless, even with the muted LNY, most of us were still able to spend some quality time with our loved ones and catching up on our lives. With more time on my hands this festive season, I’ve decided to illustrate 15 days of LNY (with some research on the Chinese customs and traditions) to remind ourselves of our heritage, whilst having some fun.

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35 Bizarre And Kind Of Creepy Illustrations By Chris (Simpsons Artist)

Chris (Simpsons artist) is an artist who has been creating bizarre and mind-boggling illustrations for the past decade. However, as weird as his art may be, the artist has over 1,5 million followers on Facebook – and, honestly, it’s not hard to see why.

Even though no one really knows who Chris (Simpsons artist) really is, his online persona is just as weird as his illustrations, and sometimes the artist engages in bizarre conversations with his fans in the comment section. If you’re still not convinced, just check out the interview he recently did with Bored Panda: “i am a artist and author from the uk in the united kingdom who makes drawings and stories about life and i have been having a draw since my mum birthed me out of her when i was a little boy.” That’s it, that’s the whole interview.

Love them or hate them, it doesn’t look like Chris (Simpsons artist) is stopping any time soon – check out some of his illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: picturesthatigoneanddone.comFacebook | Instagram

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We’ve Spent A Year Making This One-Of-A-Kind Book Of Ornaments To Promote Our National Heritage

We are Maria Postea and Bogdan Gargarita, the two illustrators who own a publishing house called Editura Intaglio.

We decided to make “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” for those of you who are specialized or passionate about architecture, aesthetics, decorative arts and heritage. Whether you are studying architecture, history or visual arts, a specialist in the field or simply an art enthusiast, this collection art book will be a precious reference volume in your library!

More info: kickstarter.com


The two editions

Join us in publishing “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest”, a bilingual (English-Romanian) ornamental art book.

Book mock-up

Neoromanian house

The Neoromanian style developed between 1886 and 1947, in Romania. This National style has many elements in common with the more popular styles of the 1900s movement (Secession, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil) and has Ottoman and medieval influences.

Photograph and illustration

The Neoromanian architecture is valuable for Arts History, Aesthetics and also politically, as a gesture of recovering the national identity.

Neoromanian house

“The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” presents to you the buildings that once were the pride of our city’s urban landscape, and today they are kept hidden by damage, cables and vandalism.

What is unique about this?

A unique aspect of our project is the fact that we illustrated the ornaments and buildings by hand instead of using photographs. This way, we emphasize the artistic value of the book and provide the perfect alternative to a real exhibition.

Photograph and illustration

The illustrations captivate the viewer and intrigue him to explore the cityscape for himself. More so, through the painted illustrations, we eliminate the unaesthetic elements which distract the viewer from the subject.

Neoromanian house

Some of these buildings are in a state of extreme deterioration. Very few are properly restored. This is why we consider our project a necessity.

Illustration and photograph of a Neoromanian decoration

Neoromanian house in Bucharest

Photograph and illustration of a Neoromanian ornament

Deterioration on a Neoromanian building

Through the album “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest”, we will be able to draw attention to these lost treasures, to raise awareness of their value and to increase conservation and restoration efforts.


The book will have watercolor illustrations with ornaments of exterior decorations and even entire Neoromanian building facades from Bucharest.

Bogdan Gargarita illustrating a house for the art book “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest”

Neoromanian house painted in watercolor by Bogdan Gargarita


The text will be written by an art historian and scientific researcher, Dr. Oana Marinache. “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” will consist of 96 illustrated, colored pages.

Support our Kickstarter campaign!

You can purchase “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” on our Kickstarter campaign along with other great rewards for helping us make our project a reality!

Watch the video:

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