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My Handmade Steampunk Collection

Hi everyone, I am a steampunk artist from Georgia, I have been doing steampunk for several years, this is my lifestyle) I use brass, leather, wood and bone, here are a few of my works)

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Here Are The Most Beautiful Abandoned Theaters That I Found Around The World (25 Pics)

My name is Dimitri and I am a photographer and also a freelance graphic designer, based in France. I am also known for my brand name Jahz (Jahz Design).

I travel the globe looking for places in decline—therefore, my latest series centers INNUEDO TEATRO, one of the most beautiful abandoned theaters in the world.

Also, check out my posts about the most beautiful abandoned castles, Georgian Soviet-era spas, and lastly my most beautiful abandoned places around the world (part 1, part 2, and part 3).

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This Artist Reimagined European Countries’ Shapes As Funny Illustrations (30 Pics)

If you’re a creative person, you most likely see art everywhere – in nature, everyday objects, and, apparently, even in country shapes. In a video titled “Europe According to Creative People — What Europe’s Countries look like,” German Youtuber Zackabier asked his fans what some European country shapes remind them of – and their answers certainly did not disappoint.

Zackabier then illustrated 48 European countries based on his fans’ hilariously creative answers and now you won’t be able to unsee them. From cats and dinosaurs to pooping pigs and flashing elves, check out the shapes of European countries reimagined as funny illustrations in the gallery below!

#1 Russia

Image source:  Zackabier

#2 Croatia

Image source:  Zackabier

#3 Bulgaria

Image source:  Zackabier

#4 Estonia

Image source:  Zackabier

#5 Finland

Image source: Zackabier

#6 Serbia

Image source:  Zackabier

#7 Italy

Image source:  Zackabier

#8 Cyprus

Image source:  Zackabier

#9 Great Britain

Image source:  Zackabier

#10 Denmark

Image source:  Zackabier

#11 Slovenia

Image source:  Zackabier

#12 France

Image source:  Zackabier

#13 Norway

Image source:  Zackabier

#14 Georgia

Image source:  Zackabier

#15 Germany

Image source: Zackabier

#16 Poland

Image source:  Zackabier

#17 Romania

Image source:  Zackabier

#18 Greece

Image source:  Zackabier

#19 Montenegro

Image source:  Zackabier

#20 Kazakhstan

Image source:  Zackabier

#21 Liechtenstein

Image source:  Zackabier

#22 Belgium

Image source:  Zackabier

#23 Latvia

Image source:  Zackabier

#24 Armenia

Image source:  Zackabier

#25 Czech Republic

Image source:  Zackabier

#26 Belarus

Image source:  Zackabier

#27 Albania

Image source:  Zackabier

#28 Lithuania

Image source:  Zackabier

#29 Moldova

Image source:  Zackabier

#30 Ukraine

Image source:  Zackabier

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People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things They’ve Found In Thrift Stores (45 Pics)

Thrift shopping is awesome – and if you don’t agree, you probably just never visited a good thrift store. After all, where else could you buy so much awesome, weird, and funny stuff for just a few dollars?

People are continuing to share their greatest thrift store hauls in a Facebook group called Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared and the stuff they find never ceases to amaze us. Hippo tables, cat vests, pizza headphones, and sassy grandfather clocks – check out the most awesome things people found in thrift stores and flea markets in the gallery below!

And if you want more, see our previous posts here, here and here!

#1 I See All Your Sassy Teapots, But I Think I Found Something Even More Sassy. I Present To You All The Sassy Grandfather Clock!

Image source: Jessie Finn

#2 My New Thrift Store Find, With This New Sweater Everybody Will Know I’m A Funguy

Image source: Chris Costigan

#3 Found This Around The Vases At Fabulous Finds In Port Charlotte, Fl. They Didn’t Know It Was A Hat! I Was Delighted To Find It And Take It Home With Me

Image source:  Eliora Bachman

#4 My Daughter, She Gets Me. She Found The Pot At A Goodwill ($2.). It Was Originally Made For Baking Soda But This Is Much Better

Image source: Amanda Kevern

#5 After 20 Years Of Loving This Towel, We Found The Exact Same One, Completely New, At Goodwill

Image source: Jay Englishbee

#6 We’re Redoing Our Bathroom And Discovered Some “Secondhand” Wallpaper Under The Mirror And Light Fixture

Image source: Lydia DeTello

I’m in love with the doodles. I took it off the wall and was able to keep most of it in one piece, it’s in great shape! May just have to frame it

#7 75 Cents At An Estate Sale. Definitely Came Home With Me

Image source: MJ Buley

#8 Finally Found A Mushroom Lamp Today! I Am In Love

Image source: Alexandra McKay

#9 Saw This In Tasmania Australia At The Salvation Army. I Thought “Argh Cute Chair” Turned It Upside Down And Giggled For 5 Minutes

Image source: Belle Joyce

#10 This Is Lexus, She Is 20.5 Years Old. This Is Her Bed Which Was Found At A Consignment Store About 8 Years Ago! She Loves It. In Her Old Age I Have Had To Put A Paint Can Underneath It So She Has A Step

Image source: Casey Carolina Hernandez

#11 We Moved Into A Vintage 1962 House With Everything Original. This Dollhouse Was Built Into The Cabinets In One Of The Rooms And I Was Gifted It To Keep Safe And Enjoy. Mary Built This Over A Ten Year Period While She Was Sick

Image source: Emily Millar

#12 Girlfriend Found This The Other Day And Wants To Reupholster It In Purple Velvet. From What I Was Able To Find Out Its Called A Victorian Balloon* Chair And Rike’s (From The Tag) Was A Department Store In Dayton Ohio

Image source: Aaron Biddle

#13 I Found The Thrift Store Holy Grail. Am I Ready For Pride Or What? $7.99 For The Rainbow-Sequined Bodysuit And Worth Every Cent

Image source: Kaz Windness

#14 My 10 Year Old Son And I Found This Tiny Cast Iron Stove Last Week At An Antique Store And I Let Him Cook A Tiny Grilled Cheese Sandwich And Tomato Soup On It! It Worked!

Image source: Sarah Smith

#15 Fun Little Salt And Pepper Shakers

Image source: Lisa Dodge Townsend

#16 Behold. Chewbacca, Riding A Giant Squirrel, Fighting Nazis. It’s About 11×14 And Resides In Our Dining Room

Image source: Nikki Dieball

#17 The Fur Babes Got A Tiny Couch. $30.. What A Steal

Image source: Valencia Von Diata

#18 I Went To An Estate Sale Which I Knew Was A Distant Relative. Things Were Pretty Much Picked Over…but Then I Looked In The Back Of A Cupboard And Saw This Teacup. I Turned It Over To See Who Made It…

Image source: Paula Steinhorst

“To my surprise this piece of tape was on the bottom. It reads ‘From Aunt Mandy on our 25th wedding anniversary Dec 1961’, ‘Cup given to Grandma Lange’s mother on her 25th ann.’Soooo….I have a Great Aunt Mandy and my Grandma was a Lange. With a bit of research we determined that this cup was given to MY great great grandmother approx in 1868!!!”

#19 I Found A Gift I Made For Someone In A Thrift Store

Image source: Cadence Quibell

It’s a big, squishy, crocheted blanket made with bernat blanket yarn. I made it in 2017 for a dear older friend that I knew from our coordinated 3x a week outpatient hospital infusions. I visited her when she was inpatient in hospital and gave her the blanket. She was so touched! She wasn’t getting a lot of visitors and I really felt for her. She passed christmas day, 2017. I’m not mad, just a bit sad thinking about it sitting there. It was stained and looked pretty well-loved… I’d like to think it was a comfort in her last days

#20 The Top Is A Random Painting I Bought, The Bottom Is My Dog, Applesauce. I Had To Buy The Painting, The Resemblance Is Uncanny!

Image source:  Birdie Wood

#21 My Halloween Costume From Last Year

Image source: Michael Fairchild

It started with the homemade dress at a thrift store in Dallas, Oregon. I told my wife “hey, I bet I could fit into this” and there was no turning back. I made a point to gather all other elements from thrift stores (I already owned the shoes)

#22 My Husband Saw This In Front Of An Antique Shop While On A Business Trip In Pennsylvania. It Totally Came Home!

Image source:  Amanda Bowen

It gets moved around a lot, because it‘s huge! Since so many people have asked *adding* he paid $700 for it…. A lot for us but we are both thrilled with the new addition to our family

#23 My Husband Patrick Is A Massive Cat Lover, To The Point He’s Now Called Catrick. Today We Found Him The Most Purrrfect Vest

Image source: Amanda Krysa

#24 Does This Qualify As A House Hippo?

Image source: Kerrie Murphy‎

About 25 years ago I saw this for sale at a furniture shop, there was no way I could afford it so it stayed there. Fast forward to a couple of years ago on a local buy swap sell, lo and behold there’s my hippo – there was no way it was getting away this time!

#25 I Have So Many Questions. Like Who Is This Brave Kitty? And What Did He Do To Earn His Metal? And How Did They Get Him To Wear That Uniform? Does He Put His Little Helmet On Himself?

Image source:  Sarah Choate

#26 Found This Gem While Browsing The Thrift Shop Last Night For $6.99

Image source: Krystle Getson

I asked the husband how i looked, and he said it was “hideous.” I told him it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Paired it with a suit jacket, think i should wear it to my 16 year old’s meet the teacher night tonight?

#27 I See The Occasional Post Where Someone Finds Their Own Art Etc, So I Guess This Is Mine. The First Photo Is Me At A Vintage/Thrift Sale On Sat, Holding A Dress. The Second Is Me, Age 16, Wearing The Exact Same Dress!

Image source: Nicole Bee

I personally hand sewed all the sequins and appliqués, for competitions in beauty pageants. When I saw it I nearly fell over. No one in my family knows how it got an hour’s drive away, after 24 years. Pretty proud though, my yee haw creation was marked at $80.

#28 What 1980’s Teenager Donated This? Found It In A Bin Of Donations. I Work At Goodwill

Image source: Nikki Raymer

#29 Who Wouldnt Want A Chameleon Tape Dispenser?! Wasnt For Sale Unfortunately But It Was Found The On The Desk Of A Thrift Store Cashier Such A Cute Little Weirdo

Image source: Carey Lynn

#30 The Miracle Of Life

Image source: Katherine Brown

#31 Hand Painted Find At Goodwill… This Cat Has Seen Some Things

Image source: Shelby Albright

#32 I Don’t Even Know A Rick, I Just Thought For A Quarter It Was Too Cute To Pass Up. Provided Several Size References

Image source: Elizabeth Groover

#33 You Could Say My New Hair Dryer Is Packin’ Some Heat

Image source: Jenna Schmidt

#34 This Is Her Napping Chair

Image source: McKenna Rae Newman

#35 Dinosaur Chopsticks! I Have Found My Soulmate

Image source: Madeline Ashton

#36 Found This Granny At An Estate Sale In Ft Worth. Yes, She Came Home With Me! Worth The Money For The Laughs We’ve Had. She Will Be Dressed For Every Holiday!

Image source: Carrie Sexton

#37 This Is One Of My More Recent And Favorite Finds, Bought It As Soon As I Saw It! Best Knife Set Ever

Image source: Lindsay Stokes

I’m lucky enough to manage a non profit thrift store in my town (matthews, nc), and have wonderful volunteers that usually leave the weirdest donations on my desk because they know I love the unusual items

#38 Found This Happy Little Guy And Had To Bring Him Home

Image source: Blabi Gale‎

#39 Found This Little Gem Today In A Antique Store, Definitely Came Home With Me

Image source: Troy Gleason

#40 Ohhh The Looks I Got Walking Around With This After I Purchased It Today

Image source: John Rose

#41 Only $1 And Completely Unused! At The Place Of Forsyth Thrift Store In Cumming, Georgia

Image source: Meredith Finley-Simonds

#42 100+ Year Old Magicians Suit

Image source:  Joe Brotterball

#43 Kenosha Wisconsin Goodwill

Image source: Yvonne Carroll‎

#44 Floor Snake Lamp

Image source: Jessica Toler

#45 I Believe, It’s A Funeral Fan, I Have Two Of Them. Way Back When… Fans Like This Were Placed On Each End Of A Casket And Were Used To Help Keep The Body Cool


Image source: Jennifer Johnson

I unearthed this one from the garage this morning… I consider selling them every time I have to move them because they are so heavy and awkward… and then I look at them and imagine all the weird stories they could tell if only fans could tell stories… and decide to keep them.

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9 Incredible Bars and Restaurants That Used to Be Other Things

Occupying everything from old streamliners and airplanes to bank vaults and power plants, these establishments revel in their structures’ storied histories.


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The 9 Most Stunning Islands Off U.S. Shores

There’s no denying the allure of Santorini and Sardinia, but we’ve got plenty of idyllic islands to explore in our own backyard. From upscale enclaves favored by presidents and celebrities to low-key nature preserves teeming with wildlife, the best islands off U.S. shores are perfect for a summer getaway—no passport required.

Photo: Patrick O’Brien / Courtesy of Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Charleston is consistently ranked among the best cites in the U.S., so it should come as no surprise that Kiawah Island—where Charlestonians go in the summer—is one of the country’s most gorgeous islands. With ten miles of pristine beaches, legendary golf courses at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, and nature trails among the marshes, it’s the perfect place for a family vacation or romantic getaway.

Photo: Courtesy of Sunset Beach

Shelter Island, New York

When New Yorkers need to escape the concrete jungle, this island between the Hamptons and Long Island’s North Fork is one of the places they go. Buzzing with visitors in summer, it’s a blissfully unpretentious alternative to the Hamptons with plenty of rural charm. Find a dash of New York sophistication at Sunset Beach, a twenty-room hotel by André Balazs.

Photo: Dennis Frates / Alamy Stock Photo

Lanai, Hawaii

Pristine beaches, winding roads clinging to cliffs over the Pacific, volcanoes, and lush tropical landscapes—Hawaii’s islands draw vacationers from all over the U.S. As one of the smaller, more under-the-radar isles, Lanai boasts blissfully crowd-free beaches, dramatic cliffs, and luxe accommodations like the recently renovated Four Seasons Lanai.

Photo: Getty Images

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Georgia’s largest barrier island is an 18-mile stretch of undeveloped beaches and marshes teeming with wildlife, including shrimp, sea turtles, and alligators, not to mention the horses that roam the land. Protected by the National Park Service, the island’s natural beauty has been preserved. Pitch a tent or book a room at the comfortable Greyfield Inn.

Photo: Getty Images

Mackinac Island, Michigan

We wouldn’t blame you for mistaking Mackinac Island for the Caribbean—the water is the same vibrant shade of turquoise. This car-free stretch of land in Lake Huron feels like a blast from the past thanks to enchanting properties like Mission Point and the Grand Hotel, which have been welcoming guests for over a hundred years.

Photo: Getty Images

Gasparilla Island, Florida

The Florida Keys may be more famous, but that just means this barrier island off the Gulf Coast remains a secret hideaway for insiders. It’s been a low-key luxury vacation spot since J. P. Morgan and the Vanderbilts started visiting in the pre-Prohibition days. Check into the Gasparilla Inn for a taste of that Jazz Age life.

Photo: Getty Images

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

This idyllic New England enclave is the preferred vacation spot of preppy Bostonians and of presidential families including the Kennedys, the Clintons, and the Obamas. You’ll find plenty of historic charm, scenic lighthouses, beautiful beaches, and yachts. Rent a house like the locals do or stay at the funky new Summercamp by Lark Hotels.

Photo: Getty Images

Mount Desert Island, Maine

Thick pine forests, waves crashing against rocky cliffs, sandy beaches—this little island off the shores of Bar Harbor is the stuff summer-camp dreams are made of. Stay at the quaint Asticou Inn and spend your days hiking and swimming in Acadia National Park, whose carriage paths were commissioned by John D. Rockefeller.

Photo: Charity Burggraaf / Courtesy of the Willows Inn

Lummi Island, Washington

This little island in the Salish Sea off the coast of Washington state has become a pilgrimage site for foodies thanks to award-winning chef Blaine Wetzel’s must-try Pacific Northwest cuisine at the Willows Inn. Spend your days spotting orca whales and exploring the forests and coastline where Wetzel forages for ingredients that appear on your plate.

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