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This Eye-Opening Comic By Kate McDonough Illustrates Why It’s Okay To Not Want Kids

They say being a mother is a full-time job so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some women don’t want to sacrifice a large portion of their lives to raising a child. But apparently this isn’t obvious to everyone. Tired of having to explain herself to others, illustrator Kate McDonough created an eye-opening comic titled I Don’t Want Kids (And That’s OK!) that explains why she thinks raising children is not for her.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the woman said that humor has always been at the root of most of her work and is a way of coping with anxiety and health issues she’s experienced over time. Kate believes that one of the reasons people find it weird that she doesn’t want children is because they don’t understand where she’s coming from – especially if they have children themselves. “They may not be able to imagine not having that joy in their life,” says the artist. “It also might be awkward because people tend to expect the standard answer of ‘Oh, we’ll be trying soon!’ There isn’t a standard answer to give when someone says they don’t want kids.”

Kate explains that the end of her comic tries to address the issue and that there’s not much that needs to be said other than acceptance. “Asking about children has also been the standard for a long time, and I think people are starting to realize that there are so many reasons someone might not have children,”says the artist. “It’s really best not to ask unprompted. If someone wants to talk about their decision to have children or not, it’s helpful to be supportive and possibly ask questions if it seems right.”

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Artist Creates A “Not Like Other Girls” Comic And Shows How Wrong Her Attitude Was

Many of us probably felt the need to rebel back when we were teenagers. We wanted to stand out, be different and not like the others. And while we’re not saying it’s a bad thing, sometimes the strive for uniqueness at any cost can make you miss some important things. Artist Julie Hang recently created an eye-opening comic about not being “like the other girls” based on her own experiences and it will make you understand that being unique shouldn’t mean alienating yourself from others.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the artist said she used to be a shy and anxious kid that had a hard time making friends. “Instead of recognizing my anxiety and trying to overcome it, I’d thought there must be something that separated me from other girls,” said Julie. “Reading ‘me vs. other girls’ comics online validated those negative feelings and stereotypes I had towards other girls, and made me feel like it was the ‘cool’ thing to do.”

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Julie says she became judgmental and presumptive towards her peers, categorizing other girls into stereotypes without getting to know them. “I made such a point of staying away from those stereotypes that I didn’t let myself experience things that I thought ‘other girls’ were into, including ‘girly’ things like going shopping, dressing up, and getting your nails done – things that I later found I actually enjoy doing!” said the artist.

Eventually, the artist’s realized that her outlook might have been wrong. “Meeting more people and getting to know them helped open up my world view, especially when I attended summer camp in high school and, later, art school,” said Julie.

“It was a blank slate for everyone, which presented me the option to let go of all of those categories and those stereotypes towards “other girls” that I had held onto for so long. So I did just that. What followed could only be described as an epiphany – I had been setting myself apart from the very people I felt I belonged with the most,” said the artist. “There was so much I had in common with ‘other girls’! I made lifelong friends from a variety of backgrounds and interests who are bright, hilarious, loving, kind – girls who are unique in their own way!”

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“When you’re young and still trying to figure out who you are, the one thing you really want to have is individuality,” says the artist. “There are lots of healthy ways to discover yourself, like joining a club where you can meet people with similar interests. Then there is the ‘I’m not like other girls’ theme online that communicates that you are indeed unique, but does so by putting other girls down.”

Julie says she noticed that webcomics are headed in a more positive and inclusive direction, becoming more considerate towards the readers, and she’s happy to be contributing to that movement.

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