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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Is Coming to New York City This Summer

By Margherita Cole on April 16, 2021 

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Toronto

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Toronto (Photo: Courtesy of Immersive Van Gogh)

The enchanting Van Gogh experience that wowed Paris and Toronto is debuting concurrently at different cities in the United States this summer, including Los Angeles and New York City. Like the previous shows, the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in NYC will feature state-of-the-art digital projections of the Dutch Post-Impressionist’s sunflowers, self-portraits, and landscapes on the walls, floors, and ceilings.

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People Are Recreating Famous Paintings In Their Homes (35 Pics)

Just because the museums are currently closed due to the quarantine, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy art. And some museums are actually encouraging people to create art themselves! Just a few days ago, Getty (J. Paul Getty Museum) challenged people to recreate a work of art using the objects they have in their homes – and the results did not disappoint.

The challenge quickly went viral and people began submitting all sorts of improvised masterpieces. The Pinchuk Art Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the Dutch Tussen Kunst en Quarantaine Instagram also encouraged people to try their hand at recreating art. See how the most creative recreations in the gallery below!

More info: Getty.edu | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | PinchukArtCentre.org

Image credits: GettyMuseum


Image source: Filh0o0


Image source: Samcornwell


Image source: Woollards


Image source: BellsDesign


Image source: RustyBertrand


Image source: AlwaysLayne


Image source: RachelForrest


Image source: sallywisebain


Image source: Jean Gritsfeldt


Image source: GettyMuseum


Image source: SavareseGail


Image source: LEGO_BRIC


Image source: VivaLaSudani23


Image source: Yevhenia Nepytaliuk


Image source: BobEtheredge


Image source: GettyMuseum


Image source: Olimpia Whitemustache


Image source: shan_millan


Image source: sjhanley


Image source: Woollards


Image source: norfolkpainter


Image source: R_J_Carey


Image source: Anna Zavalskaya


Image source: michjordan84


Image source: KelvisJames


Image source: thisisfisk


Image source: AcaiFan69


Image source: KynoaTartine


Image source: annzeekay


Image source: JenniferPiumar1


Image source: GettyMuseum


Image source: KyleAnneBates


Image source: annzeekay


Image source: SaraMAdamiJohn1


Image source: GettyMuseum

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