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See the 2019 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Photography by Marco Ricca.


Springtime holds a special place in the heart of New Yorkers; as the city thaws and NYCxDesign draws ever closer, the annual reveal of the Kips Bay Decorator Show House never fails to kick off the season on a high note. This year was no exception. A total of 23 designers overhauled the 22-room, 12,000 square-foot Upper East Side residence chosen to host this year’s Show House.

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The show of top talent in architecture and interior design draws thousands of visitors per year to benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. Each designer was given seven weeks to completely overhaul their assigned rooms in the residence, which opened to the public on May 2 and will remain open through May 30. Kohler, AJ Madison, Hearst Design Group, Morgan Stanley, Benjamin Moore, Cambria, The Rug Company, The Shade Store, New York Design Center, and Schumacher sponsored this year’s Show House.

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Highlights from the transformed property, located at 36-38 East 74th Street, include Sheila Bridges‘ delightfully playful Salon des Chiens near the entryway. What would traditionally be the home’s reception area was transformed by Bridges into a space for dogs and their walkers to clean up after outings about the city and relax.

Upstairs, designer Young Huh turned the top-floor aerie into a feminine artist’s studio. According to Huh, the “environment of strong silhouettes, bold strokes of color and pattern,” celebrate the act of contemplation and creativity. A floor-to-ceiling collage—a wallcovering by Fromental—is evocative of Cubist master George Braques, while eclectic artwork from Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art compliments the mood of playful exuberance. 

Several designers, including Corey Damen Jenkins and Associates, Eve Robinson Associates, Paloma Contreras, and Sarah Bartholomew Design, created refreshingly bright studies and libraries for the lady of the house. 

Keep reading to see every room from the 2019 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. The residence is open through May 30, 2019.

Charlotte Moss. Photography by Nicholas Sargent. 
Christopher Peacock. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Corey Damen Jenkins and Associates, LLC. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Cullman & Kravis Associates. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Delaney + Chin. Photography by Luis Sanchez Hernandez.
Eve Robinson Associates. Photography by Marco Ricca.
Gluckstein Design. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
J. Cohler Mason Design. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Jeff Lincoln Interiors, Inc. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Jim Dove Design. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Katherine Newman Design. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Matthew Monroe Bees. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Paloma Contreras. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Pappas Miron. Design Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Peter Pennoyer Architects. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Richard Rabel Interiors + Art, LTD. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Robert Passal Interior Design in collaboration with Daniel Kahan Architecture. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Sarah Bartholomew Design. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Sheila Bridges Design, Inc. Photography by Nickolas Sargent.
Studio DB. Photography by Matthew Williams Photography.
Vicente Wolf Associates. Photography by Vicente Wolf.
Young Huh LLC. Photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

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What Not to Do When Decorating with Gray

There’s been a sea change in the design world over the last few years when it comes to neutrals. Taupes, khakis, and other forms of beige have fallen to the wayside in favor of a new favorite tone: gray. With the calmness of a blue, warmth of a tan, and subtlety of a cream, gray is a versatile color that works well in both traditional spaces and über-modern ones, and is as useful as the backdrop to an eclectically outfitted home as it is the base for a minimal one. But with infinite shades to choose from, it can be hard to find the right hue. AD asked three designers for their top dos and don’ts when it comes to using gray.

Do: Consider Tone“Not all grays are alike,” says Young Huh, the founder and principal of New York–based Young Huh Interiors. “There are warm grays and there are cool grays, and in general it’s best to keep all colors in one of those two tonal lanes.” Don’t bog down a crisp gray with creamy whites, she warns: “If you’re painting a wall a cool blue gray, it’s best if you paint the trim a cool gray white. Warmer whites will make the room look dingy.”

Do: Work With Light“When you decide to paint a room or decorate with gray, consider the kind of lighting the room gets,” Huh says. “A sunny room may look best with a strong warm gray, while a northern-facing room with blue light may look best with a subtle cool gray.”


Walls painted in Donald Kaufman’s DKC-7 act as a subtle backdrop in Carlos Mota’s eclectic apartment.

Photo: Roger Davies

Don’t: Veer Pink“It’s important to pick gray paint that doesn’t have any pink or purple undertones,” advises California-based designer Becki Owens. “You’d be surprised at the impact those subtle undertones will have on a space. They don’t work well as neutrals. You want colors that create a classic, soothing palette on which you can then build and layer the rest of your design.”

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Do: Choose Blues“When selecting gray paint, I like to pick colors with warm or blue undertones,” Owens says. “A couple of my favorite gray paint colors are Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams at 25 percent strength for a light fresh look or Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore for cool undertones.”

Do: Test the TemperatureMichigan-based designer Corey Damen Jenkins considers temperature before all else. “There are blue grays, brown grays, cool grays, and warm grays. The wrong temperature can throw off an entire space’s palette ” he says.

Don’t: Steer Away from the BoldFor Jenkins, gray is an ideal neutral to serve as a complement to richer hues. “Don’t be afraid to mix jewel tones with gray, he says. “It can play a variety of supporting roles with many vibrant colors.”

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