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Lori Weitzner x Artistic Tile Collaboration Wows at HD Expo

An example space featuring the Forest pattern in the Whisper colorway. Photography courtesy of Artistic Tile.


Collaboration is the name of the game in today’s design industry. Pairing the inspired sensibilities of a big-name designer with a manufacturer whose technical capabilities can realize their vision has resulted in some stunning products over the years. It’s also highlighted the robust abilities of manufacturers to not only fabricate product, but act as talented design partners in the creative process.

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The latest iteration of this trend can be found at HD Expo, where Artistic Tile unveiled two new collections made in collaboration with award-winning textile designer Lori Weitzner. Designed specifically for interior vertical surfaces, the Lori Weitzner x Artistic Tile Collaboration features two organic patterns, River and Forest, that originated at Weitzner’s White Box Sanctuary Studio.

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The River pattern in the Night Shadows colorway. This look is rendered in China Black marble. Photography courtesy of Artistic Tile.


“When Artistic Tile first proposed this collaboration, I knew our studio could bring something to them that they didn’t currently have in their portfolio,” explains Weitzner. “Organic, textural looks are something that our studio does very well. For Forest and River, we created a lot of preliminary looks through painting, drawing, and paper folding. Then we worked with Artistic Tile to narrow down the selection.”

In exchange for her substantial expertise in creating earthy, tactile patterns with textiles, Artistic Tile opened up a whole new world of materials for Weitzner to discover. “I had no idea there were so many different kinds of stones in world—it was an eye-opening experience for me,” says Weitzner. “Because I didn’t have much knowledge of what was actually possible to create with stone, I could really push the envelope in terms of coming up with patterns. The exceptional design team at Artistic Tile would then say ‘Oh we can’t do that, but maybe we could try this.’ Everyone really benefitted from working and exploring together.”

The Forest pattern in the Whisper colorway. This look is rendered in Bianco Carrara marble. Photography courtesy of Artistic Tile.


When it came time to select colorways, Weitzner and Artistic Tile settled on three varieties of marble in black and white tones. “Sometimes people don’t think of whites and blacks as colors but they absolutely are,” says Weitzner. “We selected whites and blacks that create mood and easily serve as backdrops to other colors, but aren’t dead.”

The Whisper palette utilizes Bardiglio Nuvolato and Bianco Carrara marbles. The lightness of these stones creates an ambiance of calm, quiet, and sanctuary. On the opposite end, the Night Shadows palette veers towards a masculine, urban sophistication rendered in China Black marble.

Both River and Forest are available now for specification. 

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ASID Events

2019 EXP Speaker Series: Team Leadership Essentials


Join ASID and Renée Safrata of VIVO Team Development for a series of live webinars designed to enhance your leadership skills in the areas of communication, productivity, collaboration, accountability, and performance. As a precursor to The Leadership Experience: Presented by ASID (EXP), this webinar series sets the stage for personal growth and leadership development and will prepare you for the experiential learning offered at EXP, July 18-20 in Atlanta.

The more webinars you attend in this series, the greater discount you will receive on The Leadership Experience Pass. Get the details below.


3:00 PM
5/9/2019 – 5/23/2019


United States




Learn the importance of listening to effective team productivity and collaboration. Communication is critical to any relationship and the most fundamental of all the soft skills. It is the most important of the six key indicators of highly functioning teams.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The missing step in creating effective communication
  • The costs associated with ineffective communication
  • The two types of listening skills necessary to communicate effectively in the workplace
  • The need for clarity of action before executing on tasks to avoid costly errors
  • New techniques and one common model for effective listening and communication in the workplace
  • The skills to lead and manage others to accomplish team goals and objectives
  • To hone your communication skills and listen more effectively, deliver inspiring feedback to improve performance, and create a culture of accountability for your team.


Discover the power of the three “F” words to inspire and engage people to improve their performance.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Feedback alone doesn’t work. Research tells us that about one-third of the time feedback leads to momentary performance improvement; one-third of the time it results in nothing; and in one-third of cases, leads to worsening performance.
  • The real dynamics of “negative” and “positive” feedback
  • The one thing that will make a huge difference in your influence power


Explore how to motivate people so they become more accountable and do what they say they will do when they say they will do it.

In this webinar you will explore:

  • How accountable people get stuff done, drive results, and are more engaged
  • How avoiding conflict and creating a culture where being liked is more important than being respected can lead to lack of accountability in a team. As a result, staff produce low-quality work, miss deadlines, and engage in passive-aggressive conflict, causing team productivity to plummet
  • The tools to help the team succeed
  • Holding people accountable to motivate them to perform
  • The “Six Steps to Painless Accountability Improvement”
  • Accountability as a way of doing business that leads to higher engagement, increased satisfaction, and a huge ROI

Registration & Pricing

Register and attend the live webinars to receive special discounts on your registration to attend The Leadership Experience: Presented by ASID (EXP), July 18-20 in Atlanta.

  • Attend one or two live webinars: 20% off The Leadership Experience Pass
  • Attend all three live webinars: 30% off The Leadership Experience Pass

*Note: Discount code will be provided after attendance at live webinars.

Single Webinar: $39 non-member/$29 member

Two Webinars: $39 non-member/$29 member

The Complete Series (3 webinars): $99 non-member/$69 member

The Presenter

Renée Safrata, VIVO Team Development, was one of the most popular speakers at EXP 2018 and will be featured again at EXP 2019 in Atlanta, July 18-20.

Renée Safrata
Renée Safrata

VIVO Team Development

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Impact of Design Series, Vol. 5


StudioIDS is the new self-designed home of the Minneapolis office of international architecture and design firm Perkins+Will. The studio challenges what an office is and can be. Strategically located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the office focuses on landscape architecture, planning, architecture, and interiors in the areas of healthcare, corporate + commercial + civic, higher education, urban design, and science + technology.



ASID 2019 Outcome of Design Awards (Category: Culture)

Project Type:

Corporate Office (Workplace)




9,800 SF

Case Brief By:

The Design Challenge

The new studio design needed to support Perkins+Will’s local purpose of design excellence, sustainable stewardship, and social responsibility, in addition to becoming a model mobile and agile work environment. P+W sought to challenge conventional workplace models using less to offer more opportunity for choice, creativity, and collaboration.


The Design Solution

  • Participatory Design Approach that included all employees in the design process. The design team’s goal, as a living laboratory, was to measure pre- and post-occupancy to understand successes and areas for improvement.
  • Free Address System enabling users to adapt, define, and self-organize their workspace as needed. With this inherent flexibility and the use of non-precious materials, the space acts as a living laboratory for workplace strategies and innovation.
  • Restrained Material Palette using five core materials that are rapidly renewable and have toxin-free qualities: Aspen plywood, ceramic marker boards, homasote tackable surface, glass, and carpet.
  • Salvaged Materials from the previous office were used to make adjustable shelving in the gallery wall and large harvest tabletops in the cafe, and millwork was reused in the print and model shop rooms.
  • Social Cohesion was established through a partnership with a Minneapolis based furniture maker and by specifying a custom area rug from Arzu, a company that employs women and provides healthcare and education to them and their families in developing areas in Afghanistan.
  • Perkins+Will reduced their square footage in half from 391 s.f./person to 130 s.f./person.
  • Employees reported a 40 percent increase in their ability to concentrate and a 43 percent increase in their ability to collaborate.
  • Sense of community increased by 61 percent in the new space and the sense of energy/buzz increased by 62 percent.
  • The project reused 16 percent of construction materials and 68 percent of furniture ($100,000 savings).
  • Fifty-five percent of materials were manufactured within 500 miles and 97 percent of new wood used was FSC certified.
  • The project had a lighting power reduction of 57 percent over the LEED code baseline.
  • With the use of low-flow fixtures, the project had a 77 percent reduction of water use.
  • Design: March-July 2015
  • Construction/Approval: September 2015–February 2016
  • Project Completion: February 2016
  • Design & Research: Perkins+Will
  • MEP Engineer: Dunham Associates
  • General Contractor: Gardner Builders

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Multigenerational teams: Creating ageless collaboration

No matter what your age or generation you identify with, if you work in a creative field like design or architecture, you are part of a team. It doesn’t matter if all your team members are working under one roof or if they belong to different companies or disciplines. Design is a team sport.

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