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30 Of The Most Stunning Plants Nature Has Blessed Us With Shared To This Online Group

One of the most impressive things about plants is the sheer variety of them out there. There are unique plants in every corner of the world, and even though you might never visit all of these places to see them in person, there’s a place on the internet allows you to do so from the comfort of your couch.

The nature lovers of Reddit started a subreddit dedicated to sharing pictures of the most impressive plants from all around the globe, and it’s every botanist’s dream. The subreddit in question already has over 221K members, and you don’t have to be a plant expert to join them. Check out a collection of stunning plants shared by Reddit users in the gallery below!

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Besides Being A Pilot, This Man Also Takes Stunning Photos Of Places He Visits Around The World (105 Pics)

If you are sick of lockdown in your house and being forcefully turned into a couch potato, this British pilot, currently based in Hong Kong, will take you on a trip around the world. And although following his father’s footsteps, Lee Mumford indeed knows how to fly a plane and he also can show you the jewels of the planet in an easier, corona-free, and much cheaper way. While working as an airline pilot, he has visited over 40 countries and has seen some of the most magical and picturesque places on Earth. It would be a shame not to share them with others, so he combined his love of flying and photography to provide us with breathtaking photos that range from beautiful landscapes to vivid cityscapes.

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Someone Puts A $999,000 House Up For Sale In California And Poses As Bigfoot In Every Photo

Every real estate agent will tell you that good photos can make a night and day difference when it comes to selling a home. But what if you want to draw a little more attention to your listing? That’s when you add a little Bigfoot.

The photos of this house listed for sale in Felton, California look pretty tame at first – and it’s only as you scroll down that you begin noticing Bigfoot himself happily posing in some of the photos. In an interview with Bored Panda, Daniel Oster, the listing agent for the property, said he came up with the idea during the initial photoshoot. “The sellers immediately supported the idea, and we all hoped that it would bring a bit of levity to people on their home buying adventure,” said the agent.

Someone noticed Bigfoot happily posing in the photos of this house for sale in Felton, California

Image credits: zillow

At first glance, photos from the listing look pretty innocent

Image credits: zillow

But soon enough you’re greeted with a series of photos of Bigfoot enjoying things like reading…

Image credits: Zillow


Image credits: Zillow

…and chilling out with a nice book

Image credits: zillow

It also made some Zoom calls to its friend

Image credits: zillow

…and did some yoga

Image credits: zillow

Apparently, Bigfoot loves gardening, too

Image credits: zillow

“A lot of folks are under a lot of stress now, and we were hoping to lighten people’s day and make them smile. At the same time, hoping to spread awareness of their home for sale,” said Daniel. “And that does indeed seem to be happening. We’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest in folks calling to schedule appointments to see the property. And, we are anticipating offers soon.”

Daniel has been an agent in the area since graduating college back in 2003 and has never done anything like this before. “Typically, just focusing on really high-end photography and targeted marketing approaches. With a combination of the right property for Bigfoot and the right timing, this seems to be going viral,” said the agent. The man says he doesn’t anticipate doing anything similar in the future as he doesn’t want it to become overused. Although he admits that he loves using a bit of humor to market the property.

What are you constructing there, Bigfoot?

Image credits: zillow

Nothing like reading a newspaper while your fur dries

Image credits: zillow

The couch is definitely Bigfoot-approved

Image credits: zillow

Nothing like a little workout after a long day of scaring hikers in the woods

Image credits: zillow

Followed by a refreshing drink from a water fountain

Image credits: zillow

Ah, recreating the classic photo from 1967

Image credits: zillow

If Bigfoot can wear a face mask while going outside, so can you

Image credits: zillow

Looks like the giant has a hidden musical side

Image credits: zillow


Aušrys Uptas

One day, this guy just kind of figured – “I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession?” – and he did! Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that’s trending on the web. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. So if you find something that’s too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up!

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50 Of The Most Evil-Looking Buildings In The World


As famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright expressed, the environment and architecture should organically blend into each other. But the designs you’re about to see could only blend into the dark pages of a supervillain comic.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of these impressive architectural marvels that have this sinister look about them, immediately giving us associations with the headquarters of some evil organization like Virtucon from Austin Powers movies.

Did we miss some? Then share more diabolical designs in the comments!

#1 Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Image source: Nikon Morris

#2 Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, USA

Image source: James Losey

#3 Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Image source: Jackrit Singhanutta

#4 Polygone Riviera, France

Image source: polygone-riviera.fr

#5 Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK

Image source: Targn Pleiades

#6 Catholic Church, Paks, Hungary

Image source:  Sitkei Gábor

#7 Former Research Institute For Experimental Medicine, Berlin, Germany

Image source: Barrie Leach

#8 Bahnhof Office Built Into A Former Anti-Atomic Shelter, Stockholm, Sweden

Image source: Albert France-Lanord (A)rchitects

#9 Maison St Cyr, Brussels, Belgium

Image source: Andrew Peter Martin

#10 Fort Alexander (Plague Fort), Saint Petersburg, Russia

Image source: flappytowel

#11 Dc Tower I, Vienna, Austria

Image source: imgur.com

#12 Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

#13 The National Library Of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

Image source: acornsoftware

#14 Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland

Image source: Daniel Williams

#15 Expiatori Del Sagrat Cor, Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain

Image source: amoschapplephoto

#16 Temppeliaukion Church, Helsinki, Finland

Image source: kosmologi

#17 The Maze Tower, Dubai, UAE

Image source: citymetric.com

#18 Oakley Headquarters, Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, USA

Image source: Ed McGowan

#19 Basque Health Department Headquarters In Bilbao, Spain

Image source: ALEIX BAGUÉ

#20 Aiguille Du Midi, French Alps

Image source: Frank Mulliez

#21 Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Image source: AndersenFC

#22 Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

Image source: Roman Harak

#23 Taipei 101 Observatory, Taipei City, Taiwan

Image source: PC_Junkie

#24 Ostankino Broadcast Tower, Moscow, Russia

Image source: Denis Murin

#25 Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Image source: Sandro Bisaro

#26 Wedding Palace, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Image source: Dan Lundberg

#27 Pacific Design Center, Red Building, Hollywood, California, USA

Image source: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

#28 The Bank Of America Center, Houston, USA

Image source: Mabry Campbell Follow

#29 Al Tijaria Tower, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Image source: usabin

#30 Cologne Central Mosque, Cologne, Germany

Image source: chanelmuslim.com

#31 Stamp House, Queensland, Australia

Image source: Charles Wright Architects

#32 Space Museum, Vancouver, Canada

Image source: Janusz Leszczynski

#33 Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing Shi, China

Image source: Thomas

#34 Omv Borealis Refinery, On The German/Austrian Frontier

Image source: Ian Allen

#35 Science And Technology Centre, Pyongyang, North Korea

Image source: Reuters

#36 Kafka Castle, Sant Pere De Ribes, Barcelona, Spain

Image source: archdaily

#37 Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Seed Bank), Spitsbergen, Norway

Image source: Global Crop Diversity Trust

#38 Ilinden, Krushevo, Macedonia

Image source: jan kempenaers

#39 The United States Air Force Academy, Colorado, USA

Image source: Dave Soldano

#40 At&t Building, Nashville, Tennessee, Usa

Image source: imgur

#41 The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

Image source: Carlos Vieira Follow

#42 Selfridges Department Store, Birmingham, England

Image source: devonvisitor

#43 Jimbocho Theater, Tokyo, Japan

Image source: Nikken Sekkei

#44 Graz Art Museum, Graz, Austria

Image source: Teillu

#45 Mcdonald’s, Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Image source: imgur

#46 Geisel Library, La Jolla, California, USA

Image source: O Palsson

#47 Reiyukai Shakaden Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Image source: L. Felipe Castro

#48 College Life Insurance Company Headquarters, Indianapolis, USA

Image source: Jimmy Baikovicius

#49 Rio De Janeiro Cathedral, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Image source: Cyro A. Silva

#50 Church Of St. Giovanni Bono, Milan, Italy

Image source: Il Conte Photography

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More sellers than buyers for luxury homes

Michael J. Berens

Monday, May 13, 2019

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More sellers than buyers for luxury homes

Sales of luxury homes have been falling since the beginning of the year. In most areas of the country, the number of luxury homes for sale has increased while selling prices have declined. Among higher-end properties, demand has especially dropped off as tax changes and fluctuations in the stock market have made luxury home purchases less desirable.

Many luxury homes were put up for sale following the tax reform changes that took effect as of Jan. 1 this year. Although the wealthiest households receive substantial tax breaks under the new law, those living in states with high state and local income, property, sales, and other taxes ended up paying more taxes this year because of new limits to state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

Interviews conducted by wealth investment advisors the Spectrum Group found households with incomes between $500,000 and $749,000 and those between $750,000 and $1,000,000 felt the greatest impact on their personal financial situation.

Among those hardest hit were residents of California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey and New York — states with a substantial number of high-end luxury homes. Spectrum says there is now a wave of investors moving from high-tax states such as New York, New Jersey and Illinois to low or no-tax states, such as Florida, Washington and Nevada.

That exodus is reflected in the changes in the luxury home market in recent months. Web-based real estate brokerage Redfin reports that luxury home sales declined for the second quarter in a row during the first quarter of this year.

The average sales price for luxury homes nationwide fell by 1.6%, compared to the same time last year — the first annual decline in three years. Moreover, sales of homes priced at $2 million or more plummeted by 16% to their lowest point in nearly a decade.

In its Luxury Market Report for April 2019, the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing states that it is a buyer’s market for luxury homes at present. The number of listings between February and March was up by more than 2,000.

On average, homes are selling for below list price. However, the report indicates there are signs the market may be beginning to normalize. The median sales price was up $25,000 in March compared to February, at $1,425,000. Some 1,800 more luxury homes sold in March than in February, and homes were on the market 16 days less than in the previous month.

Part of the reason for the uptick in sales is the high demand for housing in some highly affluent metropolitan areas.

Even though California is one of the SALT states, it is still very much a seller’s market for homes priced at $1 million or more in tech-intensive centers like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Sacramento. Other high-demand metro areas include Seattle; Arlington-Alexandria in Virginia; Los Angeles and nearby San Fernando Valley cities; and Denver and Boulder.

Those states with no state income tax that attract wealthy relocated households also have experienced higher-than-average sales of luxury homes. In Florida, for example, homes priced at $2 million or more have sold briskly in cities such as Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, according to local real estate website The Real Deal. Luxury homes sales in Miami have jumped 161% since a year ago. Other areas experiencing higher sales include Charleston, Boise, and Nashville.

All this shifting about will impact interior designers differently in different areas. Taking the longer view, with the luxury prices beginning to stabilize and the economy barreling along with no signs of slowing down any time soon, the market is likely to perform much better in the second quarter, leading to demand for designer services in the second half of the year.

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About the Author

Michael J. Berens

Michael J. Berens is a freelance researcher and writer with more than 30 years of experience in association communication and management. He can be reached at mjberensresearch@gmail.com.

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Bentley Carries California Dreamin’ Into The 21st Century

Photography courtesy of Bentley.

1979 was a wild year in world history — the Iran Hostage Crisis, Three Mile Island, and the rise Thatcherism all marked the conclusion of the Disco Decade. Over in Los Angeles, the SoCal hardcore punk scene burst into the mainstream. Bands like Black Flag and Bad Religion vehemently decried the inauthenticity of their predecessors, the fashion-conscious Hollywood art punk bands like X and the Go-Go’s, in favor of a new gritty realism that celebrated a pared-down aesthetic and embrace of diverse voices. It was in this artistic, chaotic, and fecund melting pot that Bentley was born.

Photography courtesy of Bentley. 

Eschewing the traditional “carpet capital” (Georgia) for L.A. turned out to be a fortuitous choice for the 40-year-old brand. Today, they are the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in California. They haven’t forgotten their roots though — their products reflect a keen understanding of L.A.’s embrace of both grit and glamour. They also still prize the diversity of voices that call the City of Angels home.

“Looking back over the huge changes we’ve seen between 1979 and now, the one constant has been our Bentley family,” says Jim Harley, president of Bentley. “I truly believe that our people are the reason we’ve been able to maintain the integrity of our name and the loyalty of our customers.”

Photography courtesy of Bentley.

The people who power Bentley have elevated it into a multi-dimensional boutique brand with the stamina to keep pace with the larger mills while retaining the agility to cater to the evolving expectations of customers. Following on the 1982 success of Kings Road, the brand’s debut top-selling product, the company continues to deliver double-digit growth. This growth is bolstered by Bentley’s burgeoning portfolio of products, which includes broadloom, carpet tile, LVT, and modulyss flatweave.

Photography courtesy of Bentley.

“I’ve seen many brands come and go over the years,” says Richard French, Bentley’s vice president of global sales and marketing. “I’ve also seen them survive, only to lose sight of their identity as well as the attributes that made them specifiable. The fact that Bentley has been able to hold strong to our core and yet still be flexible enough to evolve with market demands is a testament to how solid our foundation truly is.”

Looking into the future, Bentley has turned their eyes to innovation, particularly with regard to sustainability. They’ve already set a good precedent — the brand has been monitoring greenhouse gases since 1994 and was the first carpet manufacturer to earn LEED-EBOM Silver and LEED-EBOM Gold accreditation. Today they are investing in sustainable energy sources, challenging other manufactures to match their Cradle-to-Cradle accomplishments, and diverting more waste away from North American landfills.

Photography courtesy of Bentley.

Not so bad for a solid middle-ager in a market that prizes youth and vitality! Bentley will surely keep the design industry on its toes for the next 40 years.

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Photographer Ben Rahn Explores the Resilience of Triangular Houses

Born of a neolithic search for shelter, the triangular building was utilized as storehouse, stable, and shrine. Mostly forgotten by the early 20th century, enough precedents survived to trace the lineage of a revival. Finding new use as a base for recreation, the A-frame became one of the most recognizable (and malleable) building forms of the 1950s–70s, typifying an era of optimism, abundance, and play.

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Posted on 03/20/2018Tom Dufurrena

Recent experience by Page & Turnbull and other firms confirms architects and other design professionals can help the U.S. National Park Service through this challenging and evolutionary period in time. Among the biggest needs are finding creative ways to better accommodate increasing volumes of visitors, protecting historic structures used as amenities, and supporting concessioners—the private companies that operate most of the visitor services and accommodations—all while continuing their stewardship of America’s great resources for future generations.


When a Vacant Department Store Becomes a Creative Workspace

Department stores have been closing up shop as people spend more money online than in actual stores, leaving abandoned buildings ready for the taking. Instead of these empty shells going to waste, people are going in and converting them, like Retail Design Collaborative and their sister company, Studio One Eleven. They recently reimagined a vacant Nordstrom Rack in Long Beach, California, into the RDC-S111 Urban Office, a creative workspace that also performs as a hub for community engagement.

The vacant space offered up 34,100 square feet of potential for the two architectural firms that had previously inhabited the 21st and 22nd floors of a high rise. Longing to be better connected to the community, they set out to design the empty department store and create an “Urban Gallery,” a flexible and evolving workshop.

The flexible layout affords the companies to work within a large, open space, with three raised sections that work as smaller gathering spots for private meetings.

The furniture is custom and allows for reconfiguration as needed, along with drawing surfaces and adjustable height desks. They designed the furniture with raw, industrial materials that work seamlessly throughout the space.

The primary gathering spaces are laid out near the windows so they face the streets, allowing a connection with the people passing by.

The project features sustainable design, like natural ventilation, lighting controls, low water consuming fixtures, etc., helping to certify the project LEED Platinum and WELL Gold Certification.

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