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Sony World Photography Awards 2021 : the Open Category Winners

The Sony World Photography Awards is an international photography competition that rewards the best in photography in four competitions (Youth, Student, Professional and Open). Set up by the World Photography Organisation (WPO), in partnership with Sony, it offers a showcase for both established and emerging talent.closevolume_off

For this 13th edition, there were many entries in the Open Competition, which includes 10 categories. More than 100 photographers were shortlisted alongside the overall winners of the ten categories. The president of this year’s jury was Gastón Deleau, director of FOLA (Fototeca Latinoamericana) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


© Klaus Lenzen, Germany, Category Winner, Open competition, Architecture Photography Awards 2021


© Tamary Kudita, Zimbabwe, Category Winner, Open competition, Portrait, Photography Awards 2021


© Juan López Ruiz, Spain, Category Winner, Open competition, Landscape Photography Awards 2021


© Mariano Belmar Torrecilla, Spain, Category Winner, Open competition, Lifestyle, Photography Awards 2021


© Marijo Maduna, Croatia, Category Winner, Open competition, Motion, Photography Awards 2021Wildlife

© Cristo Pihlamäe, Estonia, Category Winner, Open competition, Natural World, Photography Awards 2021


© Kata Zih, Hungary, Category Winner, Open competition, Object,Photography Awards 2021


© Khanh Phan, Vietnam, Category Winner, Open competition, Travel Awards 2021


© Lyudmila Sabanina, Russian Federation, Category Winner, Open, Portrait,Photography Awards 2021Street Photography© F.Dilek Uyar, Turkey, Category Winner, Open competition, Street Photography Awards 2021Images Galerie (10)

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Artist Shows How Popular Apps Would Have Looked In The 1980s (13 Pics)

Have you ever wondered how famous apps would have looked in the 1980s? Graphic designer Luli Kibudi surely did! The 28-year-old artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Barcelona, created a new series called “Once Appon a Time” where she depicts famous apps a few decades back and gives them a new retro look. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the artist!

More info: behance.net | Instagram#1 



lulikibudi Report50pointsPOST

Becca Gizmo the Squirrel1 day ago

Mixtape!5ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#2 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

lulikibudi Report46pointsPOST

MsM1 day ago

I kinda miss typewriters. I don’t miss trying to correct typos on them, though.16ReplyView More Replies…View more comments

“Honestly, I just saw a picture of a Diskette on the internet and came up with the idea. I just thought ‘Oh, the iCloud of the old days.’ I was using my spare time stuck at home because of COVID-19 to work on new projects and I thought it would be fun to work on something like that! Once I figured out the main concept, I started thinking about all the other elements we used in my younger days and started connecting them with the apps we use today. I spent 3 days thinking about how to name the project, I wanted the name to have a twist of some sort, until I came up with ‘Once Appon a Time.’ So that’s basically how the idea popped into my head!” Luli says to Bored Panda.#3 



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Juan Alcorta1 day ago

There are so many applicants for each job you apply to at LinkedIn, that you might as well throw your resume in a bottle to the sea.12Reply#4 



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MsM1 day ago

I believe that my 80 year old father still has his black rotary phone.11ReplyView More Replies…View more comments

In her project, Facebook becomes a long-forgotten photo album, Microsoft Word a retro typewriter, LinkedIn a newspaper’s job listing, and Gmail a physical letter. This series gives good nostalgia for old times when people used to search for jobs in newspapers, go to the nearest post office to send physical letters to one another, and have physical photos that they would keep in photo albums.#5 



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Firework1 day ago

I would imagine Netflix as a video rental shop, because it’s not just 1 film.4ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#6 



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Andrew Gibb1 day ago

like the wall of a stalker2ReplyView more comments

When asked how long it took for her to make one illustration, she said: “It depends on the simplicity: the ones that I spent less time on are the simpler ones, like Spotify and Netflix (half an hour). The more complex ones were Linkedin, Pinterest and Gmail, since i had to spend a few hours retouching them (3 hrs).” She says that she enjoyed creating this project as she could dedicate as much time as she wanted. “I enjoyed all of the steps: from thinking about the apps in the old days and linking it to retro elements to retouching all images and looking at the final designs!” she explains.#7 



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Celia1 day ago

I miss snail mail.. but then, its not save to give your full address to strangers now2ReplyView more comments#8 



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tuzdayschild1 day ago

Try several volumes14ReplyView more comments

Luli Kibudi has been working as a graphic designer for almost 10 years now. Her main fields are the marketing and advertising industries. “I studied graphic design and did some marketing and programming courses. I worked in editorial design, marketing, advertising agencies, and brands, so I feel I could learn and experience graphic design from many different approaches.” She has a strong interest in arts and design so her series are extremely detailed and well-done. It’s even hard to tell that these things did not exist in the 1980s!#9 



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tuzdayschild1 day ago

Suddenly the logo makes sense3ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#10 



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Hans1 day ago

This comment is hidden. Click here to view.View More Replies…View more comments#11 



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Daria B1 day ago

Personally, I perceive Facebook as closer to the following children’s hobby we used to have in my time. Someone would take a notebook, fill it with questions (1 question per page), and then pass it on for each classmate to answer, and have it returned filled with answers and maybe pictures from classmates and friends.12ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#12 



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Oskar vanZandt1 day ago

Another one I’ve not heard of… not surprising as I am a little tech-apps resistant.7ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#13 



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Oskar vanZandt1 day ago

Never heard of this- in either timeline.15ReplyView More Replies…View more comments

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I Spend Up To 60 Hours Drawing Each Hyper-Realistic Portrait, Here Are 14 Of My Best Ones

My name is Nestor Canavarro and I’m an Argentinian illustrator based in Buenos Aires.

More portrait drawings made entirely out of colored pencils with the utmost attention to detail, especially skin texture.

More info: behance.net

Morgan Freeman

Doctor House

Walter White

Tom Hanks

Woody Harrelson

Robert De Niro


Kate Beckinsale

David Lynch

Ralph Fiennes

Robin Williams

Christopher Walken

Iggy Pop

Malcolm Mcdowell

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The bed in this Palm Springs master bedroom came with the house and is dressed in Barbara Martin linens with a blanket and shams by Hermès. The painting is by Daryl Edwards and the wood screen and marble bedside tables are estate-sale finds.


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