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This Plant-Covered Hotel Will Reinvent The Historic District Of São Paulo

The guys at Paris-based architecture firm Ateliers Jean Nouvel have teamed up with the developer Alexandre Allard to come up with this amazing plant-covered luxury hotel design that is set to revive the historic district in São Paulo, Brazil.

A 550,000 square-metre complex of historic buildings is being regenerated in the city’s centre and includes the former Filomena Matarazzo maternity hospital: “The hospital in the middle of the grounds is a sort of mini-town, very well organised around patios, and surrounding this little gem is a chaotic metropolis,” said Nouvel.

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How to give a pop art portrait gift to a special someone

The pop art portrait is becoming one of the most popular gifts nowadays and in this article, we are going to explore the world of pop art portrait, what it is, and how to give a pop art portrait as a gift to your special someone.

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30 Beautifully Designed Embassies From All Over The World

Everyone loves a nicely designed building – looking at one feels like looking at a nice piece of art. And with more and more generic buildings popping up everywhere, spotting a nice piece of architecture is becoming increasingly rare. Lucky for us, there still are beautiful buildings being built – take embassies for example. These uniquely designed buildings that house diplomats usually stand out from the rest and look like giant pieces of art you can enter – check them out in the gallery below!

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Artist Draws Hyper-Realistic Drawings Using Only A Pencil (42 Pics)

No one’s born knowing how to draw. It takes some time before childish scribbles take shape and turn into simplistic drawings that resemble something that is recognizable. Same goes with hyper-realistic drawings, which take exponentially more time to learn than just simple stick figures. It takes thousands of hours of hard work and patience.

Rafael Konishi from São Paulo, Brazil, is one of those few people that has dedicated their time learning just that. And the result is so realistic, it even puts photos to shame, since taking photos doesn’t require putting in that much work. But the fruits of this bitter labor are undeniable, as they’re appreciated and enjoyed by thousands of people, and they’re recognized as real art (pun intended).

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My Exhibition Of Witches At The Buckland Museum Of Witchcraft And Magick In Cleveland

“An ecstatic vision of an alternate universe.

A space of sanctuary unencumbered by God or patriarchy.

A blood-soaked, clothing-optional, occult paradise.

The stuff of nightmares. 

The stuff of dreams.”

KRISTEN J. SOLLEE *From Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive (ThreeL 2017)

Inspired by Lorena Torres Martell images

Opening March 4, 2021, at The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, is my next collaborative curatorial effort “TRANSMUTATIONS.. Witches, Healers and Oracles” which will present the esoteric photographic works of Lorena Torres Martell, Courtney Brooke, Alexis Karl, Destiny Turner, and Nahw Yg, with quotes by renowned author Kristen J. Sollee.

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The 2020 Macro Art Photography Awards Just Announced Its Winners And The Photos Are Breathtaking

It’s truly a shame that our eyes are limited to seeing the world in a very specific human way. Sure, we should be happy that we have opposable thumbs and are capable of an advanced and complex thought process as compared to most other species, but wouldn’t it also be nice to have something like super macro vision so that we could see things super up close?

Well, until our eyes evolve into something like that, we are stuck with relying on technology. Speaking of which, the International Garden Photographer Of The Year competition has announced this year’s winners for the Macro Art photography contest.

The Macro Art contest encapsulates tiny moments of beauty in gardens around the globe. The pictures are lush with color, showcasing the natural world that surrounds us from a magnified perspective. Bugs, flowers, leaves, you name it, it’s there, up close and personal.

This year’s first prize winner is Bruno Militelli from São Paulo, Brazil, who’s the man behind the “Botanic Loop”, a black and white photograph of swirly passion fruit tendril. Second and third place prizes went out to Anne Macintyre for her “Mountains of Tulip Petals” and Zhang Ye Fei for “Shepherd’s Purse Seed” respectively.

Bored Panda has gathered all of the winners, finalists, and those commended in the competition for your viewing pleasure. Check out the photos in the list below, and while you’re down there, why not vote and comment on the ones you liked the most!#1 

1st Place, ‘Botanic Loop’ By Bruno Militelli

1st Place, 'Botanic Loop' By Bruno Militelli

“The spiral-shaped filiform structure of the Passiflora (passion fruit) tendrils are an important specialised botanic feature. They are used by climbers like claws to affix themselves for support and provide a stable place to grow and flower.”

Bruno Militelli ReportFinal score: 86pointsPOST

Raine Soo2 weeks ago

This tendril looks like a metal coil.18ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#2 

2nd Place, ‘Mountains Of Tulip Petals’ By Anne Macintyre

2nd Place, 'Mountains Of Tulip Petals' By Anne Macintyre

“When the tulip petals all fell off the flower they still looked beautiful; such lovely colours and texture abound – so i laid them out and took a photo of them, they resembled little coloured mountains.”

Anne MacIntyre ReportFinal score: 70pointsPOST

Perfectly Imperfect2 weeks ago

This is so beautiful!!!7ReplyView more comments#3 

3rd Place, ‘Shepherd’s Purse Seed’ By Zhang Ye Fei

3rd Place, 'Shepherd's Purse Seed' By Zhang Ye Fei

“Although classified as a common annual weed, I used a macro lens to reveal the delicate beauty of Capsella bursa-pastoris seed pods– known commonly as shepherd’s purse. Being part of the Brassica family its seeds are edible and are consumed across Asia.”

Zhang Ye Fei ReportFinal score: 73pointsPOST

Billy The Kid2 weeks ago

they look like grapes. Im so grapeful for this picture12ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#4 

Finalist, ‘Rainbow Lily’ By Ecaterina Leonte

Finalist, 'Rainbow Lily' By Ecaterina Leonte

“I used spectral light coming from a prism to bathe this Lilium (lily) flower in the full colours of the rainbow. Like many photographers I initially struggled to be creative during the COVID-19 lockdown. I convinced myself that home confinement was incompatible with a creative life but as the weeks went by I proved myself wrong. I used a prism and the sunny days of spring to look at flowers under (literally) a different light.”

Ecaterina Leonte ReportFinal score: 83pointsPOST

S Baucom2 weeks ago

Gorgeous.10ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#5 

Finalist, ‘The Presence’ By Peter Pullan

Finalist, 'The Presence' By Peter Pullan

“I developed this photograph of the bark of a Eucalyptus tree trunk in post-processing to reveal an intriguing and original abstract macro artwork.”

Peter Pullan ReportFinal score: 46pointsPOST

Troux2 weeks ago

Eucalyptus trees are works of art by themselves. Very nice snapshot!10ReplyView more comments#6 

Finalist, ‘Flying Wishes’ By Kristina Zvinakeviciute

Finalist, 'Flying Wishes' By Kristina Zvinakeviciute

“I created this original artwork by photographing a dandelion seed head in natural sunlight (handheld) using my macro lens, I then used Adobe Photoshop to achieve the desired artistic look.”

Kristina Zvinakeviciute ReportFinal score: 58pointsPOST

Holly Molly2 weeks ago

Apocalyptic8ReplyView more comments#7 

Finalist, ‘Vortex Blossom’ By Bruno Militelli

Finalist, 'Vortex Blossom' By Bruno Militelli

“For this macro photograph of an Abutilon flower, I used a frontal perspective to capture the beauty of the perfect, circular symmetry formed by the pattern of the coiled petals.”

Bruno Militelli ReportFinal score: 77pointsPOST

Robin Syr2 weeks ago

The color is amazing. I love the limey Green in the center6ReplyView more comments#8 

Highly Commended, ‘Common Blues On Apple Mint’ By Tony North

Highly Commended, 'Common Blues On Apple Mint' By Tony North

“I photographed these two Polyommatus icarus (common blue) butterflies at rest on this Mentha (apple mint) flower head in Derbyshire’s first dedicated butterfly nature reserve.”

Tony North ReportFinal score: 98pointsPOST

Raine Soo2 weeks ago

This is gorgeous. The butterflies’ wings look like gossamer.12ReplyView more comments#9 

Highly Commended, ‘Peep Through The Window’ By Minghui Yuan

Highly Commended, 'Peep Through The Window' By Minghui Yuan

“I found this South China tree toad (Annam tree frog) at rest on the foliage of plants in the forest. I watched from underneath through the holes in the leaves, and I focused on the head of the amphibian, which was gazing into the surrounding environment. It’s like nature provided a window for me in this exact moment, so I could see into the frog’s world.”

Minghui Yuan ReportFinal score: 96pointsPOST

Holly Molly2 weeks ago

like a cat on a glass table5ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#10 

Highly Commended, ‘On The Look Out’ By Christine Blanchin Dos Santos

Highly Commended, 'On The Look Out' By Christine Blanchin Dos Santos

“A brown praying mantis in my garden – whose improbable alien look I emphasised by matching its slender curves with the curves of the plant.”

Christine Blanchin dos Santos ReportFinal score: 70pointsPOST

catslave62 weeks ago

Amazing mantis face.3ReplyView more comments#11 

Highly Commended, ‘Silver-Studded Blues On Heather’ By Qasim Syed

Highly Commended, 'Silver-Studded Blues On Heather' By Qasim Syed

“I photographed female and male Plebejus argus (silver-studded blue) butterflies at rest on heather flowers. They are one of my favourite butterfly species due to the amazing and intricate wing patterns with the individual colours to complement each sex. I used focus stacking to blur out the heavy background and bring out the detail of the subjects.”

Qasim Syed ReportFinal score: 60pointsPOST

Raine Soo2 weeks ago

Social distancing, silver-studded blue butterfly style.10ReplyView more comments#12 

Highly Commended, ‘Jewels’ By Wei Fu

Highly Commended, 'Jewels' By Wei Fu

“I spotted this tiny scene and used my macro lens to photograph this jewel bug (metallic shield bug) exploring an open seed pod.”

Wei Fu ReportFinal score: 82pointsPOST

Robin Syr2 weeks ago

The color and the contrast is insane! it’s hard to believe that it’s real except that mother nature does this all the time10ReplyView more comments#13 

Highly Commended, ‘The Hunter’ By Rob Blanken

Highly Commended, 'The Hunter' By Rob Blanken

“I used my long-barrelled macro lens to capture this spider on its web, waiting; as the patient hunter for any vibration – to inform it that its prey had arrived.”

Rob Blanken ReportFinal score: 54pointsPOST

Raine Soo2 weeks ago

I did not expect a spider web to be so reflective. Look at all those bands of colour. I think the spider is thinking: “Yeah, fascinating. Now, go away. You’re scaring all the flies.”16ReplyView more comments#14 

Highly Commended, ‘Posing’ By Barbora Polivkova

Highly Commended, 'Posing' By Barbora Polivkova

“I spotted this tiny glass frog on a flower in the rainforest, which looked like it was posing; I liked the contrast of colours – making the frog more visible and showing its size in scale.”

Barbora Polivkova ReportFinal score: 81pointsPOST

Sharon Hyatt2 weeks ago

13. Another little jewel……. unaware of how photogenic he is !8ReplyView more comments#15 

Highly Commended, ‘Leaf Structure’ By Dinah Jayes

Highly Commended, 'Leaf Structure' By Dinah Jayes

“I photographed this leaf structure handheld and naturally backlit by the sun; the conditions at Hampton Court that day were very hot.”

Dinah Jayes ReportFinal score: 59pointsPOST

catslave62 weeks ago

This is lovely. A very interesting angle.3Reply#16 

Highly Commended, ‘Enigma Rubra’ By Peter Pullan

Highly Commended, 'Enigma Rubra' By Peter Pullan

“This photograph of a knot in the bark of a Eucalyptus tree has been developed to reveal an abstract artwork.”

Peter Pullan ReportFinal score: 43pointsPOST

catslave62 weeks ago

We see so very little of the world all around us…3ReplyView more comments#17 

Highly Commended, ‘Butterfly Wing V’ By Petar Sabol

Highly Commended, 'Butterfly Wing V' By Petar Sabol

“I found a sleeping butterfly in the early morning and took the chance to capture some extreme macro shots of its wings. Top achieve this, I used an ultra macro lens at around 5:1 magnification. The result is a very detailed and intriguing image, rich in colour, shapes and textures of tiny scales that are covering the wings. I am always amazed by nature, especially when such beautiful details can be explored through macro photography.”

Petar Sabol ReportFinal score: 59pointsPOST

Raine Soo2 weeks ago

This texture reminds me of needlpoint art.16ReplyView more comments#18 

Highly Commended, ‘Camassia After The Rain’ By Marie Phelan

Highly Commended, 'Camassia After The Rain' By Marie Phelan

“To create this artistic photograph, I first used a normal glass-fronted photo frame and placed it on a glass-topped table. Into this I splashed some water and oil, and touches of watercolour paint and under the table I put one of my hand painted backgrounds. I then positioned a glass bowl with a blue rim on top of the background; I did this to offer a shape to echo the curve of the flower, then I carefully placed the rain-drenched Camassia onto the photo frame ‘dish’.”

Marie Phelan ReportFinal score: 49pointsPOST

Aunt Messy2 weeks ago

So it’s not a nature photo at all.3ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#19 

Highly Commended, ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ By Ingeborg Hartgerink-Grandia

Highly Commended, 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' By Ingeborg Hartgerink-Grandia

“I received a bouquet with all sorts of Allium flowers in it, including two leek flower buds. One of these flower buds burst open leaving its ‘hat’ on and I just had to capture it like that. The bouquet was in front of our chimney, the slightly stained-looking background is the marble stone of the chimney. I lightened the background and gave the image a slightly brighter vignette to keep the attention on the flower bud; I wanted to achieve a botanical feel to the image.”

Ingeborg Hartgerink-Grandia ReportFinal score: 50pointsPOST

Robin Syr2 weeks ago

Beautiful. A lot of work shows up in this.4ReplyView more comments#20 

Highly Commended, ‘Wild Carrot Flowers In The Late Afternoon’ By Rachele Z. Cecchini

Highly Commended, 'Wild Carrot Flowers In The Late Afternoon' By Rachele Z. Cecchini

“During a sunny afternoon in Salzburg, I photographed these wild carrot flowers in my garden; they grew very high this year, more than 2 metres tall. I managed to get some in both the foreground and background and discovered that the sun had created a beautiful bokeh as it backlit the flower heads.”

Rachele Z. Cecchini ReportFinal score: 50pointsPOST

Sharon Hyatt2 weeks ago

Love the Effect !5Reply

Follow Bored Panda on Google News!165 Laima StasiulionytėAuthor, BoredPanda staff

Laima is a photo editor in Bored Panda. After photography studies she spent most of the years working as a freelance photographer and photo editor .
During her free time she loves to listen to the music, read, watch movies and spend time in nature and with people (and her trio of cats) that she loves. Read more »

This Artist Gave 30 Pop Culture Characters Sinister Makeovers

Marcelo Ventura is a 36-year-old “frustrated artist” from Brazil who creates sinister-looking makeovers and mashups of our favorite pop culture icons. 

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said that he is nostalgic for the 80s and 90s so he tries to resurrect characters from that era in a comic book style. Marcelo revealed that some of the artists that inspire him are J. Scott Campbell, Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo.

More info: Instagram | Facebook

#1 The Strange Things Kids

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#2 Baby Yoda

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

The artist says that in his works, he likes to connect and associate different universes. “I usually choose a character and try to insert it into a certain context, whether it is from a movie, series, or a book,” says Marcelo. “For example, mashing up Buzz Lightyear with Alien, Scooby & Shaggy with Into The Wild, Mario Bros with The Walking Dead, and so on.”

#3 Princess Merida

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#4 Po (Teletubbies) & Sadako (The Ring)

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

You probably noticed that Marcelo introduces himself as the “frustrated artist”. When asked why, the artist responded that that’s because like many artists, he would love to live entirely on his own art but the lack of opportunities and self-esteem is holding him back.

#5 The Little Mermaid

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#6 Rick & Morty, Beavis And Butthead, South Park, & Others

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

The artist reveals that he has many draft and ideas he plans to materialize soon. “It’s things like Hellboy, ThunderCats, and, most definitely, Rick and Morty, who are currently the two characters I like to draw the most.”

Check out more of Marcelo’s illustrations in the gallery below!

#7 Scooby & Shaggy & Into The Wild

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#8 Buzz Lightyear vs. Alien

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#9 The Little Prince

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#10 Alice The Madness Returns

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#11 Dumbo Joker

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#12 Harley Quinn & The Jokers

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#13 Pennywise & Coraline

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#14 Vanellope & Wreck It Ralph

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#15 Bojack, Rick, Bender, & Others

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#16 Princess Peach & Yoshi

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#17 Hotel Transylvania

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#18 Bananas In Pyjamas

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#19 Captain Planet

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#20 Rick, Morty, & Summer

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#21 Princess Jasmine & The Genie

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#22 Pucca

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#23 Finn, Marceline, & Jake

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#24 Princess Peach & Zombie Mario & Luigi

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#25 Him, Jessie, Cruella De Vil, & Others

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#26 Captain Planet

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#27 Masha & The Bear

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#28 Scooby & Shaggy

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#29 Naruto & Hinata

Image source: Marcelo Ventura

#30 Sorceress Of Castle Grayskull

Image source: Marcelo Ventura1.5K shares

Aušrys Uptas 

One day, this guy just kind of figured – “I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession?” – and he did! Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that’s trending on the web. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. So if you find something that’s too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up!

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40 Of The Best Coronavirus Related Pieces Of Street Art

Have you learned any new talents while being stuck in quarantine? How about some languages? Don’t worry if the answer is “no” – you still have plenty of time to do that as it looks like the quarantine won’t be lifted anytime soon. But while you and I are stuck at home learning Spanish on Duolingo, some artists are still out there creating amazing street art.

Graffiti artists all over the world are creating coronavirus related street art their art pieces are as accurate as they are funny. Check them out in the gallery below!

#1 Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist: Welinoo

Image source: welinoo

#2 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Artist: Fake

Image source: iamfake

Fake says to have painted this “Super Nurse” as an ode to all healthcare professionals around the world.

#3 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Teachr1

Image source: teachr1

#4 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image source: tvboy

#5 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image source: tvboy

“Divided We Stand, United We Fall.”

#6 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ponywave

Image source: ponywave

From the artist’s Instagram:
“We all are going through this together. There is a reason which we will see after all. It’s time to look at ourselves. Take a look at what are we doing with the planet and our lifetime. Maybe we should change our priorities? Maybe we should slow down? Maybe we should take a look around and start respect our planet and all those with whom we share it? Maybe someone is trying to hide some changes? Or economic collapse? Maybe one more step to a new world order?”

#7 Pompei, Italy. Artist: Nello Petrucci

Image source: nellopetrucciartist

#8 Berlin, Germany. Artist: EME Freethinker

Image source: Bobone2121

#9 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Artist: Aira Ocrespo

Translation from Portuguese: “Bolsonaro’s mask against the Coronavirus.”

#10 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image source: tvboy

#11 Malmö, Sweden. Artist: Richard Juggins

Image source: Richard Juggins

#12 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Rasmus Balstrøm

Image source: balstroem

Balstrøm who is originally from Denmark did this last mural before he had to flee the country.

#13 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Corie Mattie

Image source: coriemattie

#14 Glasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel Bear

Image source: the.rebel.bear

#15 Miami, USA. Artist: Sean “Hula” Yoro

Image source: the_hula

#16 London, UK. Artist: Pegaus

Image source: ojc9

#17 Jindbayne, Australia. Artist: N/A

Image source: EditedThisWay

#18 Bristol, UK. Artist: Angus

Image source: angusart85

#19 Bryne, Norway. Artist: Pøbel

Image source: pobel.no

“In these challenging times, I hope this piece can be a positive contribution and spread some joy. Be safe and take care of one another.”

#20 Mumbai, India. Artist: Tyler Street Art

Image source: tylerstreetart

“Keep calm”

#21 Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh

Image source: johndohart

#22 Melbourne, Australia. Artist: Lush Sux

Translation from Chinese – “Nothing to see, carry on.”

Image source: lushsux

#23 Tartu, Estonia. Artist: Princess Täna

Image source: princess_t2na

“Living in a bubble. Just to be more ironic, a soap bubble.”

#24 Warsaw, Poland

Image source: cdn.natemat.pl

Translates to: Not every hero wears a cape. Thank you! (Translation credit: Draco Malfoy)

#25 Glasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel Bear

Image source: the.rebel.bear

#26 New York, USA. Artist: Crkshnk

Image source: crkshnk

#27 United Kingdom. Artist: Gnasher

Image source: gnashermurals

#28 Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh

Image source: johndohart

#29 New York, USA. Artist: Jason Naylor

Image source: jasonnaylor

#30 New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic

Image source: Jilly Ballistic

#31 London, UK. Artist: N/A

Image source: Hookedblog

#32 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jeremy Novy

Image source: jeremynovy

#33 Dublin, Ireland. Artist: Subset Collective

Image source: subset

#34 New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic

Image source: jillyballistic

#35 Copenhagen. Denmark. Artist: Andreas Welin

Image source: Welinoo


#36 Bristol, UK. Artist: Angusart85

Image source: angusart85

#37 London, UK. Artist: Lionel Stanhope

Image source: lionel_stanhope

#38Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jules Muck

Image source: muckrock

#39 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ruben Rojas

Image source: rubenrojas

#40 Bristol, UK. Artist: Diff

Image source: diff_artist

Aušrys Uptas

One day, this guy just kind of figured – “I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession?” – and he did! Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that’s trending on the web. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. So if you find something that’s too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up!

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30 Country Flags Reimagined As Anime Characters For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

By now, you’ve probably already heard that Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. To celebrate this upcoming event, a handful of Japanese artists decided to team up and reimagine some of the participating countries as badass warriors.

The artists took inspiration from each countries’ flags and history while giving all of them a unique twist. From Japan itself to South Africa, check out the countries reimagined as anime warriors in the gallery below!

More info: world-flags.org | Twitter

#1 Philippines

Image source: world flags

#2 Mexico

Image source: world flags

#3 UK

Image source: world flags

#4 Vietnam

Image source: world flags

#5 South Korea

Image source: world flags

#6 Japan

Image source: world flags

#7 China

Image source: world flags

#8 South Africa

Image source: world flags

#9 Sweden

Image source: world flags

#10 Malaysia

Image source: world flags

#11 Italy

Image source: world flags

#12 Finland

Image source: world flags

#13 Canada

Image source: world flags

#14 Belgium

Image source: world flags

#15 Spain

Image source: world flags

#16 France

Image source: world flags

#17 Switzerland

Image source: world flags

#18 Germany

Image source: world flags

#19 Argentina

Image source: world flags

#20 Norway

Image source: world flags

#21 Singapore

Image source: world flags

#22 Thailand

Image source: world flags

#23 Brazil

Image source: world flags

#24 India

Image source: world flags

#25 Indonesia

Image source: world flags

#26 Netherlands

Image source: world flags

#27 Venesuela

Image source: world flags

#28 Denmark

Image source: world flags

#29 Russia

Image source: world flags

#30 USA

Image source: world flags

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This Brazilian Artist Turns Your Favorite Childhood Heroes And Food Into Creepy Characters (17 Pics)

Yan Blanco is a 24-year-old freelance artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is a pro at turning your favorite childhood heroes into characters you’re more likely to see in horror movies. There’s just something very disturbing about the artist’s style that’s hard to describe – the characters he recreates are creepily human-like, overly high-detailed and… fleshy? I’m pretty sure you’ll understand what I mean when you see some of his works.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said he knew he wanted to work with digital art since he was a kid. During his days at the College of Graphic Design back in 2014, Yan discovered Blender – a computer program used for creating 3D models – and it completely changed his artistic path. After discovering the program, the artist started studying everything he could find about creating 3D art and eventually received a job offer from Techno Image, a Brazilian production house.

So far Yan has recreated many of our favorite characters, as well as various other items, and all of them look incredibly eerie – check out his works in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | yanblanco.com | behance.net

#1 Peppa Pig

Image source: Yan Blanco

#2 Bugs Bunny

Image source: Yan Blanco

#3 Tin Woodman

Image source: Yan Blanco

#4 Bananas In Pyjamas

Image source: Yan Blanco

#5 Rick

Image source: Yan Blanco

#6 Brocoloco

Image source: Yan Blanco

#7 Mr. Carrot

Image source: Yan Blanco

#8 Spongebob

Image source: Yan Blanco

#9 Teletubbies

Image source: Yan Blanco

#10 Santa Claus

Image source: Yan Blanco

#11 The Junkie Fish

Image source: Yan Blanco

#12 Pizza

Image source: Yan Blanco

#13 Carnivorous Plant

Image source: Yan Blanco

#14 Lonely Tree

Image source: Yan Blanco

#15 Little Dolly

Image source: Yan Blanco

#16 Cocoa

Image source: Yan Blanco

#17 Boxer Pig

Image source: Yan Blanco

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