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20 Unique Maps That Show Things From A Different Perspective Shared To This Online Group (New Pics)

Even if geography isn’t really your thing, you have to admire the art of map making since there’s so much information you can fit in a single image. And if you though that they can only be used for marking streets or country borders, you couldn’t be more wrong.

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First Vertical Forest In Asia With 3,000 Plants Will Turn CO2 Into 132 Pounds Of Oxygen Per Day

Let us introduce you to the greener future of urbanized landscapes – vertical forests in Nanjing, China. These two forest-like buildings are called Nanjing Towers, and they’ll produce 132 pounds (60kg) of oxygen every day once they’re completed in 2018. With environmental concerns being a huge problem in overpopulated and overpolluted China, innovative projects like this are – literally – a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Each of the Nanjing Towers will stand 656ft and 354ft respectively, and between them, they’ll house over 1,000 trees and approximately 2,500 shrubs from 23 different local species. The taller tower will contain offices, a museum, a green architecture school and a rooftop club. When it comes to the smaller tower, it’s just as impressive, as it will house a rooftop pool and a 247-room Hyatt hotel. Balconies will afford visitors stunning views of the dizzying vertical forests that are intended to help regenerate local biodiversity.

The architectural masterpiece is designed by Stefano Boeri who has already created vertical forests in Milan (Italy) and Lausanne (Switzerland).

More info: stefano boeri | facebook (h/t: inhabitatmymodernmet, boredpanda)

These towers in Nanjing, China will contain vertical forests that will house 2,500 shrubs and over 1,000 trees

The 23 different tree varieties will produce around 132 pounds (60kg) of oxygen every day

They were designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri and they will be completed in 2018

Similar buildings have also been planned by the architect for Lausanne, Switzerland

And two vertical forests, called Bosco Verticale, have already been built in Milan, Italy

For more eco designs check out this floating gym in Paris.

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Every Cat Owner’s Life Perfectly Illustrated In 40 Funny Comics

Landysh and Asia are a couple of English teachers and artists who create the Lingvistov comic series. Believe it or not, Lingvistov actually started as an online English school (that is still active). The duo says they love comics, memes and brilliant English humor, so they started creating the adorable Lingvistov doodles that people quickly fell in love with.

“[The doodles] usually contain a funny joke or a well-known saying but it’s not always the case. One of my students said they are mostly about cats, food and sleep,” writes Landysh. “I’d say they are about the most important things in our lives!” And honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Check out the Lingvistov doodles in the gallery below!

More info: lingvistov.com | Instagram | Facebook | twitter.com









































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Renowned London-based design firm continues to expand its presence in Asia with the opening of The Ritz-Carlton Residences at MahaNakhon, Bangkok.

David Collins Studio was appointed to design the public spaces and leisure facilities in The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok. The interiors concept is natural, crafted and layered, reflecting the precision of the building’s architecture as well as the homeowners’ appreciation for sophisticated interior concepts.

“Our intention was to create a classical and timeless interior architecture and design concept, imbued with a distinctively Thai sensibility,” explains Simon Rawlings, David Collins Studio’s Creative Director.

“By immersing ourselves in the culture and indigenous craftsmanship of Thailand over the nine-year lifecycle of the project, David Collins Studio has brought a definitive sense of place to the Residences, reflecting the cosmopolitan and international nature of Bangkok.”

Rhythm in Details

The main lobby features Thai-inspired ceiling details that bring a rhythm to the space as it leads through to a candle-lit carpeted colonnade that evokes a sense of theatre with soft lighting, creating a journey as the residents move from the outside world to the inside.

The pool deck is divided into a series of spaces that each serve a different function where the residents can swim, sunbathe or simply enjoy being with friends and family. Pyramid Thai tiles, locally made in a custom champagne colour are used throughout bringing interest and texture to the surfaces.

The Club

The plan for the club space is based on flexibility delivered through the use of rotating screens that pivot and in turn create a multitude of spaces – a dining room, a library, a bar, a meeting room and a TV room – all of these could be used together, or independently.

Panneling and Timber

On the amenities floor, the spaces are designed as little pockets that are to be discovered and enjoyed. Panelling and timber cladding inspired by research into historic Thai buildings, furniture with metal-clasp detailing that echoes local architecture, and local artworks all maintain the sense of place.

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