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Hear The Call of the Wild In Gerflor’s New DLW Linoleum Collection

Gerflor’s new DLW Landscape collection in Spicy Orange. Imagery courtesy of Gerflor USA.


When it comes to sustainable flooring, some manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to create a never-before-seen, material-of-the-future product for architects and designers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why reinvent the wheel — which is to say, why did everyone forget about linoleum?

Linoleum may have been invented nearly 160 years ago, but that doesn’t make it antiquated. Indeed, in today’s sustainably-minded A&D industry, linoleum has a real edge over its twenty-first-century counterparts — it’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The only thing that seems to get in linoleum’s way is its aesthetic associations with the homely suburban architecture of the 1950’s. 

Gerflor’s new DLW Landscape collection in Dive. Imagery courtesy of Gerflor USA.

Gerflor, a premier European manufacturer of commercial resilient flooring, has updated the veteran material’s look with a new, biophilic collection that connects back to linoleum’s organic origins. The DLW Landscape sheet flooring collection features 43 colorful patterns drawn from some of the most stunning landscapes and natural wonders across the globe: California’s iconic coastline, the Grand Canyon, volcanoes, fall foliage, and sweeping deserts, among others. 

Gerflor’s new DLW Landscape collection in Lobster Red. Imagery courtesy of Gerflor USA.

“Biophilia is the foundational base of the collection,” explains Catherine del Vecchio, Gerflor USA’s senior director of marketing. “Our goal was to stay true to the nature of linoleum, believing it to be the perfect material for designers to elevate sustainability and creativity in their projects.  We like to think of the DLW Landscape collection as both inspired by and made from nature.”

The technical aspects of this product are just as intriguing. Gerflor’s linoleum is derived from 100% recyclable and biodegradable linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, jute, resin, and natural coloration pigments. It is manufactured in an ISO 9001 and 14001-certified factory that boasts 100% energy and waste recycling. Coincidentally this factory, located in Delmenhorst, Germany, is the very first and only remaining linoleum factory in that country. 

Gerflor’s new DLW Landscape collection in Curacao Petrol. Imagery courtesy of Gerflor USA. 

For all this careful attention to both ingredients and process, Gerflor’s DLW Landscape Collection has racked up an astounding amount of environmental accreditations. Specifically, the collection has a USDA organic label, a Blue Angel certification, FloorScore® certification, and a Declare label. “The labels and certifications are a huge honor, but we are most proud of being able to offer our customers a smart alternative that can bring positive change to the built environment,” says del Vecchio. 

Gerflor’s new DLW Landscape collection in Antique Green. Imagery courtesy of Gerflor USA.

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Healthcare and Education Projects Deserve Better Flooring

Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

When it comes to specifying flooring, healthcare and education projects can pose real challenges to designers. These spaces see a lot of action and require products that perform consistently well. There are a whole host of demands on flooring for hospitals, schools, auditoriums, and nursing homes: durability, pliability, germ resistance, sound dampening, and good aesthetics. It’s a tall order, but one company has a solution that goes above and beyond.

Rendering courtesy of Mats Inc.


Designed specifically with the healthcare and education sectors in mind, Mats Inc.’s Tailor Grace fashion-forward flooring provides a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, and aesthetic alternative to standard commercial flooring options. Designers working on classrooms, NICU’s, libraries, and operating rooms can focus on aesthetics knowing that Tailor Grace is a high-performance option well-equipped to handle anything these sectors throw at it. 

Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

Although its name draws inspiration from fashion, there’s nothing superficial about Tailor Grace. The line draws inspiration from the capsule wardrobe, focusing on timeless and easily mixed-and-matched looks. The four collections—Natural Nautical, Denim and Leather, Tasteful Modern, and Urban Classic—feature saturated hues and wood tones with matte finishes. Mixing two or more collections together yields a look that is both dynamic and pleasing. 

Photography courtesy of Mats Inc. 


With the inclusion of Tailor Grace, Mats Inc. ensures that designers now have a product that not only keeps people healthy and comfortable, but also elevates these spaces to a new standard of beauty.

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NYCxDESIGN Awards 2018 Celebrates City’s Best at Pier 17


Eight hundred guests gathered at Pier 17 on Monday night to celebrate the winners of the third NYCxDESIGN Awards, presented by Interior Design and ICFF. NYCxDESIGN, an annual celebration of product and project design homegrown in New York City and its boroughs, has been going strong for five years and the awards ceremony only continues to grow with the city-sponsored design event.

Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen hosted the 2018 NYCxDESIGN Awards. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen hosted the event, which received product and project entries from over 24 different countries and all five boroughs.

“We launched the NYCxDESIGN Awards to celebrate our beloved city and showcase New York City’s best and brightest that are literally bursting from every borough,” proclaimed Cindy. “Giving these awards is the biggest joy in my life, but having to select just one winner out of all these excellent submissions is my nightmare.”

The Lladró Guest overlooking the East River. Photography by Erik Bardin.

The evening started with product winners, which included design objects from Luceplan, Baxter, and Sony Electronics. Project winners included Gensler, Parts & Labor, and Rockwell Group. For the second year, the student product design category received over 100 submissions, all generously underwritten by NYCxDESIGN. Winners received the now iconic Llardró Guest figurine.

The jovial vibe of the night was best summarized by ICFF director Kevin O’Keefe. “The first year we did this, we filled the MoMA. The second year we did it, we had a waitlist,” said O’Keefe. “These awards have taken on a life of their own, and they highlight one simple truth: New York City is the design capital of the world.”

Pier 17. Photography by Erik Bardin.

The event was made possible by our sponsors.

View the slideshow to see highlights from the event >

View the full list of winners and honorees >

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Hightower Brings Playful and Practical Design to the Workplace

Gimbal Low Back Rocker, featured in Madrona leather from Hightower and shown with Ribbon Table. Photography courtesy of Hightower.

The digital revolution has significantly and forever altered the way people conduct business and the way designers approach workplace design. The challenge remains: how to provide flexibility, comfort, support, and good aesthetics in today’s office. Interior designers not only need to find ingenious solutions that enable clients to keep pace with the increasing velocity of the digital revolution, but they must also discover ways to slow things down and inject beauty into their projects.

Four Cast’2 Wood Chairs with Teton table, Focus Privacy Screens, and Nest Chairs and Nest Side Tables. Photography courtesy of Hightower.

Hightower’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection aims to do just that, with a series of chairs, sofas, tables, benches, and sound-absorbing modular wall and ceiling treatments that elevate the workplace. The pièce de résistance is the Gimbal Lounge Rocker, designed by Justin Champaign, founder and principal designer of California-based studio Most Modest. Capable of both rocking and swiveling, the Gimbal provides release and comfort, allowing longer durations of seated, focused work to take place. In addition to a low-back option, a high-back version creates a refuge in public space by offering increased privacy and some sound-absorption capabilities.

Breck Round Table and Pill Bench with ash tops and upholstered in Maharam-Kvadrat Mode, shown with Timber Wall Panels. Photography courtesy of Hightower.

“The speed at which people are working today is quickening at such a rapid rate that it creates a fun challenge for designers,” Champaign says. “We have to account for this even at the concept development stage, working swiftly to provide relevant solutions that solve today’s problems and evolve to solve tomorrow’s, as well. I think the Gimbal, created for Hightower, does that quite well.”

The Breck Benches and Ribbon Tables, also designed by Champaign for Hightower, are simple and sturdy. Multiple sizes, heights, and finishes create the possibility for flexible and productive workspaces.

“The collection is simple and fun, but so thoughtful at the same time. To me, that is Hightower,” says co-founder Natalie Hartkopf.

Breck XL Round Table and Pill Bench with walnut tops and upholstered in Camira Main Line Flax. Photography courtesy of Hightower.

Hightower’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection includes Scandinavia-based designers Form Us With Love, GamFratesi, and Zilenzio.

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Swarovksi and Design Miami/ Designers of the Future 2018 Explore Crystal Innovations

Left to Right: Tetsuo Mukai of Study O Portable, Frank Kolkman, and Yosuke Ushigome of Takram. Photography courtesy of Swarovski.

For the fourth consecutive year, Swarovski and Design Miami/‘s Designers of the Future competition honors emerging design talent whose pioneering ideas propel humanity into the future. This year’s brief—“Can crystal innovations make the way we live our lives smarter, more interactive, sustainable, immersive and accessible?”challenged designers to find a way to integrate crystals into smart technologies, including psycho-activation techniques, touch crystal technology, and energy crystal technology. The three winners are designer and robot-technologist Frank Kolkman, Dutch-Japanese research-based practice Study O Portable, and Yosuke Ushigome, a Japanese technologist focusing on emerging technologies.

Frank Kolkman examines the possibilities of crystals to stimulate artificial dreaming. Photography courtesy of Swarovski.

Kolkman’s submission, “Dream Machine”, synchronizes alpha and theta brainwaves with Swarovski crystals, creating an immersive light and sound experience. Fusing the potential of crystals with the possibilities of neurobiology, neuropsychology, and psycho-activation techniques, “Dream Machine” seeks to create a calming respite from the mental strain of modern life.

Tetsuo Mukai and Bernadette Deddens of Study O Portable, a research-based firm investigating the transitional relationships between people, objects, and the cultural landscape. Photography courtesy of Swarovski.

Study O will use Swarovski’s crystal technology to create color and light gradient surfaces. Inspired by the blurred sense of color frequently found in nature, these surfaces could be applied to objects as diverse as screens, tables, and lighting fixtures.

Yosuke Ushigome explores the ways in which crystals may facilitate better human-AI relationships. Photography courtesy of Swarovski.

Yosuke Ushigome’s winning project is entitled “Can Crystals Interface Us to AI?” and explores crystal technology as the new frontier in smart home technology. Rather than voice-assist capable tech, Ushigome envisions a future in which the inherent, emotional quality of crystals will enable better human-machine intelligence interactions.

This year’s commissions will be shown at Design Miami/Basel from June 12-17, 2018.

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Award-Winning Tile Collection Introduces a Colorful Addition

A mosaic of all four series in the Murals collection. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

Time-honored tile has been known for centuries as being extraordinarily versatile, easy to produce, and easy to install. With the advent of digital application techniques, advances in glazing, and sustainable material sourcing, tile is proving that it’s not just a product of the past.

Mosa has been making a strong case for tile’s potential with a full suite of on-trend, sustainable products. The award-winning Murals collection already features three series—Blend, Change, and Lines—that incorporate architecture and artistry. Now, Mosa introduces its newest series, Fuse.

Light and neutral tiles from the Murals collection. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

Fuse plays with color gradients and tone variations in a way that injects dynamism into a space. Focused on creating a fluid and animated effect, Fuse brings a subtle sense of movement to the spaces it graces. The series comes in eight colors and three tile sizes and has a silky-smooth tactile finish that communicates Mosa’s experience and dedication to expert tile making. 

Cool-toned grays and browns from the Murals Collection. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

“Fuse was inspired by contemporary trends in architecture like the creation of warm, colorful atmospheres with an eclectic touch; the use of outspoken colors to create monochromatic spaces; and the combination of different textures and materials in one composed surface,” says Ermanno Testa, Mosa’s head of product management and innovation. “By experimenting with glaze surfaces, gloss gradations, colors, and color gradients, we created a new wall tile series that adds a new dimension to the existing Mosa Murals collection and is unique in its class.”

Close-up of the Murals mosaic. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

Fuse can also complement the other lines in the Murals collection to create a diverse toolbox of rich tile options for designers working in interior and exterior spaces. And like all Mosa products, the entire Murals collection is Cradle to Cradle certified and meets current and future sustainable construction standards.

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