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My 22 New Animal Comics To Spread Positivity

I created a heartwarming comic about an alligator called ‘Buddy Gator’ to spread some positive vibes. Some of us may have a difficult time now, but I believe that as long as we have someone to stand by us, everything will be alright.

Buddy Gator is a good and friendly alligator. Maybe we all need a buddy like him when we in a hard time.

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30 Funny Animal Comics That Show What Is Really Happening Out In The Wild By ‘False Knees’

It’s easy to look at cute animals and think they’re just as pure and lovely on the inside as well. But are they really? For all that we know, they might have the same pessimistic thoughts as us. What if all those fascinating noises they make aren’t so poetic and translate into nothing more than the same mundane conversations we have? We may never know for sure, but thanks to Joshua Barkman and his webcomic False Knees, we can at least imagine the answers.

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Artist Who Makes People Cry With Her Animal Comics Just Released A New One About A Swan Inspired By True Events

Humans are developing vaccines in record time and planning to go to Mars but we remain callous and cruel towards beautiful animals who mean no harm.

A German artist known online as Jenny Jinya has been tackling this issue for quite some time now. Whether she’s talking about orcasparrots, or elephants, her comics remind us that sadly, a lot of the time when the Grim Reaper comes to take animals to the After Life, it’s because of humans.

And this one is no exception—the story is about a lonely swan who had to witness her precious eggs get brutally smashed. “I read about this a while ago and it still breaks my heart,” Jenny wrote when uploading the comic. “The only message I have here is don’t be cruel.”

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Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Grim Reaper Animal Comics Is Back, And This Time It’s About Seeing Your Dog Being Put To Sleep

We feel like we’ve been hit right in the feels and it’s getting hard to hold back the tears. German artist Jenny Hefczyc, who goes by the name Jenny-Jinya online, has released her newest bittersweet comic. This time, Jenny drew a story about an owner’s emotional struggles as he brings his dog to the vet to be put to sleep and stays with him in his final moments. It’s so powerful, it’s bound to make any animal lover’s bottom lip tremble.

Take a deep breath, scroll down, and let us know in the comments what the comic made you feel like and if you’ve ever had to go through what the protagonist went through. You can find Bored Panda’s posts about the incredibly talented Jenny’s latest comics herehere, as well as here.

“As someone who has loved animals all her life, I naturally had to let many go at some point. I also often take in sick and injured animals, not all of them make it. I always stayed with these animals until the end because it felt natural, like the right thing to do,” Jenny told Bored Panda. “But then a heart-moving letter from a veterinarian went viral, who also asked not to leave pets alone in their final moments. This made me feel additionally confirmed and I wanted to draw about it even more.”

More info: jenny-jinya.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Redbubble | Artstation | Dasauge | DeviantArt | Patreon

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Jenny created another comic that is very powerful emotionally

Image credits: JennyJinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Give your pet one last great day

Jenny said that this comic took her longer to draw than usual. “I saw my own dog in this comic and it was often incredibly difficult for me. I was rarely so relieved that a comic was finished. But I wanted this topic to be talked about more.”

The artist also told us about how, if possible, we should give our pets one last great day before they’re put to sleep. “Let it see its friends again, let it eat its favorite food. Let it know it is loved above all else. And then escort it to its last stop, make sure that the last voice it hears is yours.”

The artist keeps reaching more and more people with her emotional cartoons. The number of Jenny’s Instagram followers have doubled over the last half a year from 174k in February to 344k in mid-August.

Earlier, the artist revealed to Bored Panda some details about her illustration process. According to Jenny, each comic takes a very different amount of time to draw. A lot depends on the amount of research the illustrator has to do—she takes every cartoon she draws very seriously.

“I need about a week for the drawing itself though,” she added.

Jenny has always wanted to be an artist

Drawing has been an obsession of Jenny’s for as long as she can remember. She joked that her mother always said that she could draw before she could walk.

“I picked up a pencil when I was a kid and I never stopped scribbling. Yeah, I always wanted to be an artist. I wanted to tell stories and create worlds,” she told us all about her love of art.

However, that doesn’t mean that Jenny draws non-stop. She said that she has to take breaks and completely get away from art to recharge and avoid burnout.

“Many small artists are frustrated that they have not yet developed their own style or have not yet found their niche. But that’s okay. That’s something that cannot be rushed,” Jenny gave other artists some advice about finding their own unique styles. “It sounds weird, but let your artistry speak out. Finding your own style and niche is something that takes time to develop. There’s simply no shortcut.”

People thanked Jenny for her comic and agreed with her message that owners should be with their pets in their final moments

Image credits: AstriusCatyote

Image credits: PointyHound

Image credits: Peter12587384

Image credits: KremGoblin95

Image credits: CATIM_ation

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Image credits: moggiye20

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