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Incredible Concept Art Of Our Favorite Pop Culture Characters And More By Michael Kutsche (70 Pics)

Michael Kutsche is an exceptionally well-known and award-winning artist from Berlin, Germany that currently works in both traditional and digital media. Kutsche mainly focuses on character design and concept art, and his large variety of works can be found on his official website. His current portfolio includes character designs from famous movie adaptations such as The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Jungle Book, and even Thor. Of course, that’s not even all of it, as those are just the most recent projects he worked on, but what we can say for sure is that the artist is booked almost full-time for other projects as well.

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Coronavirus Street Art By John D’oh

Documenting the pandemic through Street Art

I have covered the Covid-19 epidemic in a lot of detail since the start of the outbreak, and quite a few of my artworks have been featured in articles from all over the world in many different languages. As I have produced so much artwork about the outbreak and its socio-economic consequences, I decided to produce a book as an informative, vibrant, and occasionally-humorous diary of the unprecedented events. Most of the images seen and explained in this book come from Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Glastonbury, Weston-super-Mare, and Worcester. While in the situation of a national lockdown, it would have been easier to go out undetected and produce lots more art, I did (for the most part) obey the lockdown and social distancing rules. I considered going out to spray images as my “one permitted form of exercise a day.” Being stuck at home gave me time to prepare stencils and other artworks at home for the future. Given that art products were definitely not considered essential and not easy to buy, it forced me to recycle or reuse more items, such as making more stencils out of old cardboard cereal boxes.

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Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Just Won Halloween After Unveiling Their 2020 Costumes

Beloved actor Neil Patrick Harris is winning over the internet once again after sharing photos of his and his family’s newest Halloween costumes. This year, Neil, his husband David Burtka, and their twins Gideon and Harper pulled out all the stops. Scroll on down, enjoy NPH and Co.’s matching 2020 costumes and check out how they dressed up during previous years, as well.

NPH’s wholesome Halloween family tradition is one of the reasons why he’s our fave actor. So Bored Panda spoke about NPH and the importance for families to have traditions with Lenore Skenazy who is the president of Let Grow, a nonprofit organization promoting childhood independence and resilience, and founder of the Free-Range Kidsmovement.

According to Lenore, dressing up for Halloween can be something that only kids do or a whole family affair. “Either way, what a great tradition!” Read on for our full interview with Lenore about what Halloween traditions families can aim to have and what they can do to come up with thematic matching costumes, just like NPH and his family.

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NPH, his husband David, and their twins Gideon and Harper have been surprising us with their Halloween costumes every year

“Personally, I went as the same thing every year: the Wicked Witch—make of that what you will. My parents stayed home dressed like parents because that’s how Halloween rolled back then. But I’ve been duly impressed by whole families that come up with a theme, including my neighbors. They made gigantic eyebrows and went as the family from Schitt’s Creek. Maybe they’ll do it again this year,” Lenore from Let Grow shared how different families have different traditions.

She pointed out that tradition is something that we do more than once. “After a couple of times, it becomes a ‘thing’—like leaving stuffed grape leaves for Santa instead of cookies: something that is the way your particular (even peculiar) family celebrates. Kids will remember this pretty much forever, and may even pass it along to the next generation.”

Peter Pan in 2011

Lenore suggested that parents and kids pick something that they all love (a movie, a vacation they had, a pet) and build their Halloween costumes around that particular theme. However, she also stressed that once kids start entering their teenage years, keeping traditions like this up might be a tad more challenging.f

“You’re connecting to that beloved time, place, or thing, but you’re also connecting to your family because you’re all in it together. Kids will love this… until at some point they don’t. (Not a lot of tweens want to dress up as fish, even though you all loved your lake vacation in 2012.) Doesn’t matter. Take pictures now and in the future, they’ll look back at and cringe, perhaps, but also maybe cry. As Carly Simon sang, ‘These are the good old days.’ Relish them.”

The Wizard Of Oz in 2012

Alice In Wonderland in 2013

Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolfman, The Bride of Frankenstein, and Dracula in 2013

Halloween From Gotham City in 2014

The family dressed up as characters from Star Wars in 2015

Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean in 2016

Harris Halloween Carnival of Curiosities in 2017

Hitchhiking Ghosts in 2018

Neil Patrick Harris and his family invited us to visit the Burtka-Harris Boo-seum’ last year, in 2019

Image credits: nph

In 2020, the wholesome gang decided to pay homage to the 1971 American musical movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

“Oompa, loompa, doompety doo! We’ve got a family photo for you!” Neil Patrick Harris greeted his followers on the spooky occasion. Just like Heidi Klum in her brand new Halloween special, the actor reminded everyone of the global pandemic and advised to keep safe. “This year, may you invent an October 31st that is spirited, safe, and scrumptious.”

“Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple,” NPH continued. “Happy Halloween from the Burtka-Harris Crew!”

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15 Fairy Tale Characters Imagined As Architecture

As we grow up, our childhood’s fairy tales tend to play a lesser role in life. Yet that’s not always the case, as an architect and graphic designer, Federico Babina, proves by reimagining the beloved fairy tale characters as architecture.

Frederico’s newest series is “a tribute to the fairy tale universe where the architectures are reinvented to accommodate the protagonists of the story,” the artist told Archdaily.

“My first steps as an architect were visiting the homes and castles of fairy tales that as a child made me travel with fantasy,” says Babina. “The lighted windows in the dark night that hide secrets and surprises, the objects that have been transformed and come to life, were for me a prelude to the universe of architecture and design.”

Before the fairy tale houses, he has created home designs inspired by the famous movie directors.

More info: federico babina (h/t: dyt)
















Before the fairy tale houses, he has created home designs inspired by the famous movie directors.


In cahoots with the secret orde…
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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Artist Shows Which Disney Characters Your Favorite Celebrities Should Be (26 Pics)

Ukraine-born artist Helen Morgun gave us a cute illustration series we didn’t know we needed. She reimagined our beloved celebrities as Disney characters. Helen has been working on the project for quite some time now, and the unexpected mashups have been taking the internet by storm.

From Emma Stone as Merida to Billie Eilish as Kida Nedakh, Helen definitely gave Hollywood some ideas to consider. It’s clear that the artist carefully studies not only the physical features but personalities of each famous person before “assigning” them their Disney alter-egos. Scroll down, upvote your favorites and let us know in the comments what you think of the series.

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