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Hacks for arranging your bedroom

Home is where the heart is, the adage goes — but what if home doesn’t feel quite as homey as you’d like? According to all the experts I spoke to, the most important part of any home is the bedroom. A bedroom is meant to be a space where you can relax, recharge, and let the stresses of the day melt right off your back, but if it feels like just a random space that you happen to sleep in, that pervasive feeling of “meh” can infuse other areas of your life too. So, if the bedroom is that important, what are some hacks for arranging your bedroom so that it feels like a sanctuary?

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6 Ways to Ensure Your Furniture and Accents Will Fit Perfectly

Surprises are nice, but not when they involve underestimating the length of a couch! Of all the steps that go into fine-tuning a room’s design, perhaps none is more futile and yet likely to transpire than squinting to try and “see” if it’s all going to look right together. Envisioning what isn’t in front of you is a bit of a challenge, isn’t it? And of course it’s rarely preferable to wait and figure out a room layout when the pieces arrive (unless you enjoy dealing with customer service departments, in which case we can’t help you). You know the couch measurements, but what does that mean for the scale of that custom coffee table you’re having made or DIY-ing? How in the world will you nail the gallery wall without leaving a sea of nail holes in that fresh new paint? The following tips for perfecting measurements, patterns, and room layouts will save you a world of regret (and roughly 90 minutes on hold with customer care). 

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