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The 12 Most Over-the-Top Transportation Designs of 2017

Apartments along New York’s Park Avenue, mansions in Beverly Hills, and beachfront property in Miami—these are the areas where sky-high prices are not only warranted but expected, due in large part to their exclusivity and demand. But paying $40,000 for a bicycle? That’s an unbelievably enormous amount, especially when considering the fact that the average bike in America costs between $300 and $500. Yet, these types of over-the-top transportation designs seemed to sprout up every few months in 2017. From a private jet with a moonroof to a Rolls Royce superyacht, AD rounds up the 12 transportation designs that will hold your attention, both for their beauty as well as their price tag. Who knows: Maybe you’ll be the next Mega Millions lottery winner, and this list will instantly become a lot more relevant.

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