Watercolor Painting Tips

Because of the misunderstanding that watercolor is too hard to control and unpredictable, many people shy away from it. While it is true that watercolor is a medium that is challenging to master, it is very easy and economical. All you really need to begin is paint, water, and a brush.  You can use watercolor as your primary artistic medium or primarily as studies for oil or acrylic paintings. The rewards of this challenging and somewhat unpredictable medium are great. Here are some tips to help you get started:

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Simple Watercolor Techniques

There are two major factors to consider when painting with watercolors: Wet and Dry. As the name suggests, watercolour is a water-based medium. Darkness and saturation of the pigment depends on how much water is added to the painting. For example, for the background or when trying to paint a background a solid color, you can use wet-on-wet technique so your pigment spreads quicker and blends well with it! 

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Art & Poetry Activity: From Doodles To Poems…

A few years ago my friend, Brian, and I came up with the idea of combining an art activity with writing a poem simultaneously to where we would be both looking at the same scene/subject matter and I would paint/draw it having him write a poem about it. The result would be match the painting with the poem and see our own interpretation of it. It was interesting to see if our interestptaions of it would be similar, different or may be both. Here are the 4 pieces and the poem that goes with each one: 

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Inspired Art: Connecting America SCORES’ Students & Artists

Every year, America SCORES Chicago puts together an art show where artists get to choose a poem written by America SCORES’ students and turn it into an original works of art. All the works of art are displayed at one of the local galleries where the public has an opportunity to enjoy an amazing night spent at The Inspired Art Gallery night, while supporting the opportunity for more students to participate in their after school program. This event provides a great opportunity for both the artists and the students to connect with each other on a different level and support each others’ talents. 

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“Inside Out”: My Painting of The Miller House & Gardens; Its’ Relation To Venn Diagram & Interior Design

You know the idea of using plants and flowers in a room, bringing the outside in? For years, this concept has been very popular in designing an interior space that would make the occupants feel like they are experiencing being in nature simultaneously. This idea is still in practice and provides for great human experiences.

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New Interior Design Coloring Book: Test Your Wildest Color Palette Ideas

One of the most important benefits of coloring books for children and adults is that they help ignite creativity which can be experienced in several other facets of their lives. Adults who color regularly find that they become great at picking colors for their clothes, their interiors etc. How fun would it be for the subject of your coloring sheets to be interiors themselves where you get to play with various color palettes and designs?

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