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ASID 2019 Outlook and State of Interior Design Report


The American Society of Interior Designers’ (ASID) 2019 Outlook and State of Interior Design (OSID) report provides an extensive scan and summary of the essential knowledge needed to stay on top of constant change, to create a competitive edge, and to flourish in the interior design profession. The report first identifies key issues in the U.S. economy and construction industry to track during 2019 and includes projections based on 2018 conditions. A review of trends and disruptors at the macro-level, and in interior design specifically, comes next, including data that illustrates the state of interior design as a whole and the design implications that follow. The report ends with insights from interior design thought leaders on what they observe in practice and what to expect moving forward.


Economic Outlook

The U.S. economy saw improved growth in 2018 and the general outlook is for moderate economic growth in 2019 and 2020, but at a slower rate. Trade is a substantial risk to the economy with the imposition of tariffs increasing the prices of building materials. The stimulus from the 2017 tax cuts helped push the national unemployment rate, but increased federal debt and could result in higher interest rates. Despite the uncertainties and disruptions in economic activity, the overall outlook for 2019 is positive.

Trends, Disruptors, and the State of Interior Design

Macro-level trends and disruptors mimic the trends and disruptors we see in interior design, and these influence how interior designers run their businesses, create solutions to projects, and further advance the profession. A few highlights are:

  • Top issues interior design business leaders are tracking include economic conditions, competition from other firms, and price increases on goods, services, and construction materials.
  • Slight shifts in the services interior designers provide indicate a change in future business – including new markets hiring interior designers, new positions added in design teams, and an increase in contracted services.
  • Changes in the U.S. population’s demographics will reshape the built environment and require solutions that address diversity and inclusion.
  • Technology continues to evolve and be embedded in our lives and the spaces we inhabit. Designers need to keep up with the changes and anticipate how new technologies may alter the design paradigm in the future.

Future Insights from Thought Leaders

The impact of interior design on the human experience is receiving increasing attention. As clients become more educated and aware of the research and science that empowers design solutions, increased requirements for data and performative outcomes are pushing interior designers to explore new innovations and expand their scope of practice. Interior design needs to evolve along with the changes happening around us in order to stay relevant.


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How to turn your brand into a phrase that pays

Fred Berns

Monday, April 15, 2019

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How to turn your brand into a phrase that pays

Branding has become big business among interior design professionals as they strive to get heard above the noise and stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

There are nearly as many interior design “brands” out there as there are interior designers, but the most effective of these — the ones that create the most buzz and attract the most business — have one word in common: “Only.”

Nothing differentiates your design firm more dramatically and spells out your specialness more effectively than that word. “Only” is your million-dollar branding word, the one that can put you in a class by yourself and distinguish you as a leader in your field.

It’s powerful marketing, indeed, to point out that you are the area’s only professional with degrees in both interior design and architecture. Or the region’s only firm with 25 years’ experience designing the interiors of luxury residences. Or the owner of the state’s only showroom that carries a certain brand of motorized shades.

Is yours the area’s only design firm that specifies a certain product line? The only one that offers a particular service? The only one that has a certain client niche? Tell them what only you do, and they’ll work only with you.

Determining your “Only” brand is no easy task, but using one or more of the phrases below could make that task easier:

“Our interior design firm is the only one in this area which….

  • specializes in ____
  • offers _____ (products/services)
  • is able to/capable of _____
  • has technology that ______
  • helps clients ______
  • works with clients who _____
  • is based/located/has branches in _____
  • has a team/staff which _____
  • has been in business for _____ years
  • is affiliated/aligned with _____
  • has won awards for _____
  • has been recognized for _____
  • is known for _____
  • has been promoted in _____
  • guarantees that _____
  • is licensed/certified to _____

Once you’ve zeroed in on your “Only” brand, it won’t do you much good if you don’t promote it. For maximum marketing impact, you should incorporate your only phrase in your social media and on your website. And an “Only” statement can transform an ordinary elevator speech into an extraordinary one.

But how do you know that your “Only” branding statement is valid? How can you be sure, for example, that yours is “the only local design firm that offers exterior as well as interior design?”

Here’s where you need to do some digging to carefully scrutinize the websites, social media sites, marketing materials, and other information relating to your competitors. If, after all of that research, you feel that your “Only” statement holds up, by all means use it in all of your marketing channels.

Chances are that nobody will dispute it, but if someone does be prepared tweak it a bit. Alter it, if necessary, to read something like: “the only Cambridge-based design firm that offers exterior as well as interior design.”

It may take a while to come up with your new “Only” brand but consider it time well spent. After all, the end result is that you’ll have a slogan that will make an instant impact — and will make you and your design firm memorable.

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About the Author

Fred Berns

Fred Berns speaks to, coaches and writes promotional copy for interior design professionals worldwide. For information about his services and products, visit or contact him at or 303-589-3013.

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ASID Events

HD Expo


More than 12,500 of hospitality’s most influential designers, developers, purchasing firms, and ownership groups attend HD Expo to gain an unmatched level of education, inspiration, and exposure to innovative and original products.


8:00 AM
5/15/2019 – 5/17/2019


Mandalay Bay Convention Center
3950 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89119
United States




A true experience for the senses, HD Expo will take your professional development to the next level through game-changing networking, innovative ideas, inspiration, and the knowledge you will gain from world-class presenters. You’ll leave HD Expo with the inspiration, connections, and tools you need for success.

Bringing the pages of Hospitality Design magazine to life, HD Expo’s robust roster of CEU-accredited conference sessions offers a fresh and powerful learning perspective. Hear from a who’s who of the industry—veterans, innovators, and up-and-coming stars—as they share their personal journeys, expertise, and case studies to start important conversations across all career levels.

Specialized networking events enhance the conference experience and provide opportunities to connect with industry peers.

ASID members receive a free expo only pass (a $99 value) with promo code ASID.


  • The HD/ISHP Owners’ Roundtable brings attendees face-to-face with developers, brand executives, and decision makers who represent the most significant brand and ownership groups in the world
  • Experience visionary keynote speakers who have made a true mark on the industry
  • Gain knowledge through accredited CEU/LU education sessions


ASID is thrilled to showcase the impact of design at HD Expo through an exciting new installation custom designed by Elizabeth von Lehe, Allied ASID, design and brand strategy principal, HDR. The space serves as an oasis that invites visitors to engage, ask broad questions, and explore the beautiful, impactful, and sometimes surprising ways that design impacts lives.


The ASID DESIGN IMPACT Awards recognize innovative products that put people and the environment at the center of design intent. Winning products will be featured by exhibitors at HD Expo.



Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Speaker: Deborah Burnett, Principal, Benya Burnett Consultancy

Guest room lighting specifications have a significant impact on sleep quality and next day productivity, mood, and behavior. Presented from a design perspective, easily absorb the biology as to why ambient light plays a critical role in delivering a GREAT night’s sleep and contributes to an enhanced WELLNESS experience.       


Deborah Burnett, ASID, CMG, LGC, AASM, is an international award-winning registered interior designer, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the field of light and health, and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. She is an active member of the IES and CIE Committees in photobiology, human health, and aging. A recent project, the ASID HQ in Washington, D.C., is the world’s first interior space to receive double Platinum level recognition in both the LEED v3 and WELL v1 certification programs. In part, this designation is the result of Deborah’s efforts in developing new professional practice benchmarks ensuring occupant biological protection consistent with American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines regarding the use of short wavelength-rich white light, a typical characteristic of LED light sources.

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Appalachian State University Design Students Show “Homework” in High Point

Plant Seven, an emerging center for design, culture and commerce in High Point, North Carolina, furthered its reputation for cultivating innovation with Homework, an exhibition of works by undergraduates from the furniture design concentration at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

Led by Richard Prisco, professor of industrial design and furniture concentration coordinator from the school’s Department of Applied Sciences, the students applied the social, cultural, aesthetic, and functional tools they’ve learned in the four-year program, while also addressing the challenge of project-appropriate manufacturing.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Enter the NYCxDESIGN Awards by April 19

Read More: Glam to Galactic: Hot Products at the Spring 2019 High Point Market

Here’s a sampling of the students—all North Carolina natives—whose works were showcased at Plant Seven during the April edition of High Point Market. 

Designer: Emily Madson Miller

Product: Armstrong

Standout: Aiming for the contract sector, the Whittier-born designer favors industrial chic in a lounge chair constructed from powder-coated steel, cork, and aluminum.

Photography courtesy of Appalachian State University.

Designer: John Lalevee

Product: Netik

Standout: The Raleigh-based designer enables living room sprawl with a multi-surface maple cocktail table perfect for parties—or solitary multitaskers.

Photography courtesy of Appalachian State University.

Designer: Kris Frazier

Product: Acorn

Standout: The interdisciplinary visual artist from High Point hones her material expertise in a hanging lamp containing a playful blend of mahogany, brass, leather, and PLA plastic.

Photography courtesy of Appalachian State University.

Designer: Noah Howells

Product: Lunnette

Standout: Though primarily focused on public-space furnishings, the Boone-based talent’s vanity cabinet in walnut, plywood, walnut veneer, and tube steel seems a natural for residential applications.

Photography courtesy of Appalachian State University. 

Designer: Ryan Decker

Product: Warden of Wallop Park

Standout: With a cunning blend of digital art and functional sculpture, the Asheville native fashions a fantastical cabinet from walnut, aluminum, and faux fur.

Photography courtesy of Appalachian State University

Speaking of trade shows, have you seen the furniture highlights of Salone del Mobile? If not, you’re missing out. 

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Healthcare and Education Projects Deserve Better Flooring

Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

When it comes to specifying flooring, healthcare and education projects can pose real challenges to designers. These spaces see a lot of action and require products that perform consistently well. There are a whole host of demands on flooring for hospitals, schools, auditoriums, and nursing homes: durability, pliability, germ resistance, sound dampening, and good aesthetics. It’s a tall order, but one company has a solution that goes above and beyond.

Rendering courtesy of Mats Inc.


Designed specifically with the healthcare and education sectors in mind, Mats Inc.’s Tailor Grace fashion-forward flooring provides a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, and aesthetic alternative to standard commercial flooring options. Designers working on classrooms, NICU’s, libraries, and operating rooms can focus on aesthetics knowing that Tailor Grace is a high-performance option well-equipped to handle anything these sectors throw at it. 

Photography courtesy of Mats Inc.

Although its name draws inspiration from fashion, there’s nothing superficial about Tailor Grace. The line draws inspiration from the capsule wardrobe, focusing on timeless and easily mixed-and-matched looks. The four collections—Natural Nautical, Denim and Leather, Tasteful Modern, and Urban Classic—feature saturated hues and wood tones with matte finishes. Mixing two or more collections together yields a look that is both dynamic and pleasing. 

Photography courtesy of Mats Inc. 


With the inclusion of Tailor Grace, Mats Inc. ensures that designers now have a product that not only keeps people healthy and comfortable, but also elevates these spaces to a new standard of beauty.

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Kurz Architects Designs a Skateboard-Friendly Office for SinnerSchrader

PROJECT NAME SinnerSchrader
FIRM Kurz Architects
SQ. FT. 7,500 SQF

Over the past two decades, SinnerSchrader has become one of the biggest digital agencies in the world. Its work for Audi and Volkswagen, among other brands, meant that when it came time for new offices in Prague a former research center for car testing was a natural fit. Kurz Architects, however, had another idea to test drive: transforming the 7,500-square-foot office into a non-hierarchical space along a horizontal axis that could be navigated not by car, but via skateboard.

Read more: Rapt Studio’s Young Talents Design Skate-Centric SoCal HQ for Vans

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Enter the NYCxDESIGN Awards by April 19
Across the main axis’s Marmoleum floors, trapezoidal metal sheet forms walls for an office. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

The company’s 60 employees access the skate park/corridor axis from the entry, which then connects meeting cubes of translucent polycarbonate, focus areas with hanging chairs, a combined kitchen and yoga studio, and breakout spaces on the way to a 2,200-square-foot open terrace.

The kitchen’s custom tables and TON chairs can be moved aside to transform the space into a yoga studio. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

A mix of vintage and new Czech furniture provides character, while wool carpeting warms up the Marmoleum floors. The biggest challenge, according to the design firm’s principal Zuzana Kurz, “time,” which like a skateboarder executing tricks, sure seems to fly when you’re having this much fun.

Read more: Roar’s Pallavi Dean Uses Color Psychology to Define Work Spaces at Edelman’s Dubai Offices

Keep scrolling to view more images of the project >

Custom plywood carpentry forms storage units on either side of the main axis. Photography by BoysPlayNice.
A meeting space next to the main axis features a 1960s sideboard by Jiri Jiroutek, along with a TON table and chairs. Photography by BoysPlayNice.
Meeting rooms are upholstered in custom acoustic panels, with tables by LUV Interior and TON chairs. Photography by BoysPlayNice.
Open workspaces include LUV Interior desks illuminated by pendants from The Bohemian Company; a stand-up conference desk behind them has a custom stainless-steel sink. Photography by BoysPlayNice.
A half-moon of plywood, spray-painted with the company’s logo, conceals upholstered seating. Photography by BoysPlayNice.
A polycarbonate volume framed in powder-coated steel features plywood seating and pendants by Brokis. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

Read more: Uber EMEA’s Amsterdam Office Embodies the Tech Brand’s Global Ethos

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Valerio Dewalt Train Blends Virtual and Natural Worlds for YouTube Headquarters Lobby

LOCATION San Bruno, California
FIRM Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
SQ. FT. 5,000 SQF

When YouTube took over the former Gap headquarters in San Bruno, California, it knew the 5,000-square-foot lobby required a refresh. The space needed to be welcoming, adaptable, and a versatile showcase not just for the brand, but also the work of YouTube’s 2 billion users.

Enter the team at Valerio Dewalt Train, who reduced the double-height atrium to its metallic structure illuminated by a full-length skylight. A green wall and stacked benches on the north side offer room to socialize. But the heart of the project is a digital wall. “It leverages a massive low-resolution screen into the wall construction,” says the firm’s principal Bill Turner, “creating an abstract dynamic backdrop to the space.”

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Enter the NYCxDESIGN Awards by April 19

Read more: Vocon Opts for Locally-Inspired Design at Its Cleveland Headquarters

The LEDs are embedded directly into Camira’s Gravity acoustic fabric. Photography by Mariko Reed.

There are 35,000 LEDs embedded around the displays, which are activated when users approach medallions on the floor beneath ceiling sensors. “They embody YouTube’s core principals while fostering a sense of discovery,” says studio director for media objectives Crystal Adams. Or, in other words, to click and play.

Keep scrolling for more images of the project > > 

A social area gathers chairs by Muuto and Andreu World around Schiavello tables, with custom banquettes upholstered in Rivet by Camira. Photography by Mariko Reed.
Corral poufs sit before a green wall by GSky. Photography by Mariko Reed.
Herman Miller’s Spun chairs rest upon floors of polished concrete and ash. Photography by Mariko Reed.
The reception desk is Russian Birch plywood with steel powder-coated in a glossy black and frosted Plexiglass. Photography by Mariko Reed.
Medallions are painted and sealed into the concrete finish. Photography by Mariko Reed.

Read more: Gensler Fashions a New Brooklyn Showroom for Lafayette 148

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What a week! For interior-design pros or fans, Boston was the place to be

By Debbe Daley

UPDATED:   04/05/2019 11:31:38 AM EDT
A model walks the runway during a pop-up fashion show at Boston Design Week.

A model walks the runway during a pop-up fashion show at Boston Design Week.

Every spring and fall, there’s a buzz happening around Boston — a buzz that draws designers, artists, architects and industry professionals to the city to participate in interesting events, presentations and seminars.

This 12-day, citywide festival, Boston Design Week, was held March 27-April 7 and was jam-packed with all kinds of events open to the public as well as professionals.

The Autodesk Technology Center hosted Design Night Boston at the BUILD Space where the focus was on learning how technology and design are transforming the world in new and unexpected ways.

A presentation by Morehouse MacDonald & Associates, called Behind the Scenes of Waterfront Design, was held at The Boston Symphony Orchestra and moderated by Bill Springer, editor of Ocean Home Magazine, and Nancy E.

The Boston Design Week program

The Boston Design Week program

Berry, editor of Northshore Magazine. If you’ve been down to Boston’s Seaport area lately, you likely noticed the waterfront transformations that are happening daily.A few favorites that I attended were presentations at the Boston Design Center hosted by designSkim, with a few leading ladies and internet-design entrepreneurs, including LuAnn Nigara, Michele Williams, Heather Gillette and Esther Dunbar-Cullum. This Beyond Social Media and Harnessing the Internet Growth seminar was very informative for the designer in business and for learning how to bridge technology and design.

Women in Design, hosted by Modern Luxury Interiors Boston, one of the newest shelter magazines, and moderated by Editor-in-Chief Jaci Conry, was a big draw.

Panelists included lighting designer Lindsey Adelman, Boston interior designers Paula Daher and Stephanie Rossi, and celebrated designer and television personalities Taniya and Annie Selke. Before sharing their career success stories and strategies facing women in design, a surprise mini-fashion show got the party started, with animal-print fashion being the rage.The highlight of the evening was a special event with New York Times best-selling author Erin Gates, who discussed her new book, “Elements of Family Style.” Erin shared advice on how to cultivate a stylish and tasteful home among the wonderful chaos of family life.

Boston Design Week is always a fun and informative event, not just for interior designers but anyone who enjoys some element of design.

Debbe Daley is owner and principal of Debbe Daley Designs, with offices in Lowell, Boston and Portsmouth, N.H.

A panel discussion with designers, from left, Heather Gillette, Michelle Williams, LuAnn Nigara and Esther Dunbar-Cullum

A panel discussion with designers, from left, Heather Gillette, Michelle Williams, LuAnn Nigara and Esther Dunbar-Cullum

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Measuring Up: Using Pre-and Post-Occupancy Evaluation to Assess High-Performance School Design

Jana Silsby

Speaker: Jana SilsbyAIA, LEED AP, MCPPO
Perkins Eastman

View Bio

Heather Jauregui

Speaker: Heather Jauregui LEED AP BD+C, O+M, CPHC, Assoc. AIA
Perkins Eastman

View Bio

Sean O’Donnell

Speaker: Sean O’Donnell FAIA, LEED AP
Perkins Eastman

View Bio

How does one know whether the design of a building has achieved its goals; what metrics and processes are necessary to ascertain project success; and how does a design firm develop a practice of evaluation to inform innovation? Join us for a discussion of how a new, comprehensive Pre- and Post-Occupancy Evaluation process is being developed for a design firm in order to collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative information that can demonstrate actual building performance. This process will be illustrated via a case study of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School, a new PreK-8 school located in Cambridge, MA. The presenters will discuss the goals of the school, the process and design strategies implemented, and how the project success has been measured using a comprehensive Pre-OE/POE process including the collection of actual indoor environmental quality metrics and surveys of occupant perceptions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define factors that create a 21st century learning healthy environment.
  2. Learn how sustainable design strategies can be used to improve occupant comfort and performance in school environments.
  3. Discover how a design firm is piloting a Pre-OE and POE process to develop environmental protocols for research initiatives.
  4. Understand how to evaluate the success of a design project using quantitative and qualitative data including indoor environmental quality metrics.

Co-produced by EDmarket and ASID


Title: Measuring Up: Using Pre-and Post-Occupancy Evaluation to Assess High-Performance School Design
Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST)
Price: Members: FREE
Non-Members: FREE
Credit: 1 AIA LU/HSW

Pedagogical and Technology Trends in Education

Nancy Strum

Speaker: Nancy StrumPrincipal Consultant / Learning Space Consultant
The Sextant Group

View Bio

Campuses are shifting to new and exciting learning space models that provide real opportunities for architectural design innovation. During this webinar, we will explore emerging pedagogies and enabling technologies and the related planning, design, and infrastructure issues that architects face in designing contemporary buildings for education.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how student demographics and new pedagogies are changing expectations for higher education facilities.
  2. Define how emerging technologies are impacting the design of educational facilities of the future.
  3. Adapt architectural and interior design to meet new pedagogical options.
  4. Apply how emerging technologies will impact the programming of architecture for higher education.

Title: Pedagogical and Technology Trends in Education
Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST)
Price: Members: FREE
Non-Members: FREE
Credit: 1 AIA LU

ASID Scholarships & Grants


At ASID, we know education matters. That’s why the ASID Foundation, in partnership with our ASID Industry Partners, provides a number of annual scholarships and grant opportunities available to expand research and knowledge around the impact of interior design on behavior, health, and well-being. 

Irene Winifred Eno Grant

Award: $5,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The Irene Winifred Eno Grant provides financial assistance to individuals or groups developing an educational program(s) or project that is dedicated to health, safety, and welfare. This grant will be evaluated on the strength of the project proposal, budget, promotion plan, and expected outcome.

The grant is open to students, educators, interior design practitioners, institutions, and an interior design related group.

Application Requirements

  • Abstract (250 word maximum)
  • Explanation of how the funds will be used (500 word maximum)
  • Explanation of what the program will deliver and produce (1000 word maximum)
  • Promotion Plan (1000 word maximum)
  • Biographical Statement
  • Headshot

Joel Polsky Prize

Award: $5,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

Given annually, the Joel Polsky Prize recognizes outstanding academic contributions to interior design through print or digital communication. This year, the ASID Foundation is seeking submissions focusing on the impact of design on health and wellness. Submissions should address the needs of the public, designers, and students on topics such as, educational research, behavioral science, business practice, design process, theory, or other technical subjects. Types of entries can include, but are not limited to, books, whitepapers, blogs, and videos. Entries will be judged on innovation of subject matter, comprehensive and original coverage of topic, organization, graphic presentation, bibliography, and references.

Application Requirements

  • Description of the publication or visual communication (250 word maximum)
  • Copy of publication or visual communication
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award

Award: $5,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding interior design research project or thesis project conducted by an undergraduate or graduate student. This project or thesis should be related to wellness and design. Research papers or theses should address topics such as educational research, behavioral science, business practice, design process, theory, or other technical subjects. Entries will be judged on quality of content, breadth of material, comprehensive coverage of topic, innovative subject matter, bibliography, and references.

Application Requirements

  • Abstract (250 word maximum)
  • Thesis, dissertation or research project
  • Transcript
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarships

Sponsored by:
Dora Brahms Fund, Mabelle Wilhelmina Boldt Fund, Yale R. Burge Fund, Raymond Kennedy Fund, Ethel Siegelman Fund, Alan Lucas Fund

Legacy Scholarship for Undergraduates

Award: $4,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The Legacy Scholarship is open to all students in their junior or senior year of undergraduate study enrolled in at least a three-year accredited program of interior design. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic accomplishment, creative achievement, and personal statement. The jury will evaluate entries on academic record, presentation skills, design and planning competency, and conceptual creativity.

Application Requirements

  • Design portfolio featuring 8-12 examples of work which demonstrates design solutions that positively impact occupant’s well-being.
  • Portfolio statement (500 word maximum)
  • Personal statement
  • Transcript (An unofficial copy will be accepted)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

Legacy Scholarship for Graduate Students

Award: $4,000
Application Period: February 20 – April 17, 2019

The ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarship is open to students who are enrolled in, or have been accepted for, admission to a graduate-level interior design program at an accredited university. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic accomplishment, creative achievement, and personal statement. Applicants must write an essay on the following.

Application Requirements

  • Personal Essay (1000 word maximum)
    The ASID Foundation believes that interior design positively transforms environments in ways that improve human outcomes. As an interior designer, how will you embrace and advance the professional trend to positively impact health and well-being in your anticipated area of design practice?
  • Current transcript or proof of enrollment
  • Design portfolio
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Biographical statement
  • Headshot

David Barrett Memorial Scholarship

Award: $12,000
Next Application Period: November 2019 – January 2020

The David Barrett Memorial Scholarship is awarded biennially to recognize the work of an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student who demonstrates an interest and ability in utilizing classical designs and traditional materials, including furniture and fabrics.

Application Requirements

  • Personal statement of career goals
  • Portfolio of select projects that showcase design process and includes classical designs and traditional materials. (10 MB max)
  • Portfolio statement
    Written description how classical designs and traditional materials are used in the projects featured in your portfolio.
  • Transcript (scanned official)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Short bio (250 word max)
  • Headshot


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