The Best of 2020 Drone Photography by SkyPixel

The best drone photos of 2020 are official, thanks to the newly announced winners of the SkyPixel 2020 aerial storytelling contest.

SkyPixel, which is an aerial photo and video community affiliated with drone manufacturer DJI, has announced the winners of its annual photo contest. Perhaps it’s due to the abundance of people sitting at home ready to post their artwork online, or the fact that drone photography is the ultimate social activity, but this year’s SkyPixel 2020 Aerial Storytelling Contest attracted more than 26,000 submissions from 136 countries.

With a huge talent of photos to choose from, it’s fair to say these are the best drone photos of 2020 (and videos!). SkyPixel named the first, second and third prize winners in categories such as vlog, travel, sports, nature, architecture and portraiture, encompassing photos and videos. 

Images Galerie (8)

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