Wearable Works of Art

I use tiny brushes and a jeweler’s magnifying glass to create these wearable works of art on porcelain. The pendant design is first sketched directly onto the piece with pencil. Once drawn out, I then paint in the details. Every pendant is signed and one of a kind -never to be duplicated. They are signed on the backside before firing in the kiln.
Some of the pendants are no more than an inch in width. A unique piece of art – wearable works of art, that is.

I’ve combined my background in illustration and my love of creating ceramics and pottery into one unique style.

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Handpainted – one of a kind Crow/Raven pendant necklace



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  • 1 year agoANNE STEFFEN wrote:I would love to purchase this for my daughter. Your artwork is amazing.

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