I Made My Childhood Obsession With A Kaleidoscope Into Paper Art (11 Pics)

As kids, we loved looking into a Kaleidoscope and being entranced by the simple glass pieces unfolding into infinite mesmerizing designs. A pattern would eventually turn up that left us so mesmerized, that we would stop tinkering with it completely so as to not disturb the delicate design within.

This was exactly what I would do as a kid, leaving the kaleidoscope undisturbed on that table for days just to stare at a particular pattern. This childhood memory inspired me to make an artwork capturing that essence. My goal was to create something kaleidoscopic that left the viewers hypnotized as they tried to decode the secrets it held.

You can get your hands on these ‘Kaleidoscope’ paper artworks on my website.

More info: scaleddimensions.com


Labyrinth I

Labyrinth II






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