I Drew Amazing Snow Art By Driving On A Winter Map In The Car Soccer Videogame “Rocket League”

“Rocket League” is a videogame where normally you play soccer with rocket-powered cars. But recently I discovered, that you can make art inside the game! Some of the arenas have snowy winter editions on which your car leaves marks when driving, jumping or letting the ball roll on the digital snow.

So I tried to do something artsy and drew this female portrait on the field. It took me around 64 minutes to free the parts of the map of the snow, so the head and hair would appear.

More info: youtube.com

My “Rocket Lisa”: A portrait of a female done on a snowy map in “Rocket League”

How I did my & how to do snow art in “Rocket League”

You can leave marks by moving your car on the field.

Drawing the eye around the center of the pitch.

The final result

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