I Am 16, Been Doing Digital Art For The Last 6 Months…

I started drawing back in the first lockdown at first it was on and off but now i do around one a week at least (and I’m doing commissions). So if you want to improve on something go out and put in those hours.

(please follow my insta: @talis.artwork i really appreciate the support)

Oh and one last thing b4 i go if you want a commision then just DM my insta

More info: Instagram

My second ever digital art piece

First time i ever drew lace or flowers

First one with coloured lines

First time i tried shading

First lineless artwork

First fully shaded with lines

First time i used a preset pattern

First time i looked hard at the colours i am using

First time i do a highly detailed lineless face

Finished this yesterday!!!! (this isn’t all my work just my fav check my insta: @talis.artworkto see more i appreciate the support)

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