During My Pandemic Free-Time, I Transformed A Bag Of Garden Mulch And 36 Pebbles Into King Kong…

My name is Jack Lorenz. A.A.K.A. (the artist also known as) Stickboy.

I am an environmental artist, known for using discarded tree branches and other wood remnants to sculpt figurative art pieces.

My style/process starts with tree trimmings and then I reincarnate them into sculptures of living beings. The definition of reincarnation is:

“…rebirth, beginning a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death”.

I believe my art reflects this ideology.

For the past few years, I have pondered the possibility of taking a bag of black mulch and repurposing the woody ground cover into a wall sculpture of King Kong’s head.

I recently found the inspiration (and time… lots of time) to take this journey; now it is completed. It was a challenge but also a remarkable opportunity.

The medium I used for this project was “sticks & stones”: One bag of black mulch, 2 scoops of red mulch, and 36 pebbles from my garden.

Please see the story of this project on YouTube, by searching “The Mulch Monkey”.

More info: youtube.com

The Story of the Mulch Monkey

The Mulch Monkey

The Mulch Monkey

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