I Took A Photo With Friends In The Garden Of Hydrangeas In Japan While Sitting In Isolation In Moscow, Russia

It was very difficult for me to spend time without traveling during the lockdown, so my friends, trying to make my mood a little better, agreed to rent a camera, tripod, connect a laptop with the internet, and take all this equipment to a hydrangea park in Japan.

The shooting took place as follows: at first, we walked for a long time. Then the guys took a rented camera Sony with a 35mm lens, put it on a tripod, connected the camera to the computer, the computer to the Internet, launched the camera control program on the computer through which I can control the camera from my computer/mobile.

You can see what happened in the photo, and see the shooting process in the video.

More info: Instagram | ipai.ru | Facebook

Model and Assistant: Anna Naumova (Nippon Universe)

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