20 Breathtaking Sculptures Created Using Ordinary Wire

It seems like nowadays almost anything can be used to create a sculpture. That includes scrap metalold bicycle chainspencils, and even you regular old wire. And you’ll be surprised by what some talented sculptors can create using an ordinary roll of steel wire.

Today we have prepared you a collection of stunning wire sculptures and we’re pretty sure they’ll take your breath away. From adorable minimalistic silhouettes of people to life-size sculptures of animals, check out the most impressive wire sculptures in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

#1 Fairy Sculptures Dancing With Dandelions by Robin Wight

Image source: Robin Wight 

#2 Wolf by Ivan Lovatt

Image source: Ivan Lovatt

#3 Flora 1 by Gavin Worth

Image source: Gavin Worth

#4 Kneeling Angel by Richard Stainthorp

Image source: Richard Stainthorp

#5 Deer Into The Wind by Tomohiro Inaba

Image source: Tomohiro Inaba

#6 Wire Sculptures by Sang Mo Park

Image source: Seung Mo Park 

#7 Morning Pose by Gavin Worth

Image source: Gavin Worth

#8 Reclining Nude by Richard Stainthorp

Image source: Richard Stainthorp

#9 Ricordi by Edoardo Tresoldi

Image source: Eduardo Tresoldi

#10 Iron Wire Ants by David Vanorbeek

Image source: David Vanorbeek

#11 Male Lion by Kendra Haste

Image source: Kendra Haste

#12 Corpus Callosum by Gavin Worth

Image source: Gavin Worth

#13 Tang Horse by Elizabeth Berrien

Image source: Elizabeth Berrien

#14 Wire Octopus by ID Wire Artworks

Image source: ID Wire Artworks

#15 Animal Wire Sculptures by Ivan Lovatt

Image source: Ivan Lovatt

#16 Talons Aiguilles by Jonathan Chaillou

Image source: Jonathan Chaillou

#17 Upside Down Kneeling by Sophie Ryder

Image source: Sophie Ryder

#18 Bee by Ivan Lovatt

Image source: Ivan Lovatt

#19 Iron Wire Sculptures by Mattia Trotta

Image source: Mattia Trotta

#20 The Three Graces by Elizabeth Berrien

Image source: Elizabeth Berrien366 shares

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