I Create Scarfs Inspired By Majestic British Birds, Symbolism, And My Dreams (30 Pics)

I dream so often that I can fly that I have moments where I’m not quite sure if my flying skills are a fantasy or a fact.

In one memorable dream, I was The Goddess of Colour, flying over a landscape of kaleidoscope hues. I felt lost until a voice whispered, “Purple is the way home.” As I flew over fields of lavender, I transformed into a Raven.

In another dream, I became The Guardian of the Gateway. I held a staff while wearing a cloak of gold, fashioned into feathers. I sailed through the galaxy on a galleon ship carried by seven white, sea snake dragons. I was part human, part Barn Owl.

Driven to capture, record, and share my wild encounters and dream time experiences, I explored ideas on canvas merging human form and bird. These flat pieces were lifeless, static, and detached from the viewer.

Who hasn’t spread out their arms imagining the wings of a bird? A solution, take art off the wall, out of the fragile glassed frame, to make it a movable extension of you.

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Guardian of the Imagination

Night Owl in the Lake District

I was wandering around the British countryside interacting with animals. Some wild and some more docile like this beautiful cow. Just behind the wall, there was the sweetest calf almost identical to its mother.

Inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature

It is nature that is the great artist. All I attempt to do is capture a snapshot of the beauty that’s already there.

Mother Nature is my muse

I spent much of my life growing up near Grange over Sands in the Cumbria Lake District. I feel incredibly lucky that I have such vibrant countryside so full of life around me for my whole life. Here the sun sets near my childhood home.

Pheasant Phoenix on lava

Goddess of Fire known on Hawaii as Pelehonuamea or Pele “She who shapes the sacred land.” Pele continues to devour the south of the Big Island with molten lava, creating new land and, in turn, new life, mirroring the life cycle of the Phoenix.

Fiery Phoenix in San Diego’s Botanic Garden

Some theories suggested that the myth originated from the bright colors of a flying male pheasant bursting out from the hedgerow and so was born the Pheasant Phoenix.

Omnipresent Pheasant Phoenix

Comparing wings with Icarus while preparing for our first flight

Mother Nature’s polka dots

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Like Woodpecker, pursue your dreams one peck at a time, a little bit every day.

The Spirit of Woman

The white markings on the back of this Kingfisher represent her life force, the spirit of woman, and mother nature.

Fancy a race Icarus? First one to the sun and back

For millennia, global folklore, myth and religions have described gods, goddesses, angels, deities, and superheroes that fly into the skies with wings of their own or with the ease of a bird.

(Although Icarus didn’t fair too well during his first flight)

Raising awareness for the threatened Bewick’s Swan

My year 2020 started with a special request from the WWT; Could I create something special just for them?

I was delighted to collaborate with the wetlands conservation team to create Wings of the Bewick’s.

‘Morning, Sir’

To follow the tradition to the full, this should be followed with “How’s your wife?” Magpies are monogamous, therefore to see one alone could suggest something unfortunate has happened to the magpie’s lifelong partner. Your optimistic greeting hopes that his loved one is safe and out of harm’s way.

Visual Echoes Studio created the striking horned Magpie goddess.

Raven in Hollywood

You are drawn to the Raven because you recognize that in the darkness there is always a light that you can shine within yourself and outward to heal others.

Raven Roulette

Wearable art from head to toe

This is a collection of wearable art and huge interactive artworks. The Artwear featuring beautiful British birds merged with my stories, dreams, folklore and symbolism.

More room to breathe – face cover that makes a little tent on your face

You can wash and use this face-covering again and again. A more environmentally friendly solution to disposable plastic-based face covers.

Happy followers making the best of a difficult situation

Requests from my followers: A face-cover that gave room to breathe, is made of cotton & machine washable, helped those that wore glasses and made them feel good by featuring my British bird artworks.

Lofty the Barn Owl from The Scottish Owl Centre / Lucy from The Whispering Wild (2nd bottom).

Everyone has the potential to be a superhero

“Wings4Love” is a series of large-sized interactive art pieces, carefully designed to give a beautiful set of wings to everyone.

Saxy Storm Trooper

Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners and a Storm Trooper don their wings at The Highest Point Festival.

There are many ways to wear your wings

This Swan shawl has been created exclusively for the WWT, a not for profit, prominent British conservation charity.

A little splash of colour from Raven, Owl, Phoenix and Kingfisher

Something for your pocket

Collaborations from across the ocean

Talented US mask maker Sarah from Visual Echos Studio created the swan mask for my interactive illuminated wing installation for the Light up Lancaster festival.

Our creative minds connected again when she created another stunning mask inspired by Raven shawl.

Guardian of the Imagination – from a dream to reality

An illuminated, picturesque skyscape to become the ultimate alter-ego of part man, part majestic bird.

Illuminated art for @lightuplancaster

Holbrook Angel

A huge mural for a stunning events venue in Somerset, England. An artwork filled with wedding symbolism, displayed at Holbrook Manor.

We accidentally found this beautiful abandoned building in Rhodes

Each design takes 2 months to complete

Photography and original music: Guy Morris.

Copyright of artwork, film and photography: Sandy Gardner

Film of me creating artwork for conservation

I rejoice that my artistic creations & the natural world have a symbiotic relationship. Mother Nature inspires me & the artwork aids conservation.

Flying High

I enjoyed a childhood mostly outside with free rein to explore the nearby woods and countryside seen in this film.

I have had many magical moments of clarity in the presence of all the wildlife featured in my artworks.

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I am a professional artist living in Lancaster. My practice is influenced by vintage botanical and ornithological illustrations of John James Audubon, the detailed renderings of Ernst Haeckel and by the decorative designs of Alphonse Mucha and William Morris. I draw inspiration from the natural world.

My designs begin with a combination of pen and ink line drawings coloured with water colours washes. With the meticulous use of a drawing tablet, fine brush details are added. Each piece is completed by digitally combining the hand rendered elements with layered fragments of digital photography and collage.

It is nature that is THE great artist… Read more »

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