Latvian Ad Agency Creates Hilarious “If We Survived This, We Can Survive Anything” COVID-19 Campaign

Let’s face it – the pandemic and all the uncertainty surrounding it can get quite worrisome at times – and it is at those times that all we really need are a few words of encouragement. Understanding that, Latvian ad agency Nord DDB Riga released a series of inspirational ads that are just what you need to lift your spirits up.

The campaign is called If we survived this – We can survive anything and features hilarious fashion blunders from the past, like the mullet, socks and sandals, and Balenciaga’s dreaded platform Crocs.

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Latvian ad agency Nord DDB Riga recently released a series of funny advertisements encouraging people to stay strong

Funnily enough, the mullet would work great for social distancing – no one would come within six feet of you if you were sporting this bad boy.

The ads translate to “If we survived this – We can survive anything” and feature various fashion blunders from the past, like the mullet…

…socks and sandals…

Ahh, the hermit special – if you’re rocking these, chances are you never leave your house anyway.

…and, of course, Balenciaga’s dreaded platform Crocs

Humanity’s three greatest mysteries: how did they build the pyramids, what’s the meaning of Stonehenge, and why on earth did someone think creating these shoes was a good idea.


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