30 Technology Ads From Back In The Day That Sound Insanely Expensive Today

Nowadays, technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that the phone you purchase a few years ago is almost completely obsolete today, despite costing hundreds of dollars. And if you think that’s pretty sad, just think about how outdated your childhood Discman or your first computer would be today!

People are sharing technology ads from back in the day and it’s pretty amazing to see how hilariously obsolete most of the items inside them have become. And don’t even get us started on the prices! $100 for a calculator and $3398 for a 10 MB hard drive? Thanks, but I’d rather use a pen and a piece of paper!

Check out a collection of hilariously obsolete technology ads from back in the day in the gallery below!

#1 Tandy Ct-300 Cellular Phone: $1,499.00 [$3,116.43 Today]

Image source: sears

#2 Panasonic Rx 5500 Stereo: $576.19 [$2,046 Today]

Image source: panasonic

#3 Sears 8-Digit Electronic Calculator: $98.95

Image source: sears

#4 Imsai PC With 10mb Hard Disk, 64k Ram: $5,995.00 [$18,700 Today]

Image source: MSAI

#5 The 1978 Ibm 5110: $18,000

#6 Corvus Systems Inc. Mass Storage: $5,350.00

Image source: Corvus Systems Inc

#7 Spartan Apple II+ Emulator: $599.00

Image source: Mimic Systems Inc

#8 Jvc Hr-7300 Vidstar Vhs: $1,280.00

Image source: JVC

#9 Xcomp 10mb Hard Disk: $3,398.00

#10 Betavision Video Cassette Recorder: $985.00

#11 Intecolor 3621 With 51k Disk Drive: $3,300.00

Image source: ISC

#12 Sinclair Zx80 With 4k Basic: $199.95

#13 Phone-Mate Answering Machine: $129.50

#14 Emerson Radio Corporation Television Set – 1949: $599.50

#15 Motorola Stereo Hi-Fi Coffee Table: $169.95

Image source: motorola

#16 Trs-80 Computer Sold In 1977: $3,450

#17 Sinclair Microvision TV: $395.00

#18 Sears Color TV: $327.88

#19 Mid-80’s Seagate St4096 Memory Hard Disk: $12,000

#20 Cellphone From UK: $895

#21 Ampex Fr200 Tape Transport: $2,675.00

Image source: AMPEX

#22 Osborne Computer: $1795

#23 10 Megabyte Hard Drive: $3,500

#24 Bell & Howell 8mm Camera: $207.70

Image source: Bell & Howell

#25 The Trs-80 Model 4 (1983): $1,300

#26 1984 PC Computer Unit: $5,000

#27 1977 The Apple Ll: $1195

#28 Westinghouse ‘Big Picture Television’: $269 (Today Would Be Around $2,700)

#29 The Commodore 64: $600

#30 Atari 400 PC: $549.00

Image source: Atari138 shares

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