Mom Redoes The Small Bedroom That Her 3 Daughters Share Ensuring Each Of Them Gets Their Own Personal Space

If you have brothers and sisters, it is quite likely there was a point in time (or it continues to be the case) that you had to share a room with them. And of course that’s a problem because there comes a time when everything from playing to sleeping to breathing bothers you and vice versa.

But there’s a solution. Rachael Lowe, with whom Bored Panda got in touch, was looking for ideas on how to make the family’s already tiny daughter’s’ bedroom as spacious as possible. After hours of scrolling through Pinterest and careful planning with her significant other, she came up with a multi-themed bedroom for three where everyone gets their own personal space that went viral on the internet.

When you have 3 daughters sharing one relatively small bedroom, you know it’s time to get creative

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

So, Rachael Lowe, a postwoman of almost 7 years and a mother of 4 (3 girls aged 12, 10, and 10 and a boy aged 4) live in a relatively small house along with her partner. Needless to say, they have always struggled with space there, and Rachael decided enough was enough.

She hit the interwebs to get some ideas on how to save space, and sure enough she found some. Rachael quickly ran through the plan with her partner and the two got to making it a reality.

Rachael Lowe, mother of 3, redesigned her daughters’ bedroom to make sure they have their own space

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

After struggling to find space at home, Rachael had enough and hit the internet to find some solutions

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

The project quickly resulted in a 3-piece bedroom, enough for separate beds, individual desks and chairs, and a storage area, all wrapped in unique kid-friendly themes.

On the right is a Harry Potter-themed corner with an elevated bed, a study space with a desk and chair, and bits of storage on the sides. The bed also comes equipped with a TV for some weekend morning cartoons or late night movie watching before bed.

On the left are two sets of beds—one elevated, providing a lot of room for more storage underneath, and one grounded. The grounded bed is designed in the theme of 101 Dalmatians and also contains a bit of space for personal belongings, while the elevated bed is an Aristocats-styled corner.

“The inspiration was due to what my girls are into: the eldest is obsessed with Harry Potter and the twins love Disney with their favorites being 101 Dalmatians and the Aristocats,” explained Rachael the inspiration behind the themes.

The room is now divided into 3 sections with beds, study corners, and room for all of the daughters’ belongings

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

On top of it all, each personal space is made in the theme of Harry Potter, 101 Dalmatians, and Aristocats

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

The beds are set up in the modern bunk-bed style where they don’t stack on each other, but rather go the opposite directions while meeting in the middle. Oh, and there isn’t a TV for the bottom bunk bed as it’s broken, which means someone will have their bed space compromised, but only until the new TV comes in.

Every bit of space seemed to be utilized to the max without making it look like it’s cramped. Everyone now gets their own little bit of personal space for all of their stuff and activities—and there’s still loads of space for the three to play on the floor.

“It took my partner a matter of hours to build the beds and the IKEA furniture, the rest of the time was spent decorating, sanding, and accessorizing. It took us 3 full days in total,” explained Rachael. “The wood to make the beds cost £150, and the storage and desks from IKEA were around £500.”

Many of the things you see in the photos were acquired from IKEA, B&M, Amazon, and EBay, except for the beds—those were made by Rachael’s partner

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

Rachael has shared pictures of the new daughters’ bedroom in the Facebook group called DIY On A Budget, where people absolutely loved it, demanding more details. The post managed to get over 2,500 reactions.

She elaborated that the Harry Potter wallpaper was acquired from Wilko and it actually glows in the dark. The beds were custom made by Rachael’s partner using 3×2 wood, medium-density fibreboard, and dedication—hours and hours of sanding and painting.

“The units with the draws are Ikea Kallax with Drona boxes. The bottom bed base is made using 2×4 unit Kallax and 2× single Kallax so when the front drawers are pulled out, there’s another row of them behind for added storage,” explained Rachael. The desks and chairs are also from IKEA.

The rest was acquired from various other shops, like the blanket side table from B&M, the rug from Amazon, with some decorations being drawn by Rachael herself and others bought from Amazon and Ebay.

The photos were posted on a Facebook group where people loved the design and room layout

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

Image credits: Rachael Lowe

Rachael was left surprised by the reception online: “I was very surprised it went viral, but it made me feel extremely proud of my partner, he did a fantastic job.”

Besides the upside of remodeling the room and making things fresh, the kids also fell in love with it so much that they are actually keeping it clean and tidy, as joked Rachael.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you wish you had a bedroom like this? Let us know in the comment section below!

Check out the video tour of the new room

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Video credits: Rachael Lowe

Here’s are some reactions to the bedroom from people online

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