Guest Is Allowed To Share One Pic From This Badass Bisexual Wedding, It Goes Viral So They Reveal More Pics

When Twitter user @soysaucetime shared a photo from what looks like one of the most epic weddings ever, people on social media were blown away. The post went viral with 170.2k likes and it was just a question of when we would hear from the beautiful bisexual newlyweds again.

Overwhelmed by all the positive comments, the lovebirds have created a Twitter account titled The Bisexuals of The Blade. They’ve also decided to post some more pictures from the viral wedding, which took a whole year of careful planning.

Their creative wedding shenanigans attracted more than 43k followers and everyone was excited to find out how the two women met and fell for each other. And you know what?! They did reveal this too! And the love tale of the bisexuals of the blade is no less heartwarming than their famous pictures.

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After a friend of the bisexual newlyweds shared this photo from their epic wedding on Twitter, it blew up in an instant

Image credits: soysaucetime

Overwhelmed with positive comments, the lovebirds decided to share more incredible pictures from the happiest day of their lives

Image credits: soysaucetime

And they also shared the most wholesome story of how they fell for each other

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Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

Image credits: fancy_foxtrot

For many bisexual couples, asserting their bisexual identity on their wedding day may be extremely important. But up until this point, bisexual people have to go through a set of milestones well-documented in the LGBT community.

According to a Pew Research Center survey done on nearly 1,200 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults, bisexuals have a different perspective on their sexual orientation and a distinct set of experiences to compare with gay men and lesbians. The survey has shown that bisexuals “are much less likely than gay men and lesbians to say that their sexual orientation is an important part of who they are,” since only 20% of bisexual participants said it’s key to their overall sense of identity. Meanwhile, 48% of gay men and 50% of lesbians said their sexual orientations play a vital role in their identities.

However, bisexuals turned out to be similar to gay men and lesbian women in terms of their journey to self-awareness through sexual orientation. The LGBT respondents experienced the same milestones in realizing they might be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and the age they knew it without a doubt. The Pew survey concluded that the median age for bisexuals first thinking they may be bisexual is 13, and knowing it for a fact is 17.

Why so many bisexual people still feel excluded

Unfortunately, on some occasions, bisexuality is looked upon with confusion by gay people, lesbians, and straight people alike. Gina Battye, an LGBT+ psychological safety consultant, wrote in an opinion piece about the challenges of being bisexual: “I have overheard on many occasions bi friends being asked if they ‘are a full blown gay yet.’”

Gina believes that societal conditioning which is not based on truth or fact has formed wrong perceptions on what it is like being bisexual. “As with non-binary and gender fluidity, there is a distinct lack of conversations happening around bisexuality, which results in confusion and misunderstandings.”

Not fitting into the LGBT+ circle and society can be an overwhelming burden for anyone to carry. Gina argues that “bisexual people have more complex masks and layers than lesbians and gay men—since they are less accepted in society.” Bi erasure and general invisibility of bisexual couples are also issues they face daily.

Thus, one has to be willing to embrace everyone in the LGBT community and society alike. “Think of gender and sexuality as being on a spectrum,” urges Gina.

And people were melting just from how incredibly cute the Bisexuals Of The Blade are

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