Someone Makes “A Non-Comprehensive List Of Birds That Piss Me Off”, And It’s Hilariously Entertaining

Birds are gorgeous, majestic creatures that soar through the sky, reminding us to never stop dreaming. But if you’re anything like Gaudy, they simply piss you off like nothing else in this world ever could.

Two months ago, the person behind one of the most popular Tumblr blogs made a post, listing all of the birds they have serious problems with. From the Dracula Parrot to the Secretarybird, Gaudy hilariously explained what they don’t like about them, concluding, “These birds exist to haunt me and this knowledge is a burden.” (Not) surprisingly, many people agreed. As of this article, the list has over 88K notes on Tumblr and has been reposted on numerous other platforms. To each their own, I guess.

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Here’s what people said about the hilarious list

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