I Design Unnecessary Things No One Asked For, This Time I Created A Coffee Table That’s Also A Jigsaw Puzzle

Hello, hello, hello, my pandas! It is Matty here, your favorite evil genius who creates products to solve problems that simply do not exist. Be prepared to be pleasantly satisfied and yet wholly frustrated with the new Unnecessary Invention I have for you today.

Plus, after building 181 different inventions over the past year and a half, you can now FINALLY get your hands on this invention. Meet the Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table, which is now live and available on Kickstarter.

With 55 different wooden puzzle pieces, I guarantee you have never seen a coffee table like this before. Before you can enjoy this modern looking coffee table, you must first assemble the jigsaw puzzle surface. Take that, IKEA instructions!

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Hi, I’m Matty Benedetto, and let me introduce to you my new invention that I launched on Kickstarter

This is the Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table

The first & only coffee table that you can’t actually use until you figure out the jigsaw puzzle surface!

The table features 55 wooden puzzle pieces that make up the surface!

And once you actually solve the entire jigsaw puzzle, you will finally have a working, modern-looking coffee table!

However, you can only use the wood grain of the pieces to try and figure out where every single piece goes

Actually, that’s not a bad idea – you always have a coaster!

Each puzzle piece is securely placed on this grid base, so you can’t actually use the table until you solve the puzzle

The only other challenge is to be sure not to lose any of the puzzle pieces

How long do you think it would take you to solve it?!

The Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table just launched on Kickstarter!

The campaign was fully funded in only 90 minutes and the early bird specials are selling out! Click here to check out the campaign and secure your very own Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table!

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