Artist Shows What 10 Disney Princesses Would Look Like With Realistic Proportions

Holly Fae was simply chilling on her bed when a sudden thought came to her mind: she should re-create Elsa the Disney princess. Fae immediately picked up her iPad and opened up Procreate, giving the beloved Frozen character a new twist. You see, instead of transforming Elsa’s appearance into something new and surprising, Fae opted for a more… familiar look. She tried to reimagine what the princess would look like with more realistic proportions. After completing her work, Fae shared the piece on TikTok, and voila… it instantly went viral.

The success of the video inspired her to make a whole series where she asks followers to choose the character for the next portrait. Since then, she has really been going at it, giving makeovers to Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Moana, and more. Continue scrolling and get your daily dose of Disney!

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Image credits: hollyfae_art

“From the time I was a little girl, I was deeply fascinated by all things magical, fairies, mermaids, dragons, and more!” Holly wrote on her ETSY page, where the artist sells cool prints, accessories, and clothing.

“I have also loved to draw, paint, and a craft for as long as I can remember, and now I would like to make things that can bring joy, wonder, and a little bit of magic to everyone else.”


Image credits: hollyfae_art

“I love Disney movies, they were a huge influence while I was growing up,” Holly told Bored Panda, adding that she would often draw Disney characters, especially Ariel and Jasmine.

The artist had been making silly and fun videos on TikTok, and was actually planning to transform an image of Elsa into a meme, when she realized just how big her eyes were. “I got very curious to see what she might look like with proportions similar to the classic 2D princesses, so I started transforming and recording the process,” she said. “Before I knew it, the video had gone viral and people were requesting other princesses, so it just turned into a fun project from there!”


Image credits: hollyfae_art

Holly hopes that people understand the whole series is just for fun. “I’m not making a commentary on Disney proportions, I’m just doing it out of curiosity and a desire to bring some fun to people’s day!” she said. “The initial Elsa video was really on a whim, but since that one, I’ve put a lot of care into each transformation, especially in the case of Moana and Jasmine. I spent lots of time looking at photos of women of their ethnicities because I wanted to get the features right.”

Also, she gets asked often if she can make a tutorial on how she does these makeovers, so she is working on that currently.


Image credits: hollyfae_art

“I plan to finish all the Disney princesses, maybe a few other characters, and do other franchises like How to Train your Dragon or even anime characters,” Holly revealed the future of the series. “As of right now, Tiana is next, followed by Mulan and Snow White.”


Image credits: hollyfae_art


Image credits: hollyfae_art


Image credits: hollyfae_art


Image credits: hollyfae_art


Image credits: hollyfae_art


Image credits: hollyfae_art

Here’s what people said about the series

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