This Artist Reimagined 10 Different Countries As Adorable Cartoon Characters

Lera Kiryakova is a Russian artist who is known for her adorable wide-eyed illustrations of celebrities and pop culture characters. However, recently the artist decided to try something a little different by creating illustrations of… countries and regions. And no, in case you were wondering, Lera didn’t just draw a bunch of maps. The artist illustrated ten countries and regions from all over the world as adorable cartoon characters, each of them inspired by outfits, animals, and foods specific to each country.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said that in this project she wanted to how different all of us are – and that that’s amazing and wonderful. Lera says that it was interesting both to draw and study the nations, and their costumes. “I portrayed countries and people through cute girls because this is close to me and my art style. This project has become very special to me,” said the artist.

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#1 Mexico

Image source: lera_kiryakova

#2 Native American Girl

Image source: lera_kiryakova

Lera’s first idea was to draw every girl with a national animal but she soon realized that some of them were too big for the composition and decided to change them, like drawing the Indian girl with a snake instead of an elephant. “It doesn’t mean that the snake is a traditional animal, but it helps to bring out more history and spirit of the character,” points out the artist.

#3 Girl From The North

Image source: lera_kiryakova

#4 Mongolia

Image source: lera_kiryakova

When creating her illustrations, Lera always uses many references to learn more about costumes and all the little details, as well as use them for the characters’ poses. “I often use my own photo for that. Sometimes it’s funny, especially to take a photo of myself with different facial expressions,” joked the artist.

Lera always starts with an idea and then finds references for the poses, clothes, and faces. “Next, I do a fast sketch with a simple pencil on paper or directly in Photoshop,” explained the artist. “And then I work with colors. I always use my graphic tablet and Photoshop or an iPad. My favorite part is adding details and drawing hair.”

#5 Japan

Image source: lera_kiryakova

#6 Hawaii

Image source: lera_kiryakova

With over 14 years of experience, Lera is no newcomer when it comes to drawing – in fact, she even has an online course that you can take to improve your own skills!

#7 Ukraine

Image source: lera_kiryakova

#8 Kenya

Image source: lera_kiryakova

#9 India

Image source: lera_kiryakova

#10 Russia

Image source: lera_kiryakova0 shares

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